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  1. DVeep

    Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    Oh COSTCO! Well, from the produce section we buy the bags of avocados, 1-2 packs of organic spinach (throw it into eggs or broth), a bag of lemons (many of which I squeeze and pour into ice cube trays for handy lemon cubes), baby portabello mushrooms (24 oz/$4.50), bags of garlic, EVOO and LOO (for the paleo-mayo). They have yummy lamb roasts from Australia. ECOS laundry detergent. Cases of Pellegrino mineral water. TurboTax. Tires with free rotate-balance. Gasoline. Toilet Paper! Bath towels, 14-cup food processor, crockpot, fabulous dual-pak insulated (hot or cold) thermos (grab, squeeze, drink, no spill stays hot for HOURS). I know folks who have purchased flooring there. We bought our 42" flat screen there just before the 2009 Inauguration. You can go in on items with family or friends. Plus, you get the 2% annual rebate, which at least pays for our membership. Plus, they are wonderful about returns. We even returned a spa --- oh that's a whole other story. The only credit card they accept is American Express, which we got so we can charge, then pay it off each month, AND we get a 3% rebate from AmExp!! Oh, and we are now the proud owners of a 7cft chest freezer bought at Costco for $174.00, so now we have room for a half-pig this summer, which works out to be $4.50 a pound for pastured pork instead of the $6-8/lb we have been paying! AND I learned that we can have them custom grind or package how we want it!! Yeah, for us, Costco is so worth it.
  2. DVeep

    most important supplements?

    @Tom, I never even knew that I liked sardines, until I read a blog by Melissa Joulwan where she suggested buying the boneless, skinless in pure olive oil. Oh my! I'd say it tastes like tuna, but it is much better than tuna! I found it at Trader Joe's, under their label for about $2.69 a can. It sure comes in handy. I love my sardines with avocado and my homemade/fermented pink sauerkraut - yum!
  3. DVeep

    Warning- Rant!!

    Oh my. So, if they ever come over again, you can have your own homemade spicy ketchup ready for the prawn cocktail. (WellFed sans honey) Whether or not it is her last meal, will be up to your mood? So bad. :-p
  4. DVeep

    Is ghee worth it?

    Hi. I have both made my own ghee (from Kerrygold butter THE BEST BUTTER IN THE WORLD), and bought some (Purity Farm). They both taste about the same to me. While homemade is a bit less expense to make, for me it is not worth my time. And although i know that ghee still has brain nutrients such as Vitamin K2, it just doesn't taste like butter, so I rarely use it now. What I do like to use is the pork and beef fat that I strain (double mesh strainer) after making sausage patties and bone broth. We use either in cooking where we were using primarily coconut oil before. Oh, and where I might have used butter on veggies before, I now use olive oil or paleo mayo. (Favorite is roasted veggies using coconut oil - yum.) If you really want to try ghee, you could order it from amazon. I have purchased (from local store) the Purity Farm brand, but if I were to order online, just from the reviews that I've read, I would order the Pure Indian Foods organic ghee. Hope that helps! -diana
  5. DVeep

    What's your grocery bill look like?

    Eating out for me is frustrating, because in doing my own cooking, using good oils, I'm becoming a bit of a food snob. I no longer want to put garbage in. Plus, even just for a lunch it seems we were spending about $30! I'd think, we could have eaten steak AND salmon for $30! But then I would have had to cook it, and that's the whole point of eating out. Getting a break. But if getting a break means I might feels worse, then it's not really a break. I resigned myself at our last restaurant outing, to accepting that the grilled chicken was grain-fed and probably not healthy. I had a salad, hold the cheese and crutons, bring on the olive oil and vinegar, a little S&P. Hot lemon water. It was all pretty darned tasty. And that simple meal for two for dinner, was still $30. sigh.
  6. DVeep

    Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    My husband and I used nasal saline rinses (using a juice cup not a netti pot) for quite awhile. I ultimately started having trouble doing that - it seemed to make matters worse. Since I gave up dairy I don't have too many issues with stuffiness, until this past week on my W30. Whenever hubby eats too much sugar, he gets nasal congestion. His remedy is mineral water and crystal vit c. I always go for Bromelain and Quercetin (500mg of each) twice a day. They work as antihistamine/decongestant, and they really help, along with a dose of powdered Vit-C in water. A touch of mineral water makes it more fun. You said it. "I have no known allergies." Now is the time you get in touch with your system to identify those foods that actually do bother you. Where they may have been masked before, they will now become more apparent as you detox. -d
  7. DVeep

    Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    How true! Eating this way is fantastic. The proof is in the pudding. Speaking of pudding, one of my husband's favorite treats now (he's so skinny) is banana pudding: 1 banana, 1 Tbsp coconut oil, 1 tsp cocoa powder, splash of vanilla (don't think the vanilla is W30 compliant, nor is paleofying foods, like this) and a pinch of salt in the blender or small food grinder/chopper. He pours it out and freezes it for about 30 minutes, then puts it in the fridge. He really is trying to watch his sugar intake too. He doesn't want to be diabetic.
  8. DVeep

    Overdoing a compliant food??

    I would also note that at this stage in the game, you are probably waaay better off with your mayo fix, than eating the way you were before, right?
  9. DVeep

    Overdoing a compliant food??

    I'm not an expert, but from my experience with changing my diet, I would say it sounds like your body is craving the right kinds of fats. Try mixing it up with using beef or pork fat from pastured animals (no grains), and coconut oil, rather than just only olive oil. You'll eventually find the right balance!
  10. DVeep

    is there such a thing as too many eggs?

    That will depend on the person. If you are having symptoms, maybe so. Eggs are one of the top common allergens. Too many of them cause me blemishes and cracked elbows. My husband and I consume 36 eggs a week. That's 18 per person. Although I think he eats more than I do. Plus two yolks every 10 days are used for mayo. I'm guessing that if you suspect them, they are probably giving you trouble. If you don't notice any new symptoms and you are using eggs from grain-free, soy-free pastured chickens, then you are probably fine. When I went paleo I had my bloodwork done at 3, 6 and 9 months. I adjusted my multi-vitamins at 6-months (gave them up because I was eating plenty of foods with iron, Vit-A), and now take Vit-D and Lysine. That's it.
  11. DVeep

    Cold treatment

    Bone broth - lots of nutrients and easy on the gut Raw Apple Cider Vinegar in hot water (1 tsp per 1 cup, more or less to taste). When you are off Whole30 you can use a little honey. For now, just suck it up. The ACV really, really does help with a sore throat and digestion. Capsules from your local "health food store": Bromelain (enzyme from pineapple) and Quercetin. I buy them separately in 500mg capsules each. They are actually both listed as alternative medical treatment (I used to work for UC Davis School of Medicine - an FNP/PA looked it up on his PDA ), as decongestant and/or antihistamines - i don't remember which is which. Ginger Tea - take a 1" piece of ginger root, peel it, cut it into thin slices. Put them in a 2 quart pot of filter water. Bring to boil for 3 minutes. Trn off heat. Pour half a cup into a mug and add plain water to dilute it until the taste and temperature are good for you. Drink. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory, and this tastes really good. Providing you like the taste of ginger. Good luck! P.S. I've used ACV for about 2 years now, daily. I attribute it to lowering my blood pressure after about 6 months. I am never sick - unless I eat dairy.
  12. DVeep

    Unsupportive Doctors??

    P.S. Check out www.primaldocs.com. Some of them are paying attention to the paleo lifestyle. You might just find a primal doctor in your area!
  13. DVeep

    Unsupportive Doctors??

    You bet. This is normal. This is how they were trained. Just tell them that for YOU, this works. Your blood test results will confirm that what you are doing is right for you. Mine did. Anyways, doctors treat symptoms not causes. They use "evidence-based" medicine, which means if you have a, b, and c symptoms, then the answer must be "G". Never mind they may be barking up the wrong tree. Just remember, doctors have practices. They "practice" medicine. When they start getting it right, and the world lightens up, I'll start listening to them. For now, I'll practice on myself - be my own guinea pig - and leave the results to the lab tests!
  14. DVeep

    What's your grocery bill look like?

    Because we stopped eating out 2-3 times a week, I'd say our monthly food costs have not increased, even with buying grassfed meats and organic CSA veggies. Also, no doctor bills. Pay now or pay later!
  15. DVeep

    Food Porn

    Yes, I'll have an order of #1 and #5 to go, please! Nice job!