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  1. Glucosamine

    HI I'm starting to have some knee pain and ankle. I was wondering if I'm allowed to take Glucosamine Thank you for your help
  2. Whole30 and Chronic Sinusitis/Nasal Polyps

    HI all... I to suffer from allergies and chronic sinus infections. I just started seeing a chiropractor( 2 sessions) and I cant believe the change in my sinus pressure already. I had no idea that chiropractor's could help with sinus issues or I would have went years ago.
  3. No appetite

    breakfast sweet potato mixed with 3 eggs cooked in ghee & hot sauce , banana. Lunch butternut squash & either chicken or the Applegate beef hot dogs & apple, dinner chicken with spinach or a salad mix broccoli on day 19 I cut out all nuts because I was eating to many. I'm a little stressed I have 3 kids and life is very busy. I work out 5-6 times a week.
  4. No appetite

    Yeah this has been going on for a little bit for me to. Hope others have had this issue
  5. No appetite

    HI I'm on day 32 and I have had no appetite. I'm not hungry at all . I am forcing my self to eat 3 meals because I work out so much. After training wed night I got so light headed so I know I'm not eating enough. I'm wondering has anyone else had this issue??
  6. fastest 5k

    I have to share I'm on day 20 on my second whole 30. My first was back in Sept. I just ran my fastest 5k to date I shaved 2.5 mins of my time. I am so happy right now. :-) I woke up at 6 am had a banana & a sweet potato mixed with 3 eggs. My run was 9 am. I had really great energy the whole race. I can't believe how good I feel. Just had to share ~~~~ Sara
  7. heart burn

    HI Robin, I did get digestive enzymes and I'm feeling much better. I have also found that if I had heart burning eating an apple soothed it
  8. heart burn

    I'm on day 9 and I keep getting heart burn off and on .. Any suggestion on how to relieve it?
  9. Day I alone?

    I'm on day 4 of my second whole 30. It is pretty common to have these side effect your first week. I'm a runner too and I work out 5-6 times a week. On running days I like to have sweet potatoes and a hard boiled egg pre work. Your body will adjust and it will get better. I have gotten a headache on and off each day.
  10. Anyone starting on March 12 or 13?

    HI I'm starting my 3 rd whole 30 today. The first whole 30 I did was back in Sept and had a great result and felt great. My 2nd whole 30 I didn't complete ;-( My football team made it to the super bowl so I decided to go to the bar and drink. Not my best decison. So here I am giving it another shot. I know when I eat this way my body and mind feel better . Good luck with you whole30. Let me know how you are doing! My name is Sara. I just turned 31 and I have 3 kids. my Son Joe is 7 and my twins Ben and Olivia are 6. They keep me very busy. Hoping to instill healthy eating with them. My goal is to lose about 4o lbs. Since I started on my weight loss journy 6 years ago i have lost over 120 lbs.
  11. Please help me find a whole30 comliance meal

    Thanks you so much for the help ;-) Looking foward to completing my 2nd whole 30 on Feb 6th. Then I think I will start it again so it will be a whole60 .
  12. Please help me find a whole30 comliance meal having the menu might help LOL i was pretty tired last night
  13. HI I have to go out for my friends birthday on sat night Looking for any meal option I have. Thinking I will have to get a salad with either steak or shrimp. Any ideas. I did my first whole 30 in Sept This is my second whole 30 and I'm 3 days in
  14. 30 days complete!

    Great Job! I hope that you pain gets better! Keep up the great work!!