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    Renee makes a great point with vitamin D. I've had deficiency and I believe it affected me very much so. Even though it was consistently low on blood tests my doctor never mentioned it till recently. Also, might you be affected by your monthly cycle? I often find myself wondering why I feel crappy and then realize days later that it was PMS. I hope you feel better soon!
  2. susanm

    Cholesterol - yikes!

    Thanks very much for all your input. I am not interested in taking statins, and I was thinking my body was "normalizing" after years of bad diet. I'm going to continue on with what I'm doing and do another blood test in a month or so.
  3. susanm

    10-10-12 Graduates

    Hiya ladies, I'm still here! Fighting off the robo calls -I am so looking forward to election day! I got my blood work back from my physical and my cholesterol is massive! The ratios seem good based on what I've read however the numbers are so much higher than past years, (which were borderline high) that my doctor is concerned. I posted in the on/off track forum for advice. I'm still pretty compliant, the major adds are wine here and there and paleo banana bread as a treat. I haven't tried grains yet - I will when I am tempted enough but I imagine I might be 'gifted" with a reaction like you karabel. LJG congrats on the weight loss! Happy Halloween all!
  4. I finished my first whole 30 on Oct. 10, and have continued eating compliant excepting some wine and occasional dairy. Previously I ate a "Standard American" type diet with plenty of sweets and occasional fast food, however I have never been overweight. I had my yearly physical last week and just got the lipid panel - my cholesterol, which had been borderline high in years past, is now rather drastically increased. My doctor is recommending I see a nutritionist, and go on a "strict diet" (as yet unspecified), and then get retested. This is interesting as my diet has been (in my mind) so much better. I have been eating no added sugars (which was a vice), no pre-processed foods (aside from items like coconut oil), and only grass fed/organic/wild caught meats, fish, and veggies. I don't eat especially much carb wise - I don't like sweet potatoes, my go to veggies are spinach (at least once a day), cauliflower, broccoli, lettuces, peppers. Fruits are are apples and bananas - 1 per day at most. I may eat on the higher side of healthy fats - I eat 1/2-1 avocado per day, and every meal is cooked with ghee or olive oil. Interestingly my blood test shows ketones as +2 so I guess I'm burning fat. I'm going to ask for a VAP test to better define the LDL (which is almost double), but curious if anyone has other thoughts. Thanks in advance. Here are the current and last year results. The rations of total/hdl and trig/hdl are good based on what I've read, however the numbers are high - I'm not sure how to interperet overall. Triglycerides Cholesterol LDL HDL 6/8/11 86 254 140 97 10/24/12 123 378 266 87
  5. susanm

    10-10-12 Graduates

    Karabel, I do know what you mean. It felt nice to clean out my pantry also, and I feel like I've really established new and better habits. I did have my first off plan food - some New England clam chowder at a restaurant. It was good, and I didn't have any major reaction but I did have some digestive gas the next day and so I know there is some sensitivity there. I haven't tried any grains yet. I'm sure that will happen but it'll have to be pretty tempting! I'm pretty certain I will have a reaction there. LJG, sorry the joint issues aren't resolving. I know what you mean about taste of things - some fruit seems extremely sweet, even tomatoes in meat sauce has seemed sweet to me. I've got my physical this week and intrigued to see how my blood tests come back. I'm going to ask for some tests beyond the usual ones they do based on my recent reading. Enjoy the rest of the weekend all!
  6. susanm

    I Believe, and Now Is the Time

    WOW. Congratulations to you! Thanks for sharing. That is just flat out awesome to hear.
  7. susanm

    Holiday Season

    Renee, I too would LOVE your recipes for stuffing and baked apple crisp!
  8. susanm

    10-10-12 Graduates

    Good luck with it karabel! I'm still compliant aside from some wine I'm sipping at the moment, and some delish almost compliant banana nut bread I made. Only non compliant ingredient is vanilla extract. I am really not craving sweets, and believe me I was the cookie monster! It's pretty awesome. I'm still cooking great food every day, in fact today I was thinking how it feels like I'm kind of "spoiling" myself with all this good food - which is bananas I know, but it will be difficult when I have to travel, which I do for work. One thing I'm trying to do now is be more mindful when I'm eating and not rush through it. I'm also adding in more variety to my veggies. I'm reading a great book which was recommended in ISWF, called the Ominvore's Dilemma. I highly recommend it if anyone's looking for a good non fiction read. Take care all. Anyone know what happened to amy poehler?
  9. susanm

