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  1. PonyLove

    The crazy things people say

    i got..'wow you must be really struggling with your exercise schedule since you don't eat any carbs'...
  2. PonyLove

    The crazy things people say

    My husband & I had dinner out with the family for his mum's 60th. Since we've well & truly finished out whole30 we decided to have a 'treat night', knowing we would still make better choices from the menu. The food was outstanding and we were verbally appreciating it, for his sister to say.. 'no wonder you're enjoying it you only get to eat once a week!' We eat amazing food for every meal! UGH.. the little digs here & there we copped them all night.
  3. PonyLove

    The crazy things people say

    Me- "Can you believe they put soy in canned tuna?" Relative - "errrr, i'm never eating tuna again" Me - "But you drink soy milk" Relative - "Yeah, but I don't want it in my tuna" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!
  4. PonyLove

    The crazy things people say

    I was at a friends birthday party & her husband told me I wasn't a good friend because I wouldn't eat a piece of her birthday cake!