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    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    thank you for posting this. my cycle for this whole 30 has been a nightmare. It typically takes 2 bc's to control my cycle; between hemorrhaging like flows, body aches, uncontrollable mood swings, migraines, the bottomless stomach, bad reactions to bc's and absolute unpredictability, my doctor and i finally got things under control a few years ago. however, this month i feel like my body is behaving like it did before bc. my moods have been up, down and sideways, my body hurts (cycle specific pains) and my flow is intense. I think I have definitely lost weight in the last few weeks because i had to pull out my smaller size pants that definitely didn't fit, and my point is, if what you were told about fat holding onto estrogen is even slightly true for me, it definitely puts my mind a little at ease and helps me worry less about the possibility that i may have broken the balance bc has given to me.