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  1. Thanks for your reply, and for the suggestion about days 31-44. I don't remember feeling particularly sick from anything after my other Whole30's, but then again I never used Day 31 as an opportunity to binge either. Given what I'll be eating at the reception, some bread-type stuff the week before might be smart just in case. As for whether to take BC just to re-schedule my period, well, I'll see how October goes. If I'm still "on track" for November 21/22 then I'll consider it.
  2. Hi Ladies, I'm starting a "Whole45" from tomorrow until my wedding day November 22 and I just WISH I KNEW KNOW what affect this is going to have on my cycle.... because I am currently "on schedule" to start a period the day before my wedding and I reeeeeaaalllly prefer that not happen. (Here it might bear mentioning that my fiance and I are celibate for religious reasons, so the wedding night will be our first together... yeah.) In fact until I read this and similar stuff out there I had considered going on hormonal BC just for a couple of weeks to throw it "off." But it seems li