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    Depression and Antidepressants

    I like that book too, Brewer5. I have taken the quizzes and tried some supplements in the past. I remember that I thought Sam-E was helpful, but it upset my stomach. Right now I'm trying Fish oil and magnesium. They are both supposed to help with withdrawal from SSRIs. I'll look at The Mood Cure again. Thanks for reminding me. Hollylu, I'm so sorry you've been depressed. I've been reading about protracted withdrawal from SSRIs. Perhaps you are experiencing that? I have gone back to meds repeatedly after having mood issues as well as physical symptoms of withdrawal. It can take a long time to overcome the effects of withdrawal. I would definitely add starchy vegetables. I have been having some with just about every meal, and I feel much better than I ever did doing Atkins, with virtually no carbs. Wellbutrin is not supposed to cause weight gain. I actually lost weight on it...but I thought it made me more irritable. For me, there's never been a perfect medication, which is one of the reasons why I want so much to manage without any. Today is my second day with no Lexapro. I feel a little dizzy and spacey, but it's not terrible. Early days yet, though, and I am still taking 10 mg. of Prozac.
  2. Sarasmiles

    Depression and Antidepressants

    Hi Ladyshanny and Hollylu (and pechristie, if you're around post whole30!) Hollylu, did you taper off of Celexa? Has it been hard? I have been tapering down on my Lexapro since I posted above. My doctor prescribed Prozac as a "bridge" off of Lexapro. I'm now on just 5mg. of Lexapro, and 10 mg. of Prozac. I feel good. I finished my whole30 January 31, but I've been sticking very closely (though not perfectly) to the guidelines since. I plan to start another Whole30 March 1st! The only non-compliant foods I've added have been bacon cured with sugar, and popcorn a couple of times. Starting Sunday I will be strict again! In any case, I am feeling quite good, in spite of the taper. I am hoping to keep tapering off the Lexapro until I have no withdrawal symptoms, and then begin the taper off of Prozac, which should be easier, because of its longer half life. I am a little dizzy in the late afternoons. I really think though that this way of eating helps with my mood, and may even be helping with my withdrawal. I feel strong, relaxed, calm and energetic...except late in the day, when I just want to get under the covers for a while and rest. Fortunately I work mostly the hours when my kids are in school, so resting at 5 pm with my kids cuddled up next to me watching TV or reading is doable. I have a very strong feeling that I am healing both my body and my brain. I gave up alcohol last November, and being free of that feels like an important part of healing for me. I like feeling that every bite I eat is nourishing me, helping me recover from years of alcohol use (and occasional mis-use) and also years of taking SSRI medications. I am loving the psychological sense of recovering, as well as the physical!
  3. Sarasmiles

    Depression and Antidepressants

    Thank you, Ladyshanny. In the past, when I tried the Atkins diet (several times) I repeatedly discovered that without carbs I got more depressed. Maybe that's what's happening here. I thought since I was eating fruit and sweet potatoes every day, I might be okay, but as of today I'm really not. Today I'll add more starchy veggies. Of course, I'll feel bad if I don't lose weight over time, it possible to lose weight eating this way but including more starch in that form? I don't want to go back to eating pasta, which was a food with no brakes for me. But I can feel the cloud of depression looming...
  4. Sarasmiles

    Depression and Antidepressants

    That is so great to hear, pechristie!
  5. Hi Everyone. I've been on antidepressants for many years now (yikes...about 20 years) with periodic med changes (Prozac, Wellbutrin, Lexapro) and attempts to go off of them. I didn't take them when I was pregnant or nursing ( three times ) and I have gone off of them for months at a time, but always end up back on them when my depression feels overwhelming. Currently I'm on Lexapro, 20 mg. I've gained about 15 pounds since I started taking Lexapro a year ago. I'm on day 27 of my first Whole30 today, and although I haven't weighed myself, my clothes aren't feeling any looser, and I don't think I look any different. I love the food, love the lack of stress about what to eat, and love the other non-scale victories, like less joint pain and better sleep. I'm wondering if I will ever be able to lose weight while I'm on this drug. I'm also wondering if I'll ever be able to go off of it...and if so, is it possible that diet could actually work to alleviate depression? Just wondering if anyone else has experience with any of this.
  6. Sarasmiles

    Alcohol - judgement free zone

    This looks like a good thread for me! Last night I blew my second attempt at a Whole30, by giving in to the part of me that craved wine. I feel lousy today. It seems like the wine urge is far more powerful for me than any urge to eat any thing. I know I need to deal with this, and that having such strong cravings is all the more reason not to allow it into my life. Today is another Day 1, for Whole30 and sobriety...