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  1. Thank you Tom and Kirkor! I knew there would be one somewhere!
  2. I have been buying mayo from Trader Joe's for years because it doesn't have sugar and is delicious. It is made with soybean oil, though. Is there a commercially available mayo that doesn't use bad oil or sugar??? I know all about making your own, and I have done it, but I don't like my homemade mayo nearly as much. And half the time it flops, and I don't like wasting all that expensive oil. And, no - I don't like to use it for salad dressing or something else. I just want to find some that I can buy and be done with it.
  3. hollylu

    Depression and Antidepressants

    Sara - I did taper off Celexa. My last dose was 5mg every other day. I stopped taking that about 6 weeks ago. I have been feeling very depressed the past few days and even considering trying a different anti depressant (are there any that don't cause weight gain????). I think I need to start eating more starchy vegs. Good luck to you - I hope you have an easier time than I have.
  4. hollylu

    Chicken and Beef Stocks

    Also, 'natural flavoring' could be anything, right?
  5. Good for you for taking an interest in your health at this early time in your life! I agree with ultrarunnergirl about doing the best you can. Avoid the pizza and burgers; try to focus on meat and veggies even if they are not ideal they are still better than the alternative. Meatloaf, vegetables and a salad is a better meal than pizza or burger and fries even if the meatloaf has wheat in it and the veggies are cooked with bad oil, right?)
  6. Hang in there! Today would've been day 10 for me too, but I blew it yesterday so back to Day 1. You don't want to do that! I know how you feel, though. Cooking and dishes, cooking and dishes. Even though I spent a lot of time in the kitchen before, it seems like more now. Probably because I'm eating more vegetables. Whine all you want, but STEP AWAY FROM THE SANDWICH! haha
  7. hollylu

    What do you like to drink?

    I don't think decaf is required - that is just what I drink. A moderator will probably answer that one. A couple of the kombucha flavors I like are Synergy's Gingerberry and GT's Gingeraide. They are available at Super Target now, and I am super excited about that! (I used to have to drive half-way around the world to Earth Fare to get kombucha.) This is how I make my coconut milk: I buy dry coconut flakes from Tropical Traditions (organic, nothing added, not too expensive) 1. Soak about 2 cups of coconut in water overnight: pour just enough hot water over it to cover it. 2. In the morning add some more hot water to warm it up and then put it in a blender and blend for 4 minutes. 3. Strain in through muslin (I use a large square cut from an almost-worn-out white pillowcase cause I didn't have any muslin) and squeeze out as much liquid as you can. 4. Store the coconut milk in a glass container in the fridge for up to 10 days. Fat will rise to the top and solidify, so you'll have to shake it before you use it. 5. You can use the leftover coconut for baking or whatever if you want.
  8. hollylu

    Need Good Mayo Recipe

    The last TWO times I tried it was a flop (didn't emulsify). I am so tired of throwing ingredients away!!! Do you guys use the whole egg, or just the yolk?
  9. About returning food: look at it like this - if you were violently allergic to dairy products you would have had not problem telling them that they got your order wrong and you couldn't eat that the way they served it. It was their fault for not paying attention to what you ordered - not yours! You should never feel guilty about returning food that is not what you ordered.
  10. hollylu

    Bonus Benefit - SKINNY JEANS!

    LOL - what a fun read. And just what I needed on this grumpy, frumpy, Day 8 for me. Thanks. bear by Holly&Sage, on Flickr
  11. hollylu

    GI issues on a Whole60

    I'm no expert, but I take magnesium for a variety of reasons and if I take too much my stools get too loose. On the rare occasion that I get constipated I take a little extra magnesium and that takes care of it. Vitamin C works the same way (for me).
  12. I can relate. I was on the GAPS diet two years ago (similar to W30 but you can have wine and honey but no potatoes - sweet or white) for 4 months and lost 12 pounds (my weight is similar to yours) and felt fabulous. Then I fell off the wagon and everything went to hell in a hand basket: I gained the weight back and every time I tried to repeat my success, it never worked for me. It was as if it only works the first time around and then you're screwed! (sorry, I don't mean to be discouraging - I am not giving up - I'm doing the Whole 30 instead and have stayed with it so far!) So sorry you're having a rough time. I hope I don't get kicked off the forum for suggesting it, but sometimes it works for me to just indulge myself totally for a period of time (a week, maybe?) to remind myself: (a) how crappy I feel when I eat the wrong foods, and ( how those wonderful foods that you have been dreaming of are not really all that great after the first couple of bites. Hang in there! It's not as bad as you think!
  13. hollylu

    Posting AND Inserting Photos

    I FINALLY figured this out!! It is the "BBCode" on Flickr that you want to copy.
  14. I saw one post where someone asked what there was to drink other than water, but I couldn't find it again, so I thought I'd post what I drink during the day. (organic decaf) coffee with (homemade) coconut milk - in the morning decaf tea (plain or with coconut milk - I really miss sugar in my tea!) water sparkling water - I love the slim cans of Perrier with grapefruit or lime flavor (no sweeteners), almost feels like soda kombucha - only a little occasionally when I am missing my pre-dinner glass of wine (yes, I checked the label for added sugar) broth ginger tea - I make it with fresh ginger: slice it and boil for 30 minutes or so in a pot of water. Good hot or cold! Very refreshing and good for a troubled tummy.
  15. hollylu

    Starting tomorrow the 16th.

    He's got some nerve! I would tell him to get it himself! (actually, I would just give him "the look" and he would know what it meant )