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    Robin1403 reacted to Alaska Woman in Crazy question...what to do while eating   
    The hardest thing about Whole 30 for me is sitting at the table and just eating my meals. Most of my life I have done a crossword while having breakfast, read while eating lunch and watched TV during dinner. I really miss that, especially my breakfast crossword. Honestly, just sitting there eating is really boring and I just want to get the meal over with as soon as possible. After the first couple of days I realized I was gobbling down my food so now I'm concentrating on slowing down and thinking about what I'm eating, but it's still boring. I'm wondering if it would be OK to listen to music while I'm eating.
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    Robin1403 reacted to crossiter in Crazy question...what to do while eating   
    Hi! I just completed some mindfulness training that actually focused on food. The main takeaway for me, being a faster eater, was to clear the table of any distractions. This included turning off phones, smart watches, etc. even just for 10 minutes. The trainer recommended STOP. S-Stop. T-Take a DEEP breath. O-Observe. P-Proceed. The STOP method has been really helpful for me in general when I feel a craving or notice I'm getting anxious or stressed around food. 
    Hope that helps!
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    Robin1403 reacted to racheleats in Crazy question...what to do while eating   
    Maybe try listening to a book instead of reading? I LOVE Audible and my library also has audiobooks that you can rent, maybe yours does too!
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    Robin1403 reacted to SugarcubeOD in Crazy question...what to do while eating   
    For the fast eaters out there (myself included) it actually helps to put the fork down between bites... fork one into your mouth, put the fork down, chew consiously and then pick up and repeat... while you get used to doing this, it's really better to have no distractions so you can concentrate on this mindful way of eating.
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    Robin1403 reacted to SugarcubeOD in Crazy question...what to do while eating   
    Relax, congratulate yourself on a good meal made... concentrate on the spices, the flavors... chew thouroghly and feel virtuous that you can sit and do nothing but savor your food for a few minutes where most other people have their face in their phones... I was going to say read but you tried that... I find reading difficult because I either forget to eat or forget to read... 
    Put on some nice music and have a date of one
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    Robin1403 got a reaction from ladyshanny in Seeing no real changes...different timeline for pre-Whole30 paleos?   
    Thank you so much for responding...I will definitely incorporate all of your recommendations.  The 4-5 hours between meals is the only "rule" I seem to not be able to abide by, I will try to incorporate more fat and maybe that will help...even though I've been paleo for around 5 years I still find it hard to break free of the low-fat, "clean-eating", snack every 2-3 hours mentality...too many years of reading Clean Eating, Oxygen and FitnessRx for Women!
    Next Thursday is my last day, I will let you know how my final week goes...I guess if nothing else I can say that I actually made it through a Whole30 which I never thought I'd be able to do...yay for me!  Thanks again
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    Robin1403 reacted to ladyshanny in Seeing no real changes...different timeline for pre-Whole30 paleos?   
    OK, so some things you can try:
    move starchy veggie serving to evening meal. LOTS of people report that it helps with sleep increase fat serving on days when you are having only 5-6 olives. If olives are your fat serving, go with a heaping handful if you are having salad as your only veggie, add some sturdier or cooked veggies to it, salad isn't very filling and if it's your evening meal it could be contributing to unsettled sleep avoid eating fruit alone as a "snack". It messes with your blood sugar. If you are hungry between meals or your meals are more than 4-5 hours apart, go for a protein/fat option (hardboiled egg & mayo as an example) instead of fruit make sure you are having at least a post-workout consisting of lean protein and starchy veggie within 30 minutes of any workout that depletes you . HIIT, Spinning and 60 minute of weight lifting you should absolutely not be skipping that post workout meal.  My suspicion is that you are undereating to just enough to not be super noticeable but that it is affecting you on a foundational level (ie, sleep quality). If your meals are huge as you report, but you aren't getting 4-5 hours between without needing to eat again, bump up the amount of fat in them. Homemade mayo, ghee etc that are denser fat sources.  4-5 hours between meals is one of the keys to hormone balancing. Also, make sure you're having that first meal within an hour of waking.
    Also, as an outsider looking in () the hormone issues are probably pretty normal for someone at your stage, pre-menopausal most likely, and sleep and sexual desire/function would definitely be affected to some degree with this.  I would suggest that you could consider this an "underlying condition" and expect that results may take you longer to see. Try some of the adjustments above and see how you do.  And report back!
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    Robin1403 reacted to emily123 in Last post isn't working--thoughts on wine?   
    Day 23 and feeling GREAT! Was a little worried early on but am definitely seeing the results promised and enjoying eating healthfully; honestly, there aren't really any old foods that even get me super excited anymore, and my cravings have completely gone away.
    All except one. 
    I am DEARLY missing having a glass of wine now and then, after a long day or out with friends. I've become a total hermit during the program, which has definitely had it's upsides (not racking up tabs at the bars, and my apartment is SO CLEAN). I've done the whole seltzer/kombucha/replacing the ritual thing, but I really miss being able to go out and have fun with my friends and it JUST is not the same. 
    So my question is, how bad exactly would it be if I had like, a few glasses of wine as I wind down the program here? It's made from grapes, right? (Kidding (kind of)).
    At this point I feel like I've gotten through the hard part, experienced the magic of the program, I'm a true believer and will recommend it highly to friends. What would be the downside to tailoring it just a little to fit my lifestyle towards the end?
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    Robin1403 reacted to missmary in Kombucha   
    This is ridiculous. Kombucha has no more alcohol than commercial orange juice (which has a little alcohol, btw). As long as no sweeteners were added after fermentation it is fine to drink.
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    Robin1403 reacted to Deb. in Costco run and bacon   
    Here's another Costco thread FYI