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    Post Whole 30/Reintroduction Log

    Note: the cereal will be enjoyed with compliant cashew milk so as not to mix groups. I planned this out almost to the letter.
  2. AR3825

    Post Whole 30/Reintroduction Log

    Reintroduction Day 1: Dairy 05/16/2019 Breakfast 7:00 am scrambled eggs with peppers and cheese, potatoes, sour cream, cholula, nut-pod creamer Lunch 11:30 am GVW30 Rosemary Chicken, Strawberry yogurt Dinner 7:30 pm Roasted chicken thighs, potatoes, coconut cashew sauce, hand packed pint of Braums chocolate vanilla frozen yogurt. Energy 9, Sleep 10, Cravings 8 After breakfast my sinuses started swelling, and mucous built up in the back of my throat. I started getting that bad smell/bad taste sensation that happens with mucous buildup and/or gingivitis. After lunch I brushed and flossed again. It did not help get rid of the bad smell bad taste no matter how deep I gargled mouthwash. My cough came back pretty bad. I ended up documenting the ice cream the next day because, ice cream is one of the things that is really special so I wanted ice cream to be the last thing I did that day. I actually put down everything and removed distractions to eat that pint and it was good until the last spoonful. Reintroduction Day 2: Friday 05/17/2019 Breakfast 7:00 am pepper steak stir fry, cauliflower rice, coconut aminos, coffee with nut pod creamer. lunch 11:40 am GVW30 Rosemary Chicken Dinner 6:55 pm Meat sauce with peppers, mustard potatoes, pistachios energy 9, sleep 6, cravings 4 I woke up with a pinched nerve in my neck that went down through my hand at 3:00am. I haven’t woken up in the middle of the night with that problem in weeks. I was able to fall back asleep easily when I payed on my back which is stranger because it’s near impossible to get comfortable enough to sleep on my back, but it relieves the neck/arm/hand pain. Also it’s noted the ice cream continued to exacerbate that cough I had mostly gotten rid of. My sinuses were still hurting and I was mucous-y. The most significant thing happened that evening. I experienced anxiety and paranoia that I had never experienced in years now. My skin was crawling, I jumped at every sound, and it felt like someone was out to get me, I took an anxiety med which I also have not done in years, but it made it better. Day 3: Saturday 05/18/2019 Sugar by itself (a restart of sorts.) Breakfast 7:00 am meat sauce with match stick carrots, pistachios, coffee with nut pod creamer and a packet of stevia Lunch 12:15 p, herbed chicken thighs dipped in honey, mustard potatoes, pistachios Dinner 7:20 pm pepper steak, mustard potatoes, cholula, pistachios, peaches with turbinado sugar sprinkled on top Energy- fluctuated too much today to rate, sleep 5, cravings 3 cravings got a low score because I really want that bowl of crunch berries I planned on for non gluten grains planned for Sunday but the reaction from yesterday was concerning so I’m doing sugar by itself and then in 2 days I’m going to the gluten free grains. I will get back to the sugar free dairy because ice cream is important, but so is getting my one experimental bowl of crunch berries. The cereal temptation is too strong in this house, but I expressed that this box is the one box with no gluten based grains in the ingredients and we all know how sick I get. As far as the day itself goes, the coffee was grossly sweet. I had to dump it. I got a headache and a stomachache. Stevia is out. At lunch I dipped my chicken in honey. It was delicious. My energy level spiked significantly and then I took a 2 hour nap. I almost never nap. I’m tired and unmotivated, fortunately I have a lot of leftovers and approved microwave meals. My knees are starting to hurt. Everything from the waist down is kind of sore. I don’t feel any anxiety, just kind of exhausted. I really just want to get this process over with because I’m tired of feeling like hot garbage, but there are definite things on the list I need to test. Corn tortilla chips also, rice, beans, and peanut butter. I feel like the peanut butter crunch had less ingredients but it was combining legumes with the corn/oat flour. The breakfast cereal is important because on occasion I like to eat it with my Saturday morning programming. I know I could choose “better cereal” but “better cereal” and the cereal I want to enjoy on occasion are two separate things. Unfortunately I have to go through other steps to get back to the cereal experiment because of the dairy incident.
