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  1. Alliea

    Lonely log

    Sorry to hear about your family member! Re: eating out, you'll definitely want to double check that what I'm about to say is also true in your area, because there can be some variation by region--if you just go to the restaurant for the first time during a slow time of the day, the staff will usually not mind if you quiz them to death about every single ingredient. I've also done some writing to companies, and they've been quite good about providing detail. All that said, here's what's legal around here: Outback steakhouse: plain steak, no seasoning on the grill, dry baked sweet potato, steamed veggies with no seasonings or oil. Bring your own olive oil--theirs is terrible. Panera: Power steak wraps minus the pesto dressing. Tell them to double the steak and avocado. There's not much to this dish. This is off their "hidden" menu, by the way, so you won't see it on the store menu. You can find out more about that at Chipotle: carnitas salad (no dressing, rice or beans, of course) with mild salsa (the other salsas may be okay, but I haven't researched them), and guac. All the other meats are cooked with soy oil or other noncompliant stuff, so only the carnitas are okay. Five Guys: hamburger with grilled onions, green peppers, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato. Remove the bun, and no ketchup or mustard. I wrote to Five Guys and they said they cook on a flat top grill with no added oil-yeah! Good luck!
  2. Alliea

    Lonely log

    You're not alone, Nico! I struggle with the planning ahead thing also, although I'm on my second Whole30 so I've carried some tricks through from the first. Also, I've done a fair amount of research on places I can compliantly eat out (because I'm really much too lazy to cook every meal!)--that helps when I'm in a pinch. Where are you travelling?
  3. Alliea

    Is Day 30 Worth It?

    My first thought was just like Mom2's--oh my goodness you are going to be in such pain if you jump right to pizza and cookies! In your place, I might put myself in the other folks' shoes. If one of them was doing a Whole30, would you be annoyed with the person? Think she was that person? To me, that person is the one who shows up and expects everyone else to make changes based on his/her new diet, not the person who shows up with a cooler and a plan to look after herself. And then, of course, there's the polite social lie--"My doctor recommended I do this eating program for 30 days..." Hang on, I guess if this is a religious retreat, lying may not be the way to go
  4. Kudos on the not snacking! That's something I'm working on myself. As a side note, nearly all bacon and deli meats (even "natural" or uncured ones) have sugar added. Hope you're reading your labels carefully on those. Also, check your tuna label. Sometimes even the stuff packed in water has soy added. Re: the bigger question, I found the amount of weight I lost easily vs. with a lot of effort variable for each of my two kids. I could not even begin to tell you what the difference was about--hormones? There's also the issue that we're older each time we have a subsequent child, and boy does aging seem to impact how much food I need. Just guesses!
  5. Alliea

    Day 17 and PIZZA

    Hah! Every time you smell something you are taking some molecules of that substance into your body. I do believe, GLC, that you have found the secret to compliantly and literally inhaling chocolate chip cookies and pizza
  6. You know, I get meat fatigue too, but not to the degree you're talking about. For me, switching it up a bit makes all the difference. I have shrimp for a day or two, eat boiled eggs instead of scrambled, chicken when I'm sick of beef and I do a bit better. Maybe you should switch to the vegetarian Whole30 instead?
  7. Alliea

    Day 17 and PIZZA

    Okay, this might sound a little silly, but I have had great success with looking at whatever the bad food is, and saying to myself sternly (out loud, if no one's around), "That doesn't have anything to do with you." My polite, midwestern brain immediately responds as if I've been caught in someone else's business--"Oh, goodness, sorry. I didn't realize that didn't have anything to do with me". I'm not saying my mantra will work for you, but you're welcome to it or I recommend coming up with your own. You can also use delay of gratification strategies such as getting the h-e-double hockey sticks away from whatever it is (or making sure you don't look at it), or do look at it but imagine that it is in a picture frame, just a representation of something you want but not really there. I love pizza also, but my real nemesis is cake. This is why I've thought about all this stuff
  8. Alliea

    What do you do when.....

    I tried a primal pack once and thought it was revolting, but I only tried the one variety. Lara bars are supposedly for emergencies, but I think your choice of the almond butter was better.
  9. Alliea

    Itchy ears?

    My first thought was earwax as well--that's what makes my ears itch!
  10. Alliea

    Day 18 and so tired

    Thanks for posting this, Amyjoe--I've had some of the same problems so I was interested in solutions. I also don't give myself as hard a time as I should about snacking on fruit, or snacking period, so I'll join you in trying to straighten up and fly right
  11. Alliea

    5 day business trip to Las Vegas

    Good point about the carnitas, Nico. They're legal at our store, but that sure doesn't mean everywhere. Re: what you said about the hidden menu, Chris--those turkeys! Wheat starch? Really? I already knew to avoid the pesto, but glad you mentioned it. Good luck, Sweet Sue!
  12. Alliea

    Help! Intestinal/BM issues

    Okay, this is not relevant to the topic, but how in the world did you find ham without sugar in it? I've never yet seen such a thing. Re: the actual post, I'm not sure what the trouble is either--worth asking your doc if it doesn't clear up soon. Have you tried making your morning coffee just a touch stronger?
  13. Alliea

    5 day business trip to Las Vegas

    legal at Chipotle: carnitas salad (no dressing) with mild salsa and guac. I haven't researched whether the spicier salsas are legal--they may be, but of course, the corn salsa is out. Carnitas are the only meat prepared without soy oil or other banned ingredients. legal at Five Guys: hamburger with any of the regular vegetables either grilled or raw. They use a flat top grill and no oil so no worries that soy oil sneaking in. Don't eat the bun of course, and ketchup and mustard are likely both illegal but I haven't researched. I did all this research about a year ago, so I'm presuming nothing has changed, but to be really sure, you'll want to look into it yourself. I've found companies are pretty good about writing back if you can't find specific enough info on their website. There are at least two things on the Panera hidden menu that are *probably* legal--one is the power breakfast that has steak and eggs and the other is the steak wraps. However, I can't vouch for those for sure so you really would want to do your homework with those first. Hope that helps!
  14. Alliea

    Sore mouth edges

    come to think of it, if something is messing with your breathing, an allergy test might be in order so a doc can tell you exactly what you're allergic to without guessing. People with nut allergies are sometimes allergic to coconut as well, though I gather that's not at all a given. That said, I agree that almonds and other nuts would be suspect if you know you are allergic to hazelnuts.
  15. Alliea

    Whole30 and Five Guys

    I'm with you there. I ate them while I was doing Whole30 because nothing else was allowed, but preferred almost anything else. I know they cook the other meats in soybean oil, but what's in the marinade that's bad?