    10-10-12 Graduates

    karabel sorry about your night but obviously you learned something that proves your investment in the last 30 days. I have a feeling I'm gluten sensitive also. I'm continuing on for 2 more weeks before reintroducing. Reason being I don't think I'm seeing all the potential and I don't think I'm fat adapted yet. I also want to see how my blood tests, which I get in 2 weeks, compare to last year, where I had somewhat high cholesterol. For me, the good is that I have more energy, I sleep better, and my mood/energy is far more even keeled. Also I have much better digestive "normality". And have far fewer cravings for sugar. The not so good is that I still have allergies, and an annoying muffin top! I wasn't going for weight loss, but I would love to lose this roll of belly fat without losing elsewhere, if that is possible. I did not lose any weight over the 30 days. I am going to eat less fat over the next 2 weeks as I think I did not restrict intake of high calorie fats. Overall I'm happy with the changes and happy I found this book and forum. Congrats to all of you who attained benefits! s
  10. susanm

    Larabar recipes?

    I thought vanilla extract was a no? Can you say why would these be marginally ok, but, say, an "ingredient compliant" bread would not be, if eaten as a snack? I've been wondering. thanks
  11. susanm

    Starting September 10!

    Yay us!!!! May I humbly say,... WE ROCK! Congrats to all, I raise my glass of kombucha with sparkling water to toast you! LJG, I don't eat eggs (unless they are in Cake! ) and my favorite b'fst is ground turkey and apple sauteed in ghee, with cinnamon and nutmeg. Veggies on the side. I made home made sausage patties yesterday, that is another good way to get your morning protein. Have a great day.
  12. susanm

    Starting September 10!

    LJG - I think Linda's right about your doctor. Most doctors don't get educated at all on nutrition, and are very much educated and incentivized to prescribe medications for situations that might be treatable in other more holistic and/or integrative ways. Perhaps if possible consider a 2nd opinion of a reputable integrative MD? I think her comment on avoiding eggs and nightshade elimination because you "wouldn't be getting the nutrients you need" is BS - what nutrients exactly are only available from eggs and nightshades? I could go on...anywho, I am thinking I'll continue on for a couple of weeks in case you are needing a buddy! Hope you find relief for your hips soon. BTW, I also had some temptations this weekend. I think every new situation where food is part of the experience will involve some adjustment. When I quit smoking 8 years ago, I had an almost Pavlovian thought to reach for a cigarette every time a left a movie theater or an airplane for a while beyond my actually wanting to smoke. Karabel, congrats on completing a whole 30!
  13. susanm

    Starting September 10!

    Hi all! I'm with you on how/when/if to reintroduce things. I have a full physical in 3 weeks and would like to see how my bloodwork compares to last year. I am thinking I'll keep going as is, possibly having some alcohol on my birthday (in 2 weeks) and trying some paleo "treats". I'm amazed that I don't miss cheese...but I don't! I figure I'll definitely stick to one type of off plan food when I make the decision to eat off plan, so that I can evaluate my reaction over the next day or two. There are still plenty of recipes I want to try out and I'm hoping I see more improvement in my energy and stubborn stomach flab by continuing on. I do plan to post a short summary of the 30 days once done, hope you all do to and look forward to reading them. Susan
  14. susanm

    Starting September 10!

    karabel, that is awesome. I'm sleeping well too which is a lovely thing. Greg, my live in family is 4 legged and furry, and thus I can't really speak to your question. Of course you could try making something paleo and see if the rest of your brood likes it Getting enough calories means lots of food, especially if you are doing Cross fit! One of the big benefits of this past 24 days has been seriously sharpening my cooking and food shopping skills. Anyone else loving Kombucha? I am really loving the gingerade flavor. s
  15. susanm

    Starting September 10!

    1 week to go! LJG, that is interesting about nightshades. I'll be curious to hear how that goes. Amwpillai, good luck with cross fit! I'm a yoga person, I love my classes but should do some cardio. I'll get there eventually. For now I am really happy about the changes in my diet and I plan to keep going. Happy day 23 all!