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    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    I am so glad I found this feed. I just started my period, on time, for the first time in months. Some background: I was put on meds last year for anxiety/OCD. Just a few months ago I thought I was pregnant and therefore stopped taking said meds & BC immediately. Upon four official "no" pregnancy tests I decided it may have been the meds they had placed me on and did some research that showed that was a side effect. My OB also thought it could be the issue. As I had already been off the pills for a week I decided to stay off. The withdrawals were horrible, however after I was off of them my period started coming back, but late every month and super heavy for like a day and then it was over. It starting on time is a surprise. And crazy. But, I am on Day 9 of my Whole30. I also feel less bloated, my cramps are significantly less painful than any in the past, and I am just spotting. Maybe it is a result of a better diet.