  3. I’m making this log to go over my reintroduction process. I’m pretty sure I already messed it up but I’ll share my journal entries so far. Thank you all for taking the time to read and help me out in this process and answering my questions.
  4. I will do a sugar day. The only dairy I really care about after that day is the ice cream. Everything else is not something I want to eat, and after the bad smell/bad taste mucousy thing I can live without it.
  5. AR3825

    Whole 30 v. 2.5 Start Date 04/16/2019

    Day 22 Tuesday 05/07/2019 Breakfast 6:40 am Spanish beef and cauliflower, apple, cashew butter, coffee Lunch 11:40 am GVW30 Chicken and Harvest Vegetables, avocado Dinner 5:40 pm Pepper beef, with mustard potatoes Second dinner 8:30 pm Pepper beef, mustard potatoes, apple with cashew butter Energy- 6, Sleep- 7, Cravings- 5 NSV 1. Sleeping more soundly 2. Leaner appearance 3. Less acid reflux Reflection- The head custodian noticed that I lost more weight. I generally have more energy and more enthusiasm. I have minimal gastrointestinal problems from Sunday, but I think my body is still healing/ processing out the off plan blessed bread. I have not been taking care of my daily chores as well as I could be, but this will probably be the busiest 2 weeks out of the whole year. Parent night happened that night so I ended up eating before and after because usually I eat dinner AFTER my day is over, not before. Day 23 Wednesday 05/08/2019 Breakfast 6:40 am Pepper steak, mustard potatoes, apple, cashew butter, coffee Lunch 11:40 am GVW30 meal Dinner 6:30 pm Pepper steak, mustard potatoes, avocado, cashew butter Energy- 7, Sleep- 7, Cravings- 4 NSV 1. less acid reflux, don't wake up coughing anymore from post nasal drip. 2. Improved resting pulse 3. Sleep more soundly Reflection- I'm pretty sure I back slid on cravings. I had this strange craving for Golden Grahams today. Day 24 Thursday 05/09/2019 (Spring Concert 1) Breakfast 6:50 am Scrambled eggs, with pepper beef, apple, and cashew butter with black coffee Lunch 11:40 am GVW30 Rosemary chicken with an avocado Dinner 8:30 pm Carrot spirals, with meat sauce, avocado, and an apple Energy- 9, Sleep- 7, Cravings- 6 NSV 1. Handle stress better 2. Energy levels are higher 3. More patient No reflection written in this entry, most likely because I conducted a concert on this day. Day 25 Friday 05/10/2019 There was nothing written on this day because we had a school carnival I had to monitor that night, but I stayed on plan this day even though I did not write it down. Popcorn is just as painful as the gluten incident, but it didn't make it sound any less good, but don't worry I resisted the temptation. Day 26 Saturday 05/11/2019 (Renaissance Fair Trip 8:00 am to 9:30 pm) Breakfast 6:40 am Scrambled eggs with peppers and avocado Lunch I was able to find something to eat in the Ren Fair. Steak on a stick and apples. Dinner 7:00 GVW30 Rosemary chicken and pistachios because those were the only nuts I could find in a gas station that were not pressed with off plan oils. If I would have known pistachios didn't have that problem I would have worked with them the whole time. Day 27 Sunday 05/12/2019 Breakfast 10:00 am Meat sauce, carrots, apple Lunch 5:30 pm GVW30 microwave meal, avocado Dinner 9:00 pm Microwave dinner Energy- 6, Sleep- 7, Cravings- 8 NSV 1. I made it 27 days with 3 more to go 2. I wasn't cranky because I "missed a meal" 3. Deal with stress better Reflection- I had a lazy distracted day. I have stayed on plan. My dreams have strongly tried to persuade me that I have gone off plan, but I have not. I've had strong cravings for sweets here lately, but that might have to do with the exhaustion for the 3 day extended work hours. Day 28 Monday 05/13/2019 Breakfast 6:40 am Eggs, peppers, avocado, coffee Lunch 12:30 pm GVW30 Harvest vegetables and chicken Dinner 5:45 pm Ground beef, peppers, mustard potatoes cashews Energy- 8, Sleep- 8, Cravings- 9 NSV 1. leaner appearance 2. less bloating 3. no more food guilt or shame Reflection- Handled stress and frustration today with bell schedule changes and kids being gone and forgetting we had a clinician coming on this