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    I love working... Weird, I know, but I work 65-70 hours a week and I love it.
    Crochet- Expert here (kidding) but legitimately a passion.
    Outdoors- Give me sunshine and the river and you'll have a happy camper.
    Animals- The only thing I treat like more of a princess than myself is my dog. She's the baby, I will be offended if you say otherwise.
  1. thank you for posting this. my cycle for this whole 30 has been a nightmare. It typically takes 2 bc's to control my cycle; between hemorrhaging like flows, body aches, uncontrollable mood swings, migraines, the bottomless stomach, bad reactions to bc's and absolute unpredictability, my doctor and i finally got things under control a few years ago. however, this month i feel like my body is behaving like it did before bc. my moods have been up, down and sideways, my body hurts (cycle specific pains) and my flow is intense. I think I have definitely lost weight in the last few weeks