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  1. Sara M Clark

    Whole30 and Chronic Sinusitis/Nasal Polyps

    HI all... I to suffer from allergies and chronic sinus infections. I just started seeing a chiropractor( 2 sessions) and I cant believe the change in my sinus pressure already. I had no idea that chiropractor's could help with sinus issues or I would have went years ago.
  2. Sara M Clark

    No appetite

    breakfast sweet potato mixed with 3 eggs cooked in ghee & hot sauce , banana. Lunch butternut squash & either chicken or the Applegate beef hot dogs & apple, dinner chicken with spinach or a salad mix broccoli on day 19 I cut out all nuts because I was eating to many. I'm a little stressed I have 3 kids and life is very busy. I work out 5-6 times a week.
  3. Sara M Clark

    No appetite

    Yeah this has been going on for a little bit for me to. Hope others have had this issue
  4. Sara M Clark

    No appetite

    HI I'm on day 32 and I have had no appetite. I'm not hungry at all . I am forcing my self to eat 3 meals because I work out so much. After training wed night I got so light headed so I know I'm not eating enough. I'm wondering has anyone else had this issue??
  5. Sara M Clark

    heart burn

    HI Robin, I did get digestive enzymes and I'm feeling much better. I have also found that if I had heart burning eating an apple soothed it
  6. Sara M Clark

    heart burn

    I'm on day 9 and I keep getting heart burn off and on .. Any suggestion on how to relieve it?
  7. Sara M Clark

    Day I alone?

    I'm on day 4 of my second whole 30. It is pretty common to have these side effect your first week. I'm a runner too and I work out 5-6 times a week. On running days I like to have sweet potatoes and a hard boiled egg pre work. Your body will adjust and it will get better. I have gotten a headache on and off each day.
  8. Sara M Clark

    Frustrated at Day 18 and need help/encouragement

    Are you eating a lot of nuts? I know for me I have to limit my nut intake. Also have your tried kombucha yet. It helps with digestion & I love it..
  9. Sara M Clark

    help.dry mouth after day 1

    WOOOO HOOOOOOO Jaylee That is AWESOME!! So happy for you!!!! I just read you thread and I'm so excited for you! I'm am doing better the last couple of days! I have been eating more, my energy is coming back and I had my fastest 5k time on Sunday so that was very exciting AND the best is after I ran i didn't feel sick and shaky. I'm in my 3rd week and I can't believe it! Time is flying by. I have noticed that if I am eating my full meals and enough that i don't get cravings but if I'm not it's not good! I too get cranky! My sleep goes back and forth some nights i sleep great others I'm waking up I can't figure it out ..I too have struggled with anxiety for year now and I feel SO much calmer and in control! That alone is huge and so worth me doing the whole 30 I can honestly say I have never ever felt this good in my life! I have struggle for a long time and finally feel so much better! I have used food for so long has a comfort and I have let it control me for so long, I mean I would eat happy sad anxious excuse excuse excuse But really everything in my life was so focused on food, I feel by doing the whole 30 I have taken that control back and I look at food Sooooooo differently. I can't wait until next week to let you know about the scale and my measurements. I order a pair of new jean and black pants because I had a 30 % of at Kohl's I was hoping to be able to fit in them in a few weeks GUESS what They fit perfectly today.I couldn't believe it!! I plan on sticking with this way of eating I do have a wedding the day after my whole 30 so i plan to have some wine but i think I'm going to start right back up.
  10. Sara M Clark

    Ann's Success Story!

    Congrats Ann YOU DID awesome!!!
  11. Sara M Clark

    Who's skinny waist is that? Oh yeah, it's MINE!

    Awesome Job Loved your post!!!
  12. Sara M Clark

    help.dry mouth after day 1

    HI & thank you for you post! Yesterday was the first day I felt like I ate a lot more ( wanted to prepare of my running so i hate sweet potatoes with 2 x and some nuts ), a few others have said i probally wasn't eatting enough too. And today I woke up feeling a lot better! I hope it continues throughtout the day! I will keep you posted
  13. Sara M Clark

    help.dry mouth after day 1

    I have been having a rough couple of days! I have been very irritable and starving! I'm a very active person, I have been walking/ running4- 7 miles a day & working out but I'm not sure what's going on with me! Im over the half way point. So thats good but it's been hard going to party's with cakes and bad stuff. I'm hoping I start feeling great again with all the energy I was having before! I think the yucky weather isn't helping either! I have a 5k run to support a youth group at 10am then then we are doing to another event and the kids have a mile run and were doing a 2mile walk to raise money for pediatric cancer. After that I plan to have all our food planned out for the week and prepare all that I can Wish me luck! I can't wait to hear about your progress
  14. Sara M Clark

    The non-paleo spouse

    Wooo hooo Almost one whole 30 down So exciting I forgot to tell ya my hubby started whole30 3 days ago! Hes a bit cranky but I"m hoping he starts feeling as good as i do! Makes it so much easier when all the junk is gone !!