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    Today I was out and about with my boyfriend doing our grocery shopping for our second week and I suggested we go to Chiptole because I as well as everyone else have heard that their stuff is supposed to be okay. I mulled it over for awhile and decided maybe we should not, just in case. It's really good to know that they have some safe choices! Thank goodness for this forum or we'd both be having a lot harder of a time!
  2. agehouskey


    I do have a bad gut as it is (IBS) and I never really knew that that could affect it so I'm certainly going to try something different now! Thanks a bunch
  3. agehouskey


    Hi Everyone I don't know if this is the correct place to post this but I figured it's something I should ask (and hopefully get the answer to) before I start my Whole30 journey. I get headaches and migraines a lot and I find myself needing to take Excederine whenever I get them. I know this isn't a food, drink or ingredient but I was wondering if this was something I was allowed to ingest during the Whole30. Thanks for your help!