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  1. MBC

    The crazy things people say

    Father in law was looking at some FB photos of his aunties in Italy, sees a picture of his two aunties over 90 yrs of age in front of the pizza oven. He sys 'see no Paleo for them they are in front of the pizza oven everyday, they are both over 90'. U by proceeds to stay quiet. He then says 'they both have to inject themselves with insulin each day but they are over 90.....' Oh my gosh Shoot me please.
  2. MBC

    The crazy things people say

    I love this thread!! P.s I've been told to eat a little more carbs fruit and sweet potato to look fuller in the face true story from marks daily Apple. Anyone that has problems with gaunt faces like myself try eating 2x fruit a day and sweet potato.
  3. MBC

    The crazy things people say

    Mother in law 'I'll be happy if you just eat pasta bread 2 times a week' (Can tell she is not happy with our Paleo lifestyle) I said' it makes me sore if I eat that' mother in law ' maybe because your not used to it anymore' I said 'maybe it's because my gut is healed and I'm just wrecking havoc on it again when eating grains' ......end of story.
  4. MBC

    The crazy things people say

    What is Paleo? Spanish food? Lol
  5. MBC

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    I have noticed that last year doing paleo and whole30 my cycle changed from 28 days to 25 days. Late last year and this year they have changed to even shorter 22 days. I just turned 30. I hope it's normal. Anyone else have this change.
  6. MBC

    The crazy things people say

    'You will die if you don't eat pasta!' ...............(rolling my eyes) hehehehe