day. Somehow it was harder to get back into my routine after the long weekend. I'm still worn out. Though today wasn't a routine day anyway. Day 29 Tuesday 05/14/2019 (Spring Concert 2) Breakfast 6:30 am Ground beef, peppers, potatoes, eggs, cashews, coffee with nut-pod creamer Lunch 12:00 pm Ground beef, peppers, potatoes, cashews Dinner 5:15 pm GVW30 Rosemary chicken and cashews 4th meal Ground beef, peppers, potatoes, cholula, cashews, apple. Energy- 9, Sleep- 10, Cravings- 8 NSV 1. Less anxious 2. Less bloating 3. Lower resting heart rate Reflection- I made it through today in a generally good mood with a positive affect. I had 4th meal because I ate dinner before I conducted the concert and dinner after the concert. Day 30 Wednesday 05/15/2019 Breakfast 6:30 am GVW30 Mediterranean chicken, cashews, coffee with nut-pod creamer Lunch 11:30 am GVW30 microwave Harvest veggies and chicken, cholula, cashews Dinner 7:15 pm 2 baked chicken thighs, mustard potatoes, coconut cashew Alfredo sauce Energy- 9, Sleep- 9, Cravings- 8 NSV 1. I have successfully completed the whole 30 2. more optimistic 3. Generally more productive Reflection- I made a big whole 30 compliant dinner to celebrate the last day. I know food is not meant to be a reward, but I wanted to savor this meal because it will be back to somewhat food reality tomorrow. I am going to start with dairy in the reintroduction process. It will be easier because everyone else in the house consumes dairy almost religiously. Sunday I'm going to go with non gluten grains, and Wednesday (the day before the last day of school) I am going to do legumes. I am not going to reintroduce gluten based grains in my diet because this isn't the first time I've done a whole 30 and the first time I did reintroduction I had to leave work early, and at communion I was down for the rest of the day and it took 3-4 days to get back on track. I am done, and I have done well.
  6. AR3825

    Whole 30 v. 2.5 Start Date 04/16/2019

    Day 15 Tuesday 04/30/2019 Breakfast 7:10 am Bacon, eggs, peppers, coffee, nut-pod Lunch 11:30 am GVW30 microwave lunch, cashews Dinner 7:40 pm Chicken, olive, and lime soup (I ran out of avocados. This recipe came from W30 Slow Cooker cook book) Energy- 9, sleep- 7, cravings- 5 NSV 1. I no longer need a sleep aid to fall asleep 2. Energy levels are more even 3. less gas (No reflection on this entry) Day 16 Wednesday 05/01/2019 Breakfast 7:00 am Chicken, olive, and lime soup, coffee with nut-pod, cashews Lunch 11:00 am Deconstructed egg roll in a bowl with cashews Dinner 7:30 pm Zoodles with cashew/coconut/tomato meat sauce Energy- 3, sleep- 9, cravings- 4 NSV 1. less chronic fatigue 2. listens to my body more 3. no more food guilt or shame Reflection- It's 8:30 pm and I am too sleepy to think. That's kind of what happened to yesterday's reflection. I've run out of bacon, so I have been eating leftovers for breakfast today and the rest of the week until I can go to the butcher shop. My energy level is lower, I imagine because I've been without my ADD meds for the last 2 days as well as Zyrtec. I've honestly let concert and contest season as well as purchase order deadlines sneak up on me. I managed to get my daily chore list done and made a new recipe for dinner that was so good I went for seconds when I sat for a minute and realized that yes I was hungry enough for seconds. I managed to pick up the Zyrtec and Concerta today. Hopefully tomorrow my energy level will go back up once I have my prescriptions filled. Day 17 Thursday 05/02/2019 Breakfast 6:30 am Zoodles with red/white sauce, coffee with nut-pod creamer Lunch 11:30 am GVW30 Harvest vegetables and chicken with cashews Dinner 6:30 pm Chicken, olive, and lime soup Energy- 7, Sleep- 8, Cravings- 10 NSV 1. Energy level high enough to complete my daily and weekly chores 2. clothes getting looser 3. less anxious and handle stress better Reflection- I attempted to have another conversation with my mom. It did not end well. My sister was more reassuring. Contest went okay. A little stressful but we made it through and the kids played well. Good rehearsals today too. I was able to clean pretty well and complete