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  1. Celeste

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    Thanks for your reply, and for the suggestion about days 31-44. I don't remember feeling particularly sick from anything after my other Whole30's, but then again I never used Day 31 as an opportunity to binge either. Given what I'll be eating at the reception, some bread-type stuff the week before might be smart just in case. As for whether to take BC just to re-schedule my period, well, I'll see how October goes. If I'm still "on track" for November 21/22 then I'll consider it.
  2. Celeste

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    Hi Ladies, I'm starting a "Whole45" from tomorrow until my wedding day November 22 and I just WISH I KNEW KNOW what affect this is going to have on my cycle.... because I am currently "on schedule" to start a period the day before my wedding and I reeeeeaaalllly prefer that not happen. (Here it might bear mentioning that my fiance and I are celibate for religious reasons, so the wedding night will be our first together... yeah.) In fact until I read this and similar stuff out there I had considered going on hormonal BC just for a couple of weeks to throw it "off." But it seems like I might be throwing it "off" anyway by cutting the sugar and such... so.... probably not worth it. We had planned to avoid hormones for other reasons. So. Crystal balls, anyone? I'm 44, maybe 10-15 pounds over my healthy weight, and generally have regular-but-light periods. This year, ONE cycle was delayed about 9 days during a high-stress period in my life. I'm back on track, ovulating today or tomorrow (per my normal observations), and ate my last chocolate-chip cookie until the wedding four hours ago. In the absence of a crystal ball, hand-patting is also fine. I'm marrying the right man, so getting my period on my wedding would not be the WORST thing that could happen. Sigh. ~c