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  1. Hello Whole30 warriors! Day 28 and still going strong . I haven't been posting here but do try to read all the comments. I have been following the Facebook page set up for this group, so for those your missing that is where they could be! Join us: January 2015 Whole30 Now that I'm through the hardest part, withdrawal, headaches, lethargy, moodiness, etc. I'm going to continue with this beyond the 30 days, as are many of the others. I decided to do the whole30 in an effort to kick start a new lifestyle, (I'm really only missing my lattes). It took a while to get into the swing of meal planning and prep but now that I have a system thats working I feel this is sustainable. I can't believe how much better I feel! Improved attitude, focus, energy, better sleep, happier tummy, and all this delicious food, that I am curious to see what more I can benefit from if I keep going! Congratulations on your accomplishments!
  2. I'm in, Jan 01st, I'm ready! Joined the Facebook group too! I read the book in October, tried a whole30 in November with out success. Having said that, I have been dabbling for the last 6 weeks or so, given up gluten, cut way back on sugar and dairy and have seen a significant improvement in sleep, eczema and belly bloat. Looking forward to the new year, and the journey to a new me! Excited to be learning and sharing with the group!
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    Starting Nov 3

    Hello all, I will be starting my first Whole30 officially on Monday November 3rd as well. I too, have some of the same health concerns/issues identified by others and I am so glad I stumbled on It Starts With Food, the Whole30 and this forum. I want to be healthy and feel better again. While reading the book I have also been recipe testing for the last two weeks from Nom Nom Paleo, Practical Paleo and Civilized Caveman Cooking all in an effort to entice my guy to join me on this journey but he's not sure he can give up the sugar and cream in his coffee . Having said that he's loving the meals I have been preparing and is supportive. So I have taken advantage of that and started cleaning out the pantry and fridge of all non compliant food and replacing it with all of the good compliant whole30 foods. Looking forward to learning and supporting each other during our whole30 adventure!