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  1. Okay.. so here's the thing.. now I feel bad. I retired my whole30 a week early. I know I know... But I've sucessfully done two before and this time circustances are hugely different! Husband is still going on his own. Sudden onset of 24/7 sickness..none of this morning rubbish! I am literally repulsed by food at the moment. I seem to be okay with cold food, as odd as it sounds I can handle fruit, salads etc. I struggle with anything warm, my husband has taken over cooking bless him. So on Saturday of not being able to eat or barely drink water the only thing I could stomach was a lemonade icy-pole. It did the trick. Not long after I was able to eat my dinner. So now, I'm having my whole30 lunches and dinner but my snacks in between.. not so good. I'm working full time and the only things that keep me productive during the day is crackers or other carby crap. I haven't gone off the rails but it's eat those things or nothing at all. I'm hoping this delightful phase isn't going to last too long. On top of that, I can't believe how tired I am.. this is ridiculous! I want to nap in my lunch hour. Last weekend, I barely moved from my bed or couch for the entire two days! This is going to get better right? I'm around 7.5 weeks now.
  2. I took a little tupperware container of coconut milk travelling once, I ordered a black coffee at the airport and pulled it out.. The lady making my coffee asked what it was and laughed... saying 'that's a new one, people bring all sorts of unusual things to put in their coffee!' I live on the central coast (Calga, with my ponies ) and I work in Chipping Norton (near Liverpool). It's quite the commute but it's all forgotten when they come running to meet me at the gate. I think I'd prefer public transport (not an option) at least then I could make use of the time reading.
  3. Yes me too! In fact I'll go have one now.. the funny thing is on my first whole30 last Sept.. I stopped drinking coffee for a while cause I couldn't handle it black, then it took ages to enjoy it with coconut. Now I love it both ways. Gone are my cappucino days! Thanks for asking! I think I'm losing my mind.. I can't seem to remember anything. It's quite humorous really Overall feeling much better today.. can't manage to eat breakfast though. The best I can do is an ice cold pear of fruit from the fridge.. I'm okay by around 10 so I'm just eating at scattered times. It really is a job to make myself eat though.. I have zero cravings, I just don't want to eat at all! Lunch today was a bit all over the shop, just the things I'm supposed to eat in a form I could stomach. Green olives, grilled chicken tenderloins, guacamole & snow peas. Yesterday I had some coconut water that seemed to go down beautifully! But I'm avoiding doing that too often. I am so tired it is crazy.. no yoga for me tonight it's going to be enough of a struggle to drive home from work. It's my biggest challenge.. I drive 106kms each way.. around 1 1/2 hours. Gym this week Monday: Zumba Tuesday: Body Attack Wednesday: Pump Tonight: SLEEP Friday: Crossfit So far feeling great during my workouts, slowed down a little in Attack and had a small bout of nausea during Pump last night other than that all good! I want a nap.
  4. Day 16. Had my first uneasy day... I mean in terms of nausea. Not morning sickness as such.. it hit me around 10am and lasted about two hours, the smell of peoples food in the office was turning my stomach! I hope it doesn't get worse! I'm really off my food it's a chore to eat.. the only thing I can eat happily is fruit, in partcular bananas. So lunch today was a bit of this and that over an hour.. 3 x Chicken drumsticks (cooked at home in curry powder) 6 x Olives (it's all that was left in the jar!) Nashi Pear 100gms of Snow Peas Coffee with three heaped dessert spoons of coconut milk It's the best I could do. I know I'll be having a good dinner to make up for it, I have lamb shanks in the slow cooker
  5. Haha!! I used to do that! Now I would just stare at the bottle and be reminded I am failing I am getting better.. every now and then I chug half a glass for catch up. good luck with the TTC.. fun times Anywho.. catch up diary. Day 15. I have been slack keeping my food diary.. but you should know I have been good.. angel like really I have been eating all kinds of yummy winter comfort foods.. my slow cooker has been getting a workout! Like: Chicken Soup, Hungarian Beef Stew, Lamb shanks, Chicken Drumsticks, Pork Chops with Apples & Apricot, Fajitas & more. So far so good with all the PG stuff.. I came out of my GP's office with crosseyes! I'm so confused about what I'm supposed to do next... ring the hospital? choose a hospital.? when do I do all this? .... gah! thankfully I have the trusty google. I do have one gripe.. and perhaps you can blame it on the fact I'm seriously hormonal and I go from sweetness to CRANK in seconds at the moment.. Why do people care so much about what I do or don't eat? It's like it hurts them personally! Example. I wanted to visit a friend (with a new baby) while she was in Sydney visitng with her parents and she asked me to come over in the afternoon around 2 as they were having a big family lunch. So we ate at home first and went over, of course they had started eating late and wanted us to join in.. they just couldn't accept no thank you we've already eaten! We had a table of people ganging up on us! Then they offered wine, no TQ.. oh why are you dieting AGAIN? came the questions.. you are both so skinny! GRRR How do you explain to people!!! Then we went through it all again when it was cake time! They seemed genuinely hurt we wouldn't eat their food.. I was embarrassed and with my emotional state quite upset for upsetting them. I don't understand why people get so upset by someone elses food choices. Also.. I am thankful for the W30 rules at the moment because after that little incident all I wanted was chocolate or cake or anything else I could have got my hands on. In fact I've never wanted to break it more than I did that afternoon.
