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    I don't give a monekys about cavepeople, I just want to eat "a diet for human beings"
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    I posted an image on my facebook and a friend commented:
    R: I refuse to believe that if I brought a caveman a pizza he wouldnt eat it. you know he would eat it. therefore pizza=paleo
    Laura: considering the possibility of that happening, pizza is not paleo and will never make you more healthy.
    R: well until you start hunting mammoth youre failing at paleo
    Laura: I don't consider myself paleo, I just eat real food. That makes me a winner.
    R hahaha winning

    The funny thing is I made no comment about it, and don't really consider myself necessarily "paleo" although it is the most generic term for how I eat. I am not one of those who considers herself a "cavegirl", although living the CF + "paleo" life certainly feels that way sometimes.