my chore lists. I did not manage to make it to work as early as I would have liked, but that's okay. At least I was on time. More financial job paperwork done. Day 18 Friday 05/03/2019 Breakfast 6:50 am Red/white meat sauce with pan seared cauliflower, coffee with nut-pod creamer Lunch 11:30 am Chicken, olive, and lime soup with cashews Dinner 8:45 pm Stir-fry beef with peppers, mustard roasted potatoes, and avocado Energy- 6, Sleep- 9, Cravings- 9 NSV 1. Recover faster from illness 2. Leaner appearance 3. Better quality of sleep There was no journal entry here but I remember the reason for the NSV's. Everyone in my house was sick and I got a little sick. I like to call it post concert/contest illness where you slow down enough for your body to realize that you are sick. The custodian has noticed a change in my appearance also. She's the best. Day 19 Saturday 05/04/2019 Breakfast 8:00 am Scrambled eggs, steak and peppers, mustard potatoes, coffee with nut-pod Lunch 1:15 pm Chicken, olive, lime soup with avocado Dinner 7:00 pm The best almond crusted chicken (the title of the recipe did not lie), mustard potatoes, avocado (Energy, sleep, cravings missing for this entry) NSV 1. Did not need to spend money at the doctor 2. More energy to clean 3. Stronger thicker hair Reflection- I tried braiding my own hair for the first time in a long time. I tried to do French braids, I failed miserably. I had a difficult time figuring out how I can play a variety of instruments so well, but could not get my hands to rotate my mental image in a way to braid my hair. After several french braid fails, I decided to quarter my hair and do regular braids. I will say that the hair braiding tutorial I chose to watch included a person with a hair type that was the exact opposite of mine. That probably wasn't helpful. Day 20 Sunday 05/05/2019 Breakfast 8:30 am Almond chicken, mustard potatoes, avocado, black coffee Church service 11:00 am Communion (Bread and juice) Lunch 2:15 pm Spanish ground beef and cauliflower with avocado Dinner 5:30 pm Spanish group beef with cauliflower and an avocado Energy- 2, Sleep- 8, Cravings- 2 NSV 1. I was able to not give in to cravings even though I had the strong urge to 2. More energy and waking up refreshed in the morning. 3. More energy to socialize at church Reflection- I am so glad that communion is an exception to restarting a whole 30, but the Tiger's Blood is gone. I had abdominal pain during lunch, gas, bloating, feeling like I was constipated/had blockage. I've visited the bathroom several times. I have joint pain, swelling, tingling in my muscles, pain in my muscles, and fatigue to the point of exhaustion. Swelling in my throat on the outside ( not my windpipe on the inside), sinuses flaring up, and itching. I could fall asleep sitting up as I write this. I've come back home and managed to stay on plan. Though I was tempted to call Chris and ask for ice cream, put my food away, and fill my water. Fortunately I realized how silly that was, dragged myself out of bed and took care of those things and some of my chore list. It's amazing that a small piece of bread, even if it is the body of Christ broken for me, could cause so many issues with grain based ingredients. I'm still glad I decided to take communion just the same despite the results. Day 21 Monday 05/06/2019 Breakfast 6:40 am Almond chicken, mustard potatoes, avocado, coffee Lunch 11:30 am pepper steak, mustard potatoes Dinner 8:00 pm Pepper steak, mustard potatoes, avocado, apple, cashew butter Energy- 5, Sleep- 7, Cravings- 6 Reflection- Still had stomach pain from yesterday, bad gas, bloating and diarrhea, but my energy level has improved. I ended up taking an hour and 40 minute nap after school which is why dinner was so late. I did not complete my daily chores for today. I'm just exhausted and really ready to go back to sleep. I have to promise myself to load the dishwasher in the morning. I think I"m going to order more microwave dinners because my leftovers are not lasting as long without them. I think I should also get more eggs and pepper beef. I have 1 egg left. My Thrive Market order with cashews should get here Friday.
