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  1. KateF

    Onions and garlic

    I get wicked heartburn from garlic, but elephant garlic is a little more mild. If he is getting bad headaches, he may just have a sensitivity. I sometimes cook dishes most of the way through and at the end separate into two different pans to add garlic to a portion for my husband.
  2. KateF

    Day 1 - Sept 8

    Its all going well for me - how about you? I'm feeling really good and not having any problems that some of the posts talk about. I did my first Sunday cook-fest last week and have been enjoying my meals all week. I baked a butternut squash, cooked a beef stew, roasted some chicken. I just add the veggies and I'm all set to go. I am feeding some of the same food to my daughter, but occasionally add some of her starches that I won't touch now. She is a teen so I won't push her - will let her come around on her own :-)
  3. KateF

    Best 44th Birthday Present Ever!

    thanks for the wishes. I'm one more week in and still going strong. My daughter had a birthday the same weekend as mine and I resisted both pizza AND cake, but enjoyed the laser-tag with the kids :-) My only problem is an ankle sprain from June is acting up again and is limiting my running... will check back in with my Dr about that. Have a great day!
  4. KateF

    Best 44th Birthday Present Ever!

    Yes - I'm going to start with their Saturday intro class... this weekend is booked though so next week probably
  5. I'll be 44 on Sunday and I haven't felt this good in a decade! I just ran 3 miles - the first time in a long time for that distance. No sore knees, no sore feet. I'm only 2 weeks into my Whole 30 and I can't believe how I feel. I've been really happy to have almost no cravings and I'm not hungry between meals. I'm sleeping like a baby. When I get up in the morning - I just start getting things done and then I realize I forgot to drink my coffee (which I previously had to take 30 minutes to sit and drink before I felt awake)! Next week I'm going to check out a CrossFit in my neighborhood. I think I'm going to shoot for being in better shape in my 40s than when I was younger. (Instead of 40s, fat and flatulent it will be 40s, fit and fabulous) Thanks Whole 30 - I feel like 44 will be my best year ever! Kate
  6. KateF

    My Whole 30 Lessons!

    Thanks - I love your list! I'm only a week into my Whole 30 but I am HOOKED!
  7. KateF

    The crazy things people say

    My Husband: "I love you no matter how crazy you are" Me: "And I love you no matter how big you get!" Even though he is not willing to try the Whole 30, he ate my shepherd's pie with cauliflower on top last night and loved it :-)
  8. KateF

    Increased urination vaguely incontinent?

    I am luckily seeing the opposit - less frequent urination and now I can sleep through the night with out getting up! I would say stick with it, it may be your body adjusting. Good luck ladies!
  9. KateF

    Unusually long orgasms?

    Carolina - I know just what you mean! :-)
  10. KateF

    Day 1 - Sept 8

    Good luck - I started on the 8th too. I'm hoping to get my husband and teen interested, but need to finish the 30 days to show them how it works!