  6. Oh don't get me wrong.. I am zombie like! But thankfully not sick yet. I felt amazing while I was training though so that's a huge plus. Good suggestion.. I'm going to organise a few snacks like sweet potato at the ready for work. I didn't eat the cookie.. thankfully I have nothing like that at hand. I think this is just the place for the TMI!!
  7. Day 7. (Monday) So.. sorry for the overshare but this has never happened to me on a W30 before usually quite the opposite but I'm extremely bloated & constipated. I'm thinking it's a PG symptom? M1 – Started with some prunes! LOL. Paleo Beef Chilli with zucchini noodles, small amount of mixed nuts. M2 – Steamed Veg (Carrot, Brocoli, Cauli), Tuna, Beetroot & Olives.. felt a bit off my food but ate it all anyway. OMG!! I WANT A COOKIE! M3 – Lamb shanks & Green Beans in Ghee Exercise: None today, went to see the doc for my blood tests instead! Not the best experience, the first attempt just burst blood out everywhere!! Second try on the other arm went well.. the poor lady she was upset, lucky I'm great with needles! Other: Apple with Almond & Chia Butter, Mandarin, Peppermint Tea (I'm still having my morning coffee but I switched out the afternoon coffee with the herbal tea), Banana & Nuts while waiting for the doctor cause I didn't get home until 9 for a late dinner and it's all I had on hand. Day 8. (Tuesday) M1 – ½ banana, eggs, strawberries, beetroot, black coffee M2 – Paleo Beef Chilli with extra steamed veg. Ate way too much.. SO BLOATED! M3 – Slow cooked chicken curry with Sweet Potato, Carrot, Celery & Onions Other: Strawberries, mixed nuts, nashi pear, Decaf Coffee with Coconut Milk Exercise: Body Attack (60mins) I bought a heart rate monitor yesterday, I wore it tonight just to keep an eye on things. Of course it was too high most of the time but my instructor said just to listen to my body, if I'm breathing okay then so is baby and not to get too hot. The kicker.. my instructor is the same way along as me! So I feel even better about things knowing she's teaching and looking out for me. I found it really hard to hold back! I took some of the lower impact options just because.. but I feel so good I want to go at it!
  8. I know! It was hard at first but we adapt as we must I love crossfit but it is kind of cripplingly expensive!! Absolutely worth every cent for the individual training you get and I love it but it's not easy to justify especially when you have other things. You can do a free info session at the gym though to give you a taste. It's a great place to go.
