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  1. Paleo/Primal in the UK

    I haven't stopped by to check this forum but Helen Cuthill if you get this message I'd love to chat with you! You can contact me via my blog - Hope to hear from you!
  2. Paleo/Primal in the UK

    Hey guys! Apologies for the late reply! I'm currently living in temporary accommodation while I wait for my furniture to arrive so I can move into my own place here! Anyway Internet connection here is no good! So most of the time it's a struggle to get online! Anyway thanks for all your helpful suggestions... I have already found food quality is definitely better here than the U.S. I'm also lucky to have a number of farms around here that I can buy things like free range eggs from, last week I bought 24 eggs for £2! Plus there are others that offer organic fruit/veg boxes and seems like there's plenty of online places to get those. In terms of meat well the quality here is much better than the U.S plus lots if great butchers near by so that's not an issue. I'm more after things like coconut flour, almond flour and things like that (no I'm not doing the Whole30), I have found the groovy foods coconut oil (although pretty pricey!) and the nakd bars which I now love! I think I will have to buy most of this stuff online. As for Costco we do have a membership but I was told it's not open to the public? Maybe I was told wrong! Also here is a list I found of Paleo/Primal friendly retailers in the UK: Also I do run a blog under if you want to know more about me. Once again thanks all for sharing!
  3. Paleo/Primal in the UK

    Hi and thanks for your reply! I found a directory of online shops and places around where I am that are paleo/primal but was hoping to get in touch with people here following this lifestyle. Oh well hopefully I'll meet some people along the way! Well I have noticed meat quality is a lot better here than in the U.S.
  4. Wasn't sure where to post this but I've just recently moved to the UK after a 2 year stint in the U.S. My husband and I are in Warwickshire (Leamington Spa) and I was wondering if there are any other Paleo/Primal people in the area or close by? If so I'd love to hear from you!
  5. Paleo in Michigan

    Not a problem hope the group works out for you
  6. Paleo in Michigan

    Hey ladyhoward good to meet you too! Now I feel a bit better knowing there are other Paleo people here even though you are both so far away lol! As for the group here is the link: I joined up but then realised they are all in West MI! But would be a great group for you guys to join
  7. Paleo in Michigan

    I'm in Birmingham Michigan.... are you part of the West Michigan Paleo group? Because I found a group by searching google for Paleo Michigan and that's the only group I could find but obviously I'm so far away! Thanks for replying though Still would be fun to keep in touch, anyway I have blog where I write about my cooking etc (Paleo recipes) so check it out if you like:
  8. Not sure if this is the best place for this but I'm fairly new to Michigan (moved here last year from Australia with my husband) and am looking to meet like-minded people who are following a Paleo lifestyle like myself here in Michigan. If anyone reading this post fits the description I'd love to hear from you!
  9. Digestion

    Ok time for an update from me on this digestion situation. Unfortunately not any better! So a bit of background information might be handy here: I've had bloating/stomach upset issues for a LONG time. When I think about it is probably started back in 2000-2001, maybe even before then. My friends and family would joke that I would get full just by eating 1 grape and they weren't far off! I also would get cramps, pains and bloating when I was upset, sad, angry and I still have this reaction when I'm feeling these emotions. I finish eating about 2-3 hours before sleeping and sleep for 8-9 hours but wake up having to go to the bathroom and have loose runny stool. I'll have breakfast, typically would be eggs either cooked in coconut oil or ghee, or boiled with some cooked veggies or steamed veggies but I've been trying to cut down on eggs recently so I'll have some chicken breast or grass-fed ground beef or lamb. I'll eat baked sweet potato or I'll cook it in ghee/coconut oil. Lunch will be something the same or some salad with sardines etc. The thing is though sometimes, well a lot of times lunch doesn't even happen. I'll have breakfast say at 8am and I'll be so full that I can't eat anything pretty much for the whole day! Oh and meanwhile I'll have to use the bathroom at least 3 times and again runny stools! How can I be going so much and not even eating! I seriously feel SO full I can't even explain! I've even been taking digestive enzymes but they aren't really doing anything! Sometimes if I eat much less than I should, like if I reduced my portion size then I can eat later during the day. The other thing is that sometimes I'll be full for a while and then all of a sudden I'll be so hungry that I feel like if I don't eat I'll pass out! Then I eat and the bloating/stomach upset comes back again. Today for e.g. I woke up at 7am I ate 1 hard boiled egg, 1/2 baked sweet potato, handful of steamed carrots and some sardines in oil.'' I wasn't hungry to eat anything else until 6pm! But meanwhile I've been to the bathroom 3 times already again like I mentioned above! Seriously frustrated about this whole situation! I've had an colonoscopy, endoscopy, x-rays, blood test, allergy testing and NOTHING has come up. I keep getting you have IBS but IBS is such a generic term and there has to be some underlying issue. I don't even know if it's a food related thing since it seems to happen with everything I eat! Anyway I hope I'm not all over the place here but any thoughts/advice would be appreciated!
  10. No I didn't eat the skin! I definitely peel!
  11. Do not like veggies

    I find roasting veggies brings out their flavour the best, you can roast a whole bunch at once and keep them on hand for later. Season with what you like, keep it simple with S&P or experiment with seasonings. For e.g. I love to roast sweet potato with cinnamon or Roast a whole bunch of different veggies with herbs de provence. I also like to steam veggies then add some ghee or coconut oil on top. Try them chunky in some soup or pureed. Things like mashed cauliflower made like mashed potato is great, again add some ghee or coconut oil on top. Good luck!
  12. I use either olive oil or coconut oil when baking it. I don't think it's the spices.
  13. Ok so I may be totally off here but I've been eating baked butternut squash for the past few days and I've been feeling some what naseous and have discomfort in my stomach area. Has anyone had this problem? It's the only thing I can think of that's been causing this reaction.
  14. A Question About...Poop!

    Sorry to hear that Steph, I'm the same.... well similar! Unfortunately nothing I have done on Whole30 has helped me so far. Still having problems even while taking digestive enzymes.... I don't have dairy, sugar, grains, legumes so yeh not sure what it is! I'm thinking too much fat maybe? It's very frustrating!
  15. Oh no you poor thing. I haven't introduced dairy back in yet, but the one thing I've really been missing is my full fat plain/greek yogurt but I'm afraid that I'll have a bad reaction to it, which will make me sad since I LOVE my yogurt and it's been the hardest to give up! I know way back in the day when I used to drink the skim/low fat milks I'd feel sick then when I switched to full fat I was fine, tried finding raw milk but couldn't. Now I stick to homemade almond milk but yeh interested to see what will happen with the yogurt. I read somewhere when you do an elimination type diet and are reintroducing foods back, you should eat that type of food for one day, for e.g with dairy, have some milk, cheese, yogurt then stop for 2 days and take note of how your body reacts. But if you had such a strong reaction already then I'm not sure.... have you ever been tested for allergies?