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    Whole 30 v. 2.5 Start Date 04/16/2019

    Day 8 Tuesday 04/23/2019 (Community Band Concert Day) Breakfast 6:50 am Bacon, eggs, jicama fries, avocado, coffee, nut-pod creamer Lunch 11:50 am Great Value Whole 30 Microwave Meal Rosemary Chicken Snack 4:30 pm Cashew butter packet Dinner 9:00 pm chili with roasted cauliflower, avocado Energy- 5, sleep- 7, cravings- 2. NSV: 1. flatter stomach 2. think more clearly 3. need less sugar/caffeine Reflection- Dinner and bed are happening later because the concert was done at 8:15 and I helped move stuff. I was irritated this morning because I had more kids in the holding room who weren't testing with little notice on the increase of group size. However I was able to be more flexible and roll with it easier than I normally would have. I'm definitely more confident in giving directions, criticism, and paying more attention to detail. Experiencing day 10-11 on the time line in that I"m seeing a bunch of things I can't eat and was extremely tempted to eat Chris's nachos. It's definitely difficult, but I"m already 8 days in. Might as well keep on until day 30 plus the 15 day reintroduction period. Day 9 Wednesday 04/24/2019 Breakfast 6:50 am Bacon, eggs, jicama fries, coffee, nut-pod, olives Lunch 11:15 am Great Value Whole 30 Microwave meal, cashews Dinner 6:55 pm Ate with colleagues at Cafe Garcia, carne asada steak salad with lettuce, tomatoes, and avocado Energy- 6, Sleep- 5, Cravings- 5 NSV 1. I ate out at a restaurant and stayed compliant 2. Did not use food as a reward 3. Reduced food allergies Reflection I am proud of myself for looking at the menu ahead of time and called ahead to ask questions about food preparation. I did not get enough sleep last night because of the Community Band concert. It was a good concert though. Day 10 Thursday 04/25/2019 Breakfast 6;50 am Bacon, eggs, stir fry vegetables, coffee, nut-pod creamer, cashews Lunch 11:30 am GVW30 Rosemary Chicken, cashews Dinner 7:40 pm Deconstructed egg roll in a bowl plus cashews Energy- 7, Sleep- 7, Cravings- 6 NSV 1. Thinking more clearly 2. Energy levels more even 3. Reduction in food allergies Reflection- It is 10:40 pm and I"m still not asleep. I watched 2 episodes more of One Piece than I wanted to, and I was stressing out about deli meat for my trip to Lawton. It was silly because I hate deli meat. I ate dinner later than usual because I had counseling and then I had to cook dinner. Fortunately it was a good session. Ukulele club was good today and I actually got to rehearse my 5th period class because they were done testing. I picked up a book from the music store and visited a health food store down the way in the same strip mall. I picked up unsweetened coconut chips. It says chips on the bag, but they are more like coarser coconut flakes. I was spotting heavier than usual for the last couple days which is unusual because I haven't had that in the couple years I was on the depo shot. Day 11 Friday 04/26/2019 Breakfast 6:40 am Bacon, eggs, stir fry carrots, peppers, cashews, coffee with nut-pod creamer and coconut chips Lunch 11:50 am GVW30 Rosemary chicken and cashews Dinner 6:00 pm Deconstructed egg roll in a bow, cashews Snack (?) tostones Energy 7, Sleep 7, Cravings 9 NSV 1. Planned ahead and prepped my meals for tomorrow (Journal entry not 100% complete probably because I was tired and it was so late) Day 12 Saturday 04/27/2019 Breakfast 8:50 am Egg muffins, tostones, cashews, coffee, nut-pod creamer Lunch 12:00 pm GVW30 Rosemary chicken, cashews Dinner 6:15 pm GVW30 Rosemary chicken and avocado Energy 8, Sleep 6, Cravings 8 NSV 1. practicing mindful eating 2. energy levels are higher 3. more patient Reflection- I had a great day spending time with my parents and Tiffany in Lawton. I was able to stay compliant the whole time despite my parents constant attempts to feed me at every turn. They have always been that way and I appreciate them for it, but everything was off plan. Day 13 Sunday 04/28/2019 Breakfast 8:00 am egg muffins, tostones, cashews, (11 am coffee w/ nut-pod) Lunch 2:00 pm Wild Zora Lamb emergency