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    I did tandoori chicken one night after my eldest has his braces tightened - he had opted for white bands - they went bright yellow and it would not brush off - he had to wait 6 weeks to get them changed back to white - that will be tumeric for you   
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    hi there
    i ditched a bit of exercise this week as well
    sometimes you just need the extra 10 mins in bed or to chil'lax
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    A little bit of a change in routine for me this week.

    My schedule is usually that my boys go to their Dad's on a Wednesday, which means I go to the gym after work on a Wednesday evening & before work on a Thursday morning as I've only myself to look after.
    This week though apparently there's a football match on that he wanted to watch & even though we'd agreed to switch their night at his to Tuesday this week we're creatures of habit and it was 8:30 last night before either of us remembered, at which point it was too late to do anything about it.

    Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursday all involve after school activities, so after work & after dinner I have to go out and collect at least one of the two before I can come home & get settled for the night. Tuesdays also involve getting PE/Gym kits ready for the following days as these have to go with them for Thursday when I drop them off on Wednesday morning, as well as ensuring the first born has his tennis racket/hockey stick & school books packed for the next two days. Thursdays also involve a shopping delivery, and packing a change of clothes for both boys for Friday/Saturday. Then there's also my own gym bag to manage... checking homeworks, & prepping lunches.

    Wednesdays however are activity free.

    So the boys are with me here tonight, and I've had the rare & wonderful opportunity to come home, change into PJs, eat dinner, do a few things around the house, and not worry about having to set foot over the door again.

    Ok, so no gym today or tomorrow. And in fact no gym on Friday due to a hair appointment, and none on Sunday because the youngest's gym coach is at a course which means no training session for him, and whilst the eldest is fine home alone on his own I'd have to be mad to leave the two of them together just so that I could get my endorphin kick     

    They say a change is a good as a rest, but I'm thinking this week that a change is rather good WITH a rest so I'm thinking about really pushing the boat out and cancelling my Saturday morning gym session too and spending some quality time with me - well, with me and my course work   

    In other news the guy in the Butcher's with the potential egg problem called me in on my way past today & confirmed that their eggs come from Chickens that are definitely not fed any corn. I've just had a whopping chicken salad with a generous dollop of home-made mayo made from the WHOLE egg, and so far so good. He was having steak, egg & chips tonight to test my theory - I hope it goes as well for him as it appears to have gone for me  
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    all new to me - must investigate
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    Zoe, have you heard of Boxa locally? (I'm pretty sure they do a delivery in your area) or the local Food Assembly?

    I've used Boxa in the past (a Boxa this, a boxa that...) but am thinking of heading down to Ballylagan Farm one Saturday where all of the producers get together for a kind of a Farmer's Market every now & then - they're based in Ballyclare. Boxa have just started doing a Whole30 compliant sausage that has tickled my tastebuds 
    The Food Assembly has just started up and the website 'goes live' each week on a Monday for people to 'shop' then the producers all meet up at various venues for the locals to collect the produce - you choose your collection venue before you shop. There's lots of really interesting stuff available there from food to soaps to candles - a bit like the North Down Craft Collective if you've ever been to it, except with more food to choose from....
    Both are on FB if you want a nosy 
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    On the positive side of things nothing living in NI is likely to kill you bar the people (sadly a history of this)
    Thanks St Patrick for driving most of the nasties out
    Thanks to the weather for driving the rest away
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    Ha!! This would have been all kinds of awesome...!!   Although my teen may not have agreed...... 
    Yup, I did a lorra lorra googling....   
    I'm still not sure what it was, or even if it was a bite, but it doesn't appear to have gotten any worse. There are two 'puncture' marks, and those are surrounded by a bruise that has a kind of line coming out from it - and when you google you assume this is the venom spreading - but there was no swelling (other than the bruise), and no itch, but there was pain which is now subsiding. The 'puncture' marks did swell a little almost like a small blister, but any area of broken skin would do that so I just treated it with antiseptic cream and it all seems to be settling down....
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    Small world indeed
    In US terms we are next door neighbors
    I would freak out if I owned a bakery - bad enough dealing with GF flour let alone the real poison (GLUTEN) - we are the coeliac family of doom !!
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    Sorry another post - just popped into my head
    I have relatives in the US 
    When I asked them how long it took them to go and visit their parents / grandparents - they said about 5-6 DVD's !!! they have kids (10 hrs)
    Luckily enough for us we call fall off the island before driving 10 hrs !!! 
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    I use the butcher / grocers on Belmont Rd (Belfast)
    Used to go to McKees but found them expensive
    Also buy F&V mainstream
    My butcher does eggs - he has been there for ever and is old school - with old school suppliers - as I say it is better
    I am in Belmont - super handy for everything I do
    Trek is in Nov - but my target has been raised now so the pressure is off - any more raised now is a bonus
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    Hi all
    I work in the animal feed industry
    You so do not want to know what is going into feeding the main stream animal production line
    I could rant all day - but it wouldn't make a blind bit of difference
    I buy most of my meat and eggs at my small / quirky butchers - it is better - not much but better
    The only saving grace is that the agri food industry in NI is still pretty good compared with the mass production you get in other countries
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    Corn-fed chickens are a thing. A BIG thing. A BIG EXPENSIVE thing on some menus here. The wife of an old friend used to always order corn-fed chicken, served with corn on the cob when we went out, and I always thought the yellow skin looked so processed, so fake.... and, well, it is.

    Chickens are NOT vegetarians. Feeding them soley on corn is cheap & bulks them up much faster, allowing farmers to produce more in a shorter time.

    When chickens are TRULY 'free range' they will forage for animal proteins like worms & bugs as they wander about the farm, and supplement their diet with fruits & veg - just like ourselves really. The problem is that many chickens are technically free range, because they are allowed access to roam outdoors for a certain number of hours in the day, but because of the high number of chickens kept in one place they don't often get the chance to do so - plus the feed is kept indoors so they get lazy.

    My trusty assistant at the farm shop tells me that their chickens are not supplemented with grain. At all. They have the freedom of the farm (well, their part of it at least...!!), and they forage like they should when left to their own devices, and get supplemented with 'left overs' from the farm shop (well, the stuff that doesn't get fobbed off on me...!!). They are free in the truest sense of the word, and whilst they are not fed any grains or GM produce they are not classed as organic because the Farm owners would have to pay for the pleasure of using that label, and they're not producing enough eggs to make that worth their while.

    So when this batch of mayo is done (ie. by the end of this week) I'll reintroduce eggs, in their entirety, from the farm shop - just to see how that goes.
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    Don't have a glass one - but I have a bottle bank less than 100 m away - so I have a "BOTTLE BANK BOY" whom I despatch when required 
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    Dates are always too much.... 
    I have quite the collection of SCOBYs going on now by the way. I've switched to my two large (x5 ltr) jars, and this weekend I'll probably start using my spare x3ltr jar with [at least] 3 SCOBYs already in the Hotel. So when you feel like maybe starting a wee brewery of your own let me know - I could give you a couple of small ones in some starter tea to get you going 
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    I used to flirt with avocado myself - but sadly the last date was too much - we too have gone our separate ways - it does get easier with time !! 
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    Avocado and I sat down together over lunch on Friday to see if there was any future in our relationship.

    The short version is that Avocado and I want different things - one of them for me being a tummy that doesn't look six months pregnant - and so we have decided to go our separate ways. We were both in agreement that should the occasion arise where it might be worth it then a little reunion wouldn't be the worst thing in the world (no gastric distress, no stomach cramps, no gas, just substantial upper intestinal bloating which makes me uncomfortable particularly in business wear) however we have, as of Friday, consciously uncoupled and are free to seek company elsewhere.

    Next up on the food trial front for me then are mushrooms   

    Another old favourite of mine, particularly at breakfast, mushrooms are another of the polyol group of FODMAPS, are high in selenium & potassium, and are the exception to the rule as far as plant foods not naturally containing vitamin D are concerned.

    Mushrooms help strengthen the immune system and are currently being researched for their potential to decrease tumor growth in cancer patients. They are also a good source of B vitamins, including riboflavin, niacin, and pantothenic acid, which help to provide energy by breaking down proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Mushrooms are also high in beta-glucans which are shown to have marked immunity-stimulating effects, contribute to resistance against allergies, and may also be involved in the physiological processes related to the metabolism of fats and sugars in the body. The beta-glucans contained in oyster, shiitake and split gill mushrooms are considered to be the most effective.

