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    eatwell reacted to Physibeth in What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like   
    We as moderators see a lot of confusion around here on what constitutes a serving of eggs when eggs are your primary protein source. We tell you as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping but I still don't think people actually try this. So I thought I'd post a visual for you folks. It would be fun if other people added their own pictures too. Try the experiment.
    Context - I'm 5'4" female and these are large eggs.

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    eatwell reacted to Mark Hargreaves in What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like   
    I don't have a hand picture handy, but my morning meals, which was when I usually had eggs, usually consisted of 2-3 eggs, scrambled or omleted, plus a second protein source, usually ground beef, sometimes fish.
    It held me well for what was often a 6 hour gap before lunch.
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    eatwell reacted to melbournegirl in What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like   
    So I made this great breakfast of leftover cooked veges with three beaten eggs and showed off my beautiful creation still in the pan to my partner and instead of telling me how great it looked I got.... thats a lot to eat for breakfast!!!
    Was so tempted to say yeah right, 350 calories of healthy unprocessed food is bad for breakfast but your two weetbix with milk and muesli on top is the better meal? Hmmmph!