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    To all who struggle with drinking coffee black, I would encourage you to live outside your coffee comfort zone for long enough to give your tastes some time to change.
    I used to drink my coffee loaded down with cream and sugar and hated it any other way. Over the years I've encountered situations where I "had" to drink my coffee black (such as backpacking in the wilderness) and as much as I hated it I realized I could do it. Now in W30-land I've become accustomed to it (although I do like coconut milk, so I've used that from time to time).
    Actually on this W30 I am avoiding coffee completely so drinking tea instead (with no "creamers" of any kind). To put it into perspective, imagine the horror of life without coffee. I gave it up temporarily to show myself I could live without it (of course I can't yet live without coffee OR tea, but one issