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  1. RachelRoberts2

    Starting November First!!

    I'm in! Its already 8 am where I am, start of day one easy peasy
  2. Hey A- How are you doing? Are you getting this bad weather as well? Have you found any awesome ingredients that you can't wait to eat? I made homemade mutabal yesterday which came out amazing! Let us know how you are getting along! Rachel
  3. A- Amman is a lovely city but I am sure Turkey is just as nice! As far as being hungry I can only suggest exactly what JMCBN has said. If you are hungry then eat! There is nothing wrong with supplying your body with the nutrients that it needs. As long as you are following the template (loads of veggies has always helped me). Fill yourself up on good protein and load good fats on your plate as well. Your body won't be able to heal itself if it isn't getting all the nutrients. So ditch ideas on weight loss etc and just focus on one meal at a time. The results will come, I promise you! Our two dinner meals look slightly different- I have made burgers tonight with lettuce wraps (the burgers have leek, onion, spices etc) and then sweet potatoes roasted in the oven and eggplant, zucchini, onion, and peppers cooked together. Lots of olive oil! And some nuts to finish off the fats. Try to look at the template for meals for the first couple days. And to be honest, it takes a couple of days to get the right proportions! Once it clicks, it will change the way you are looking at foods! Keep me updated!
  4. Hi Amandry! I am currently living in Amman, Jordan. I am slightly whole30ing it on my own bike but haven't committed to going back to a full whole30. I agree with you things are quite hard to find here when you want them (saying good bye to whole foods and trader joes has really hit me hard!!) but the fresh produce is nice! ( I do miss kale and spinach and brussel sprouts and parsnips and yucca and all the great things that aren't found here () I have done maybe 4 whole30's before, all in the states so this shall be interesting! Let me know if you need anything. I would be down for a whole30 support! Rachel
  5. RachelRoberts2

    8 months and 60 lbs with a pic!

  6. RachelRoberts2

    A Whole100 starting January 1st

    Hbombdiggity71- It is soooo good to hear that I am not the only one tempted. I thought, okay I finished the 30 days, I could go for something sweet right now! But, in the back of my mind something was telling me that that is just a reward of food, not something that will make my body healthier. I am excited for your squat challenge! Let me know how it goes! Last night, I made fish with almond meal and coconut to keep it festive with brussel sprouts and asparagus with salad and avocado, I find myself craving the oddest things-like eggplant-Instead of anything else I would snack on normally (like poppppcorn!) I am trying to stick to a solid 3 meals a day this 30 days in the midst of the 100. Little goals make big goals possible. Keep me updated!! Hope you are warm in the snow!
  7. RachelRoberts2

    A Whole100 starting January 1st

    Hi Everybody!! Lets get some noise going on this whole100 thread! The end of the whole30 for january made me want to go off plan butttttt...its not worth it. I treated myself to some nice grass fed burgers and sweet potatoe fries yesterday and kept living my life. Anyone else temptedddd? Lets discuss and get to motivating through the next...amount of days
  8. RachelRoberts2

    Anyone planning to jump in on January 1st? Join me!!

    Hi everyone! I didn't even realize that the month was coming to an end! I plan on staying on, a whole100 is on my mind and I can't bear to break it this soon. I am tempted to do SWYPO but this whole30 has really brought to my attention how important the meal template is! I feel amazing after a breakfast with the right amount of veggies, meat, and fat but loussssy after I have a breakfast of two hard boiled eggs. It is great to see my body taking care of itself. Also, just on a side note, normally I get really sick in the winter and struggle with a low immune system. But, this winter (I know its not even close to being over yet) I have only felt a tickle once and I think it is because of the heat in my house. Isn't that amazing? Life is so much better when you are healthy ))) Hope everyone is great!!!! And congrats on an almost completed whole30!
  9. RachelRoberts2

    Favorite ways to eat kale?

    Two ways- I have really been into crispy onions with prosciutto. I cook the onions down in EVOO or coconut oil, then add some Tessamae Lemon Garlic dressing/marinade. Throw the prosciutto in and let it get crispy. Then I throw the kale in and let it wilt up. DELICIOUS! Second, I love to make a salad with EVOO and avocaddo with salt and pepper. All you have to do is rub the kale with the avocado to break it down to eat it raw. Throw some olive oil on top with salt and pepper and you've got a delicious, whole30, salad!!! Let me know if you try anything!
  10. RachelRoberts2

    Starting February 1st in Bogota, Colombia!

    @erinsween22- Wow, that is amazing. I am so proud of you for starting this journey in a country that is so unfamiliar to you! I can completely understand that is is going to be hard, but it is going to be so worth it. Let me know if you have any questions, or need any advice or just a friend!
  11. RachelRoberts2

    What exactly is an athlete??

    Great- woot woot! I guess I will let myself be an athlete again! I will take your advice and preface any and all of my questions in this section of the forum with my activity level! Great idea Thank you all for helping me come to this conclusion. I love that everybody is supportive of the idea that everyone can be an athlete
  12. RachelRoberts2

    Anyone planning to jump in on January 1st? Join me!!

    Hey Jodi!! There are a bunch of us doing a whole100 here: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/23741-a-whole100-starting-january-1st/ The group isn't too chatty but I would love to change that Also, your recipes sound delish, I am going to make the chicken this weekend when I get some spare time ) I understand your nuts munching. I find that its more out of boredom then actually wanting to eat a meal. I have to stop buying them because they will be gone so fast! Do you buy salted nuts? I have found that raw ones are less likely to be eaten in massive amounts. Now that they aren't in the house in such large quantities I have felt a tonnnn better and have saved a good amount of money to be able to buy really nice grass fed meat Hope you have a great day!
  13. RachelRoberts2

    Anyone planning to jump in on January 1st? Join me!!

    Bronnyd- Yes indeed-the less disclousure the better ) I am definitely in agreeance on the coconut butter, I am just slightttly annoyed that I paid so much for it! Oh well, you live and you learn!
  14. RachelRoberts2

    Anyone planning to jump in on January 1st? Join me!!

    Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I see that everybody is doing soooo good! I agree Bronnyd that it takes an amazing amount of self control to stop eating the almonds. I have only allowed myself to buy very minimal nuts this time around, and when I do buy almonds I buy them in the prepackaged serving sizes. Then, I grab one or two if I will be gone all day and use them at my discretion, however, its definitely the salt that I love more than the nut, so I have to watch out! I am getting slightly frustrated with some people's reactions to my lifestyle choices, I just joined crossfit (woot woot) and have heard some very very negative feedback. I am very aware to modify WOD's and to pay extra attention to my form with lifts. I also get frustrated that even though I go out of my way to have people not worry about what I will eat (travel a lot with work) people still make it a game of, "Can you eat this." I know people are most likely just trying to be nice but it is quite frustrating . Anyone else experiencing this? Whole30 doesn't differentiate tooooo much from how I eat normally, so I might just be extra sensitive right now. Anywho the last couple of days have been very busy so I've been making one massive frittata and eating it in three servings. I actually quite enjoy it!! 6 eggs, 3-5 handfuls of kale, 1-2 cups of shredded cilantro lime chicken, 1 large zuchinni, garlic powder, Tessamae dressing (lemon garlic) salt and some more seasoning. I eat this with some leafy greens, guacamole, and shredded unsulfited coconut! Nommmm Lastly, I bought some coconut butter (manna) and I am having a terrible time getting it to come together, I tried it and it was almost unbearably sweet. Any ideas? 2/3 of 30 today!!! )