  9. Hi Gojo09.. CrossFit Norwest (Castle Hill) I'm getting better with the water.. I'm literally walking around with a bottle in my hand at all times.. But I seriously have to work on actually getting it to my lips! The thing is.. I don't have an oven We live in a granny flat style place and I have a full kitchen sans oven/stove. So i have a lovely collection of electrical appliances! The Actifry always looked like a 'luxury' item but Myer had it $100 off on the weekend & it was an impulse buy. So far I've made sweet potato in coconut oil, kale chips, chicken wings & chicken drumsticks with herbs & spices. It was amazing & really quick. My only criticism of it, is that it's quite noisy. Now I can cook all the things my slow cooker just made a little mushy
  10. Day 5. (Saturday) M1 – Silverbeet (Sautéed with olive oil, garlic & onion) with poached eggs, black coffee M2 – Farmers Pie (Shepherds Pie but with lamb mince, extra veg & cauliflower topping) M3 – Sweet Potato in Coconut Oil with Chicken Drumsticks (Saturday night easy in front of the TV) Other: Strawberries & Pineapple Exercise: None today. I was out shopping for a few hours today, groceries, appliances. Came home exhausted so I chilled out in the afternoon and opted for an easy dinner. In light of our new information and preparing for the impending onslaught of opinions.. I pulled out my ISWF for a little refresher course Day 6. (Sunday) Holy crap I cooked up a storm today!! I woke at 5:30 and worked all day. I had the urge to spring clean (on a cold winter day) my house.. Including pantries & drawers! I had two slow cookers going all day in preparation of the week. M1 – Farmers Pie, black coffee M2 – Chicken wings (I was trying out the new Actifry cooker I bought yesterday.. Love it!) with a huge bowl of homemade kale chips with olive oil & balsamic vinegar. Watermelon. M3 – Slow cooked lamb shanks with cauliflower mash & silverbeet (chard for the Americans). Exercise: None today. Unless you count vacuuming, scrubbing & wiping! Other: Nashi Pear, Macadamia Nuts Notes: I seriously need help to make myself drink water!!!!!!!!!!!! Got to 3pm before I realised I hadn't had ANY.. Unacceptable I'm all caught up on my posts now & going to see the doc tonight!
  11. I will remember to say.. I'm feeding myself & my baby with nutrient dense foods and NO CRAP!!
  12. Thank you Yep my CF friends mostly follow Paleo diets and have done a W30 with me in the past. It's more the family.. Anywho we'll see how it goes! My problem is, I have a rubbish memory and when people put me on the spot arguing why I should or shouldn't eat something I can never remember how to argue it! And I'd rather not say something inaccurate. Thanks for the tip
  13. Thank you I train 4-5 days a week in a standard gym but I started doing CF 1-2 times a week with my Tough Mudder team to increase my strength & overall fitness. Now I'm hooked! I'm not lifting very heavy anyway, so I'm pretty sure it's okay to go ahead as I have been for now.
  14. So.. this is my 3rd Whole 30 and I wasn't going to blog through it.. until to my surprise on day 4, I had a 'positive' home pregnancy test! I'm 34 & this will be our first baby. This is very exciting because only last week my doctor was telling me based on my test results (last July) it would be very difficult for me to conceive naturally. And we had put it all off for a while (life got in the way) and this is the first month we were actively trying to get pregnant and BAM!! Of course now I'm scared shitless it's going to 'go away' but I'm feeling pretty good about it all at the moment. I decided to blog because I'm going to need the extra support since I already cop a whole string of criticisms from friends and family about my 'diet choices' ugh. And when people find out I'm pregnant I'm sure they're going to have a whole lot of 'opinions'! One great things is everyone knows my husband and I are on our 3rd W30, so at least I don't have to make any excuses for why I'm not drinking at social gatherings Sorry for the long post but i'll catch you up on my food diary thus far..I'll keep them short from now on... The only goal that has changed since we found out is weightloss, obviously we can strike this off the list! Whole 30 3.0 Goals for the 3rd time around. Defeat the Sugar Dragon who came back with vengeance! We've been very naughty for a month now.. still eating paleo but reaching for the chocolate late at night!! Sleep – 8 hours! Drink Water! My worst health habit.. I'm a camel I just don't get thirsty and I'm always dehydrated. Lose 3 kgs (just the little extra I've put on in only a month!) Starting weight 62kg Day 1. (Tuesday) Bad start! Totally unorganised. Grab & Go, eat on the run L Had a tantrum at work when I realised my salmon in springwater I had stashed in my drawer contains SUGAR! WTF M1 –1 Boiled Egg, Guacamole, Mayo, 3 Carrots, Black Coffee, 2 x Pear (TINY!!) M2- Salad (4 mix leaves & beetroot, brocoli, carrot), Mayo, Grilled chicken breast, Olives, ½ avocado, Grapes M3 – Paleo Slow Cooker Chicken Curry Exercise: HIIT Class (55 mins) Other: Nuts, Fish Oil, Rooibos Tea Notes: Feeling good today.. certainly felt the after dinner twang.. I want ‘something' Day 2. (Wednesday) Much more organised today! Cooked ahead last night. Food dreams already!! In my dream I absent mindedly ate a handful of popcorn! M1 –Silverbeet sautéed with garlic, salt & olive oil. 2 eggs scrambled with water & coconut oil. It looked ugly but was delicious! Grapes & Black Coffee M2 - Salad (4 mix leaves & beetroot, broccoli, carrot), Mayo, Grilled chicken breast, Olives, ½ avocado M3 – Paleo Bolognaise with cherry tomatoes on a bed of carrot & zucchini ‘noodles' Exercise: Body Pump (60 mins), felt good plenty of energy Other: Nuts, Nashi Pear, Green Tea, Black Coffee Notes: Very excited I got to use my new vegetable spiral slicer I got for my birthday last week but I was a bit cranky tonight! Day 3. (Thursday) Definitely my kill all things day. Woke up murderous! My past experience is day 3 is the worst and from the binging I did last week, it's going to hurt. The good news is the hard part goes just as quickly. I will avoid confrontation today!! My poor husband got snapped at in the kitchen this morning for stepping in my way. M1 – Paleo Bolognaise, Nashi Pear, Black Coffee M2 - Salad (4 mix leaves & beetroot, broccoli, carrot), Mayo, Grilled chicken breast, Olives, ½ avocado M3 – T-Bone Steak, Bok Choy & Sweet Potato, small amount of grapes. Exercise: Decided not to go to yoga tonight, it's a late class and my energy is low so early night for me! Other: Fish Oil, Nuts, 4 Strawberries Notes: Apart from the horror morning.. I was ok by the afternoon. Things to remember: Grapes upset my belly!! Why do I continue to eat them! Cause they are yummy, in season, cheap & delicious! Still.. I need to limit these. Day 4. (Friday) Woke up feeling a little nauseas and had a feeling…. I knew I had one PG test in the bathroom so I decided to pee on a stick! HELLO!!! TWO PINK LINES!!!! M1 – 1 egg, 1/2 banana, a small handful of grapes & mac nuts, Black coffee M2 – HUGE Salad!! (4 mix leaves & beetroot, brocoli, carrot) Can of Salmon in Springwater, mayo, guac, mushroom, tomato & artichokes. OMG.. best salad ever! S – Mixed nuts, Nashi Pear, Chicken Breast M3 – Fajitas! Chicken & Steak, cumin, garlic & coriander cooked in olive oil with capsicums & onions & wrapped in lettuce leaves. Big dinner made for friends & kids after crossfit training together.. It's a Friday night tradition J Others – Started on Elevit (Pregnancy Supplement - not sure if it's compliant but decided that's not the most important thing anymore!) Exercise: CrossFit ( I pulled my trainer aside before our session and discussed ‘the situation' with him. He was great and I'm feeling good about training) Great session! He's already helping me put my weights away.. hahahah I wonder when others will notice he's doing it Notes: Dinner was with CF friends after our session. My head is spinning today! So much to think about, very excited and thinking about all the things I may need to change....? I think I'm about 5 weeks along so no morning sickness yet, I'm wondering when that's going to ruin my life! lol
  15. Hi.. I certainly don't have this problem! Tim seems to have levelled out.. he is no longer losing although he's stayed very slim. I think his metabolism is just incredible now.. He's 20kg down from our first whole 30 in September last year. Funnily enough it's our Day 1 today of another. Obviously weightloss isn't a factor this time, we just need the rules to behave! If anything we are trying to improve our body compsition and keep weight on Tim. Honestly he eats until he is full.. I think I might forcefeed him a little more and see if we can fatten him up a little.. heheheh it's completely opposite for most people! And.. yes.. Sweet potatoes ROCK!!