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    I am a curious person who tries to learn something new every day. Love to work on my "grow areas" (aka weak spots), both physically as mentally.
    Things I like to do or choose to like because they need to be done: cooking, sourcing good ingredients on a budget, reading, making videos, writing articles, talking to people, drink tea with my best friend, watch TV, working out: running, spinning, CrossFit.
  1. HealthCreators

    UK "E Numbers" to avoid

    Hi Catherine, Today I read this article The answer to your question is there: "There are other additives (like guar gum or citric acid) that are generally safe for most, but may effect very sensitive individuals. Still other additives sound scary (like ascorbic acid), but are actually totally benign… that’s just the science-y name for vitamin C."
  2. HealthCreators

    UK "E Numbers" to avoid

    Thanks, this is very helpful... I usually avoid all E-numbers while doing a Whole 30!
  3. HealthCreators

    The crazy things people say

    We had a party where the color of the cream inside a cake would tell everybody is the hosts were expecting a baby boy (blue) or baby girl (pink). The answer was girl... we were very happy for them (although we could see that the guy was secretly still wishing it was blue). I was happy sipping my tea, when the mom-to-be's mother offered me a piece of thecake, which I kindly declined. She persisted, I persisted politely. And then she said: you cannot refuse the cake, this party is about the cake.... :-) Funny, I thought it was celebrating a new life. Didn't need cake for that!