    Mushrooms are also on the breakfast menu of the Hotel I'm headed to for a few days with my boys & my folks later this week   
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    Today is Mother's Day in the UK and these sort of 'holidays' always make me reflect.... It was my own Mother's birthday on Friday, and since she and my Dad had plans for today we met up with them yesterday to celebrate both occasions.

    I hope that my children will one day look on me with the same respect, love, appreciation and genuine awe I have for my mum - a woman who gives without question, who is loving, supportive, gentle and kind. A woman who never puts herself first. A wonderful wife, sister, daughter & mother - and she learned from the best because her own mother was an absolute gem too. If I can be half the woman that either of these two are/were then I'll have done something right.

    The boys bought me a card that turns into a cardboard crown which is adorned with hearts, and the words 'Queen Mum' - I've been wearing it all day whilst going about my food prep/chores. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror when I took some fresh bed linen up to my room and thought about how ridiculous it looks, but you know what? I don't care how ridiculous it looks - they put thought and effort into choosing that card and if it makes them happy that I wear it for the day then that's what matters.

    Am I a good mum? Am I making the right choices for their future and mine? Could I have done, or be doing more? If I could go back would I do anything differently? Yes, probably, hindsight is a great thing... but under the circumstances I think I'm doing the best that I possibly can so I'm not going to be hard on myself today, or dwell on the past, but rather look to the future - and I'm going to focus on trying to keep making choices that have a positive impact in all aspects of their lives. This thought process alone is progress.

    That's the absolute best I can do - for them, and for me.

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    will happily give a good home to a scoby if you are overrun !!
    the children have always wanted a pet
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    WANT power is greater than willpower.   

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    Fridays have always been my favourite day of the week. Ok, that *might* have been helped by the fact I used to work a four day week up until a few years ago and so Friday was a part of my weekend. Now it's maybe because technically I finish an hour earlier on a Friday (even if that doesn't always happen), and since the boys go to their Dad's on a Friday I have time for me - for haircuts, Dental/Dr appointments, shopping, catching up with friends, long gym sessions, nights out.... You get the picture.

    Friday is also when I plan my food for the week - I take a trip to the Butcher, see what meat he has available, do a quick review in my mind of my 'go-to' recipes, estimate what else I'll need, visit the farm shop next door & we're good to go.

    I'd asked my mum earlier in the week to see if she could get me some scallops this week at a decent price & she's called to say I won the lottery   I'm all scalloped up and now I've no clue what to do with them. Pre Whole30 & pre Paleo I used to make a scallop & chorizo risotto with fresh garden peas (de-podding peas - if that's what you call it - is very therapeutic & takes me right back to my childhood when my Dad and I would de-pod the peas for my mum & eat more than we gave her) but obviously the rice & the peas are out so I'm gonna have to do a quick search to find something else that will work with those flavours...

    Oooh, this one looks good - simple, but tasty.... <adds extra spinach to shopping list...>   (I'll sub the garlic for garlic infused oil & add in the greens of some spring onion & maybe some fresh ginger...)

    Also on the cards this week is Kalua Pig, a whole Chicken and (fingers crossed) some Beef Shin - there's been a huge drop in temperature over night and slow cooked shin with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg & all spice berries is perfect for that kind of weather, plus it'll provide me with some fresh broth.

    DOMS has set in to my legs/glutes as anticipated so later I'll go for an upper body workout followed by Spin - that should loosen things up nicely - and then home to study. The latest module of my nutrition course started on Monday (Diet & Weight-loss Management) and so I've two webinars to catch up on this weekend, on top of revision of the previous module (Child Nutrition). It can be tough enough squeezing everything in but I'm getting there, slowly but surely.

