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    Roll call: November Whole30s!

    Hi All -- I'm Kathy and I'm from California. I'm in this to lose weight and to decrease pain and inflammation so I can enjoy hiking and other activities that I'm missing out on. I've made a lot of changes to my diet over the last year but I'm still trying to tame the sugar monster in certain areas. I started making additional changes in my diet over the last week or so in anticipation of starting this program and jumped in yesterday and completed my 1st successful day on Whole30. Some of my biggest challenges are going to be all the cooking and cleaning up and trying to fit that in to an already busy schedule so I'm trying to pre-plan and cook ahead as much as possible. Also, I'm in sales so I have client meetings (breakfast / lunches) periodically so I'm going to have to try and figure those days out and stay compliant. Also, with thanksgiving coming up and my family not being bought into the program so I'd like some ideas on foods that everyone can enjoy and still stay Whole30 compliant. Looking forward to this adventure