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  1. I'm starting tomorrow too. Good luck!
  2. The Whole 30 is not about losing weight and it is NOT a diet. Weightloss, if it happens, is just a bonus. It is more like a detox/resetting of your system/body. After the 30 days are over, you reintroduce foods to find out what doesn't work for you or makes you feel lousy. Your parents should be happy for you that you are trying to be healthy. I would tell them. Have them read the book and do some research. I bet they will help you.
  3. kt cat Oh my....27 days!!! You were almost there!!!! You can do it. I have had many times even before the Whole 30 that I would go months or years without drinking. But I do like it so I know I will never stop completely. At least I don't think I will. Having said that, I really feel so much better without it but once I am done with my next W30, I would like to be the kind of person who can just have one drink with dinner. I tend to go overboard. LOL
  4. Sherronh, We are very similar...I live alone except when my kids visit and they can fend for themselves. I am on day 17 and plan on going till 2 days after xmas. I spend 1 or two sessions a week food prepping. Usually one day on the weekend and then I get my CSA delivery on Wednesday so depending on what I get, depends on food prepping 2x. I do workout a lot already. Yes baby steps is the way to go. It's hard the first few weeks anyway to workout. Good luck!
  5. Vain, What is AIP? Megysmoo, Confused by your question. What do you mean by "official" Whole30? You say you started one in August. Did you not finish? Even if you didn't, you must have read the rules and guidelines. Also, what do you mean by "hopefully a whole 90"? Are you planning to do the whoke 30 for 3 months? If so, good luck! I am on my second W30. My first was in October. Then a 2 week semi break....still ate the W30 way with the exception of a few adult beverages and a few desserts...not really worth it although I didnt feel as crappy as I thought I would. Started my second one on Black Friday and will continue till my cruise vacation in about 2 weeks. First day of vacation is last day of whole 30. Will start my 3rd W30 on January 5th! Good luck every one!!
  6. I am planning on doing another Whole 30 in January after I return from vacation on the 3rd. Most likely won't start till the 5th. I basically have been doing The Whole 30 since October 13th. After I finished it, I gave myself till after Thanksgiving to "go off plan"....I didn't go off too much though. Black Friday I started up again and my 30th day this time will actually be the first day of our family cruise. This might be a Whole 29....LOL. I hope to behave that fist day to complete this whole 30. I don't plan on going too crazy on the trip. The worst will be alcohol and maybe some dessert tastes. So when I return, I will be ready to start again for the new year. Good luck everyone!!
  7. JocI

    Bacon Confusion...

    I broke down and bought a case of Pederson's special ordered from my local grocery store. Saved over a dollar per pack. I love bacon and it is probably the hardest thing for me to ever give up. Yes easier then coffee and chocolate.
  8. JocI

    Newbie starting after Thanksgiving 2014!

    Lauren, I have used quite a few recipes in the book. Plus I google recipes all the time. If you have the time, spend a few hours food prepping. It really does help. Michelle, Before you know it, those cravings will be gone. Hope everyone has a successful Whole30!!! Happy holidays
  9. JocI

    *December 5 Start Date- NERVOUS!

    Sounds like everyone is doing great here. Today is 2 weeks of my 2nd whole 30. On my first one, I lost 6.5 # and 14 inches. I work out 6 days a week, sometimes 2x a day. My journey started...again...on Labor Day, about 6 weeks before I started doing my first whole 30. I had lost about 12 # before starting my 1st one. Since the start of my second whole30, I am down a total of about 20# and 22 inches. Having said that, I really don't have anything else to lose. I like eating the whole 30 way and the 2 weeks between the 2, I ate the same way but indulged a bit in alcohol and some sweets. I really feel better without it. I am leaving for a family trip in 2 last day of this whole 30 is the first day of a seven day cruise. I'm pretty sure I will indulge there. Keep up the great work. It reall is so easy to do. I went to a party last, beer, wings, favorites. I ate before I went, and drank water while I was there. The next day, another party with lots of good.....bad for you food. Again, ate before I went and only drank water. Did eat a few raw veggies...just to not be rude. This is easy and doable. Plan plan plan!
  10. JocI

    *December 5 Start Date- NERVOUS!

    I am doing my second one. Finished The first one 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. And started this one the day after Thanksgiving. I will not lie, the first week is the hardest. Although in this second whole30 the first week has been a breeze. Just make sure you eat your fats. That is what hold you over between meals. I am now very very very rarely have anything between meals. I need three good meals a day. Good got this!!!
  11. JocI

    Will I keep losing weight?

    Good job! I lost 6.5 in my first whole 30 which ended 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. For those 2 weeks I had a few indulgences....alcohol.....dessert....and then started another Whole30 the day after Thanksgiving. When I weighed myself, I was down 2#. So yes you will continue to lose if you just watch what you eat. And exercise!
  12. JocI


    Good luck.!
  13. JocI


    Thanks once again Chris. I have been thinking about the things I will take. I will have access to a full kitchen but I know for at least the first day I will want food for Lunch and Dinner. I am making my chicken and will freeze it. It should be thawed by the time I need it which will be right before I will land at my destination. I will take some veggies, nuts, and fruit as well to hold me over till I can get to the store the following day. I will not be checking any bags so I cannot take any liquids but am hoping that none of what I take will be confiscated. My biggest challenge on the plane will be not having a drink. I am a nervous flyer and have at least one when I travel. I have a layover and then my second flight is 3 hours long. That will be a tough one. Hopefully I will just fall asleep.
  14. JocI

    Dijon mustard

    Thanks Chris....I know ingredients are more important so to speak however I still look at values. Habit!!! And I still track my food. I know I don't have to but I know that tracking works for matter what I am eating. Again....habit! I did end up making a nice marinade for my chicken since I couldn't use my go to dressing.