    At Christmas I was very kindly gifted a rather expensive Body Composition Monitor (along with a set of skin fold calipers!). I thought I might have been tempted to step on it out of curiosity, but having ditched the scales many years ago coming from a background of disordered eating (severe calorie restriction) they're still in their box. Before my Whole30 I hadn't weighed myself in 9 years. I stepped on the scale on Day 0 of my first Whole30 and then again on Day 31. I ate to satiety at every meal, I ate to the high end of the template throughout the 30 days, I ate very limited fruit - maybe two pieces a week? - no nuts other than in recipes, & no bars of any kind. I ate starchy carbs some days at every meal, some days not at all. I didn't change my training schedule at all. I stopped counting calories, thinking about macros, weighing food, measuring my worth against how I looked, or how others perceived me. And I tuned in and listened to my body. And it felt GOOD. At the end of my 30 days I hadn't lost a single pound. Not even a half. Nada. I HAD however dropped a substantial amount of body fat - almost 5%

    How I eat now would probably look like a Whole30 to anyone on the outside looking in. I don't stray from the template, I don't snack, BUT I do make conscious choices about my food. There is no 'good' or 'bad'. No 'clean' or 'dirty'. Only MY choices. I've continued to listen to my body and I tweak as I go and I can see that my body composition continues to change - sometimes up & sometimes down - but never too far from the set point I've come to know and love. I'm in a GOOD, HAPPY, HEALTHY place.

    I could step on those scales today - I mean Friday is a good day, right? But would the number that I see effect my mood? Would it encourage me to make conscious/sub-conscious food choices? Would the number on that scale make me a different person? Would it make my boys love me any more or any less? Would it change anything? Would Friday still be a good day....?

    So for that reason I'm going to weigh my mum   

    Seriously though, she's not interested in Whole30 (I've tried, believe me!), but she is interested in improving her diet, increasing her activity levels, & maybe adding in some body weight  exercises to trade up some fat for lean muscle - so we'll take a starting weight & body composition for her, along with taking the measurements with the calipers, & then set her some goals & monitor her progress.

    I'll get in some practice with putting together nutritional plans, she'll get to make some positive changes & we'll both get to learn from the experience.


    See, Friday really IS a good day.

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    Ha! That'd be traditional Greek fayre - that's where I learned to cook & so I tend to stick with a lot of the traditions around food... 
    Although I'm still partial to painting some hard boiled eggs & rolling them down a hill on Easter Monday!   
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    Having come to the Whole9 party a little late last year, but having seen some good, sustainable results & changes I've decided to re-visit each of the pillars again this year.

    I've been paleo/primal for as long as I can remember, am fast approaching my first Whole30 anniversary, and have been comfortably riding my bike for some time. For the most part my personal eating plan looks a lot like Whole30, so for me the January nutritional focus will be FODMAPs.

    It finally clicked for me that I have a problem with FODMAPs back in July and I've pretty much eaten exclusively from the green section on >this infographic< ever since, but I LOVE mushrooms, I find leeks add a nice sweetness to many dishes, and I miss avocados. I feel like it's about time I knew exactly what (& how much) I can & can't eat without symptom.

    I'm completely comfortable with how I eat generally so I won't be logging food here, other than to record symptoms/findings etc, or any other info I come across along the way that I think might be useful...

    About me: I was born in God's own country (that's Northern Ireland to those who don't know!) but spent my formative years in Greece before moving back 'home'. I'm a single mum to two boys (aged 13 & 9). Currently working full time as a finance manager within the Construction Industry while studying to become a registered nutritionist. My youngest son has multiple food intolerances so I have spent MANY MANY hours with dieticians & nutritionists (particularly during weaning which was a very long slow process) which first piqued my interest in how what we eat effects our bodies & this started me on my paleo journey - as a result my plan is most likely to specialise in the food allergy/intolerance area. Exercise-wise I'm a Tough Mudder, a fan of functional movement & lifting, and train on average 5 days a week.

    I'm currently on annual leave and also currently on a period of planned off-roading (which for me involves dairy, alcohol & sugar) during which time I still eat to template, but enjoy a glass of wine (or more) with my meal, and/or follow it up with some quality ice cream, or a slice of pavlova for example, or the occasional paleo 'treat'. This period will end on Jan 2nd, and my FODMAP experiment will begin.

    I believe that continuing to follow the template and not scheduling regular (weekly/monthly) off-roading sessions (because then you feel you have to go off-road even if you don't want to) has been the key to my continued success.

    "If all the primary ingredients are available for its normal functions, the human body does not engage in making things that are bad for its survival"

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    Zoe reacted to Ytu in constipation   
    I had the same problem for most of my recent whole 30 and found that three eggs per day was too much for me and my constipation disappeared when I temporarily removed them from my diet. Something you could try, especially if the eggs weren't part of your diet before?