meat, cashews, epic bar Dinner (no time listed) Deconstructed egg roll in a bowl, avocado NSV 1. improved self-esteem/self-confidence 2. no longer use food as comfort 3. handle stress better 4. more energy to socialize Reflection- The craving score dropped because traveling threw off my schedule and honestly the blind siding conversation with my mom about my relationships and life decisions. I was mad, but I walked away because the conversation was going no where and was actually not a conversation but a berating. The drive home went much faster than usual, but I talked to a couple friends about this issue as well as shooting the breeze on the phone like we used to. While egg muffins are convenient they are not my favorite and I butchered making those tostones. Emergency meat isn't exactly a meal, but travel food is difficult especially when you cannot tolerate seafood and hard boiled eggs are terrible I believe I made good choices under the circumstances. I learned that having these conversations with your parents as a kid are devastating, and many kids get kicked out and left homeless, as an adult it's just exhausting because I'm not reliant on them for survival. However as the offspring in their elder years I am responsible for their well being, which means listening to antiquated opinions on family dynamics. Normally I turn to ice-cream but not on this day and not on the plan. Day 14 Monday 04/29/2019 Breakfast 7:09 am Wild Zora Lamb Emergency Meat, black coffee Lunch 12:20 pm Rosemary chicken, cashews Dinner (time not listed) GVW30 Orange chicken, avocado, cashews Energy- 9, Sleep- 7, Cravings- 3 NSV 1. Improved self-esteem 2. No longer use food for comfort 3. Handle stress better Reflection- I had strong cravings and less of a desire to cook because of yesterdays berating and attempting to seek approval from my 3rd parent/sibling whose opinion is probably the one that matters most. At least she acknowledge that I've matured at age almost 30, and we were able to have a rational adult conversation. What's interesting is that I ran away from food instead of running towards it which is why breakfast was weak sauce. Usually I turn to food and the worst kind of food. However, in the spirit of the program I am going to have to do better tomorrow because emergency meat shouldn't be a habitual meal.
  8. AR3825

    Whole 30 v. 2.5 Start Date 04/16/2019

    Day 1 Tuesday 04/16/2019 Breakfast 6:50 am Stir-fry beef and peppers, jicama home fries, scrambled eggs, coffee with nut-pod creamer. Lunch 11:30 am Great Value Whole 30 Microwave meal, olives Dinner 5:50 pm Meat sauce with roasted cauliflower Energy- 6, Sleep quality- 3, Cravings-3 NSV: 1. Practicing mindful eating 2. More nutrition in my diet 3. More patience Reflection- I just decided to officially start today at lunch because I have the tools and folloed the rules for today. I was not afraid to ask about ingredients and made better choices. I decided sing or take a shower when cravings hit before bed, or write in this journal. Day 2 Wednesday 04/17/2019 Breakfast 6:40 am Steak and eggs with jicama home fries, green olives, coffee with nut-pod creamer. Lunch 11:40 am Great Value Whole 30 Microwave Meal- Rosemary Chicken with green olives. Dinner 5:00 pm Roasted cauliflower with red meat sauce. Energy- 4, Sleep- 4, Cravings- 7 NSV 1. Instead of indulging cravings, I decided to put energy into a bed time ritual 2. I'm more optimistic than the last time I tried (Whole 30 1.5) I feel better about it because I'm doing it on my own and not as a group project. 3. I practiced better hygiene habits during the bed time ritual. Reflection- It was easier to get out of bed this morning. I got up before alarm 2 out of 4 went off. It feels like I was hungry all day, but I didn't' feel cranky about it. I think I made some people uncomfortable at church because I turned down dinner. I assured everyone that it was a 45 day process and I will be okay if I don't eat the food. I turned down a sonic drink this morning and church dinner to stay on plan. I feel a little more confident about sticking with this whole 30. Day 3 Thursday 04/18/2019 Breakfast 6:40 am Steak, scrambled eggs, jicama fries, green olives, coffee and nut-pod creamer Lunch 11:00 am Great Value Whole 30 Microwave Meal Harvest Chicken and Vegetables, cashew butter packet. Dinner 6:00 pm Deconstructed egg roll in a bowl Energy-5, Sleep- 7, Cravings 5 NSV: 1. fewer carb cravings 2. learned how to read labels better 3. less worried about what I'm going to eat 4. feel more productive Reflection- I am starting to get signals to go to bed earlier more clearly. I have less of an energy slump and was able to teach my 66th period class with more energy. I was not patient though. I was able to focus long enough to get a lot of headway in the curriculum planning documents. I even cleaned the kitchen and microwave, and prepared my grocery order. It is 9:45 and I am ready for sleep. Day 4 Friday 04/19/2019 Breakfast 6:45 am Stir fry beef with peppers, jicama fries, scrambled eggs, cholula, coffee with nut pot creamer Lunch 12:30 pm Deconstructed egg roll in a bowl Dinner 6:30 pm Red sauce with meat, roasted cauliflower and an avocado. Snack- cashew butter pack Energy- 7, Sleep- 8, Cravings- 4 NSV: 1. I was more patient in working out intonation problems with my classes and doing recordings as well as with watching non testing students and having to go to Aldi to get cauliflower because Walmart was out. 2. Listening to my body. I stayed up a little later and I felt hungry enough to eat a small snack. I know snacking shouldn't be a thing but it seemed like a good idea because I was genuinely hungry before be. 3. Improved performance at my job (ONE PIECE SPOILER) Reflection- Loading the dishwasher is becoming a ritual before be, as well as journaling as I can already feel myself become more and more sleepy. I only mildly felt the kill all the things vibe, except maybe the traumatic death of Ace (Luffy's brother whom I stressed over 3 seasons to see if Luffy would save him). I did get a little snappy with a few of my classes, but otherwise it was good. Day 5 Saturday 04/20/2019 Breakfast 8:30 am 3 egg muffins, 1 avocado, coffee with nut-pod creamer Lunch 12:30 pm Deconstructed egg roll in a bow Dinner 7:30 pm Chili with roasted cauliflower Energy- 8, Sleep- 8, Cravings 9 NSV 1. fall asleep more easily and without a sleep aid 2. fewer sugar cravings. I"m not tempted by ice cream as bad as I usually am 3. More energy to socialize. I talked to both of my parents today. I called them. Reflection- I had some anxiety today about my family. My mom didn't answer my calls so I thought something happened, but I had great conversations with both of my parents and even talked to my sister and nieces. Well, I sent picture messages to my nieces of old family photos. I followed my bed time ritual as closely as I could for the amount of dished I created. I didn't take Benadryl, not just because I'm not supposed to because it negates my allergy shots, but also because I read the label. (My usual allergy med is Zyrtec but I was out). I will continue to take the Zyrtec because it is a prescription and honestly I'm miserably itchy without it. I hadn't had my allergy shot and I've done fine until now. My neck, sinuses, and chest hurt, and I also forgot to do my special inhaler today. Day 6 Sunday 04/21/2019 Breakfast 8:30 am 6 egg muffins, 2 avocados, 2 coffees with nut pod Lunch 12:20 pm Chili with roasted cauliflower, cashew butter packet. Dinner 6:30 pm Deconstructed egg roll in a bowl, 1 avocado Energy- 4, Sleep- 6, Cravings- 3 NSV: 1. eats to satiety 2. no more food guilt or shame 3. no longer need a sleep aid Reflection- I feel like I had a rough night of sleep, and it was hard to wake up. I was hungry enough to eat 2 helpings of breakfast. I don't feel bad about it. I was legitimately that hungry. I kind of snacked before lunch because I was waiting for Chris to come home from church. I didn't end up going today. My daughter and I didn't feel like it. The "snack" was emergency cashew butter. I took a nap for an hour and a half which is was shorter than what normally constitutes a nap. I ate left overs all day to catch up on dishes and make sure the food gets eaten. I had a really strong sugar craving after dinner so I followed my winding down routine and came to bed to journal. It seemed to help to get away from the table. I've been keeping the kitchen clean, but I should probably also take care of the dining room since that's where I eat 66% of my meals on weekdays and 100% of them on weekends and off work. I"m going to Lawton next week and OKC tomorrow, so I need to plan my meals accordingly. It's a good thing we are going to Whole Foods tomorrow. Day 7 Monday 04/22/2019 Breakfast 6:50 am Egg muffin, avocado, cholula, coffee, nut-pod 11:50 am Great Value Whole 30 Orange Chicken Microwave Meal Dinner 4:30 pm Cool Greens Salad- mixed greens, chicken tomatoes, jalapenos, black olives, pepitas, avocado, carrots, oil ad vinegar Energy- 4, Sleep- 4, Cravings- 5 NSV 1. less stressed 2. food no longer has unwanted "side effects" 3. No longer get cranky if I don't eat. Reflection- I am feeling a combination of kill all the things, and I need a nap. The nap yesterday kind of threw off the sleep patterns, as well as staying up later. I think since I ate dinner earlier I might fall asleep earlier. I am making better choices despite my cravings. We went to my doctor's appointment in OKC and there are at least 3 good fried chicken places that we don't have in Enid. I planned ahead and brought emergency snacks, but I didn't need them. I've been hyper aware of food labels, and found grocery items with the Whole 30 stamp of approval on them. I am really excited about the cashews, cashew butter,as well as staying whole 30 while traveling to Lawton. I feel more confident and better equipped to navigate the real world on Whole 30.
  9. I am submitting this log from what I have written in a notebook over the last 30+ days. This is v. 2.5 because I tried to start with my fiance, but she went a different route due to doctor recommendations due to other health issues. That one ended because of the engagement party and Queen of Cakes lemon cookies. This start date 4/16 was the true day. It wasn't planned or announced because I work better alone without monitoring. I figured I would type this up once I was done because technology gets in my way even though I'm pretty good with it. Anyway, I'm not sure how many of these I can post at one time, so I might take each post in week long intervals to avoid posting limitation numbers.
  10. I completed my whole 30 on Wednesday and reintroduced dairy yesterday. I had mucous build up and sinus pain immediately after breakfast. Then bad smell/bad taste and nausea happened. For breakfast I had sour cream and cheese with my scrambled eggs and yogurt with lunch. Then before bed, I had a hand packed pint from Braums. Ice cream is my favorite thing in the world so that was a religious experience. I woke up in the middle of the night with the pinched nerve in my neck that sends pain in my elbow and my thumb. I hadn't woken up in the middle of the night with neck pain since I had started. Today I have gone back to strict Whole30. Here is what is concerning. I haven't had bad anxiety in a long time and I haven't been paranoid in an even longer time. My skin was crawling I was so anxious and I was pretty sure my relationship was not in a good place and someone will backstab me at some point. Did anyone who reintroduced dairy have anxiety over take them like this? Do you think I should redo it to make sure if it was the dairy or the added sugar that triggered my anxiety that bad? I really hope it wasn't the ice cream because I can honestly live without everything else I ate yesterday.
  11. AR3825

    Don't over think this.

    This is the whole truth. My fiancé might get Cheetos and a Dr. Pepper to make it through if anything at all. 8-12 hours with nothing to eat? I couldn’t do it. That’s why the people who do in order to keep the rest of us alive are truly a blessing. We are trying to think of Whole 30 compliant emergency foods that she can grab instead. I think trying those beef “granola bar” looking things off the approved company list might be a good idea before we start. It is still strange to me having a meat “granola bar” shaped emergency beef pack. I hope someone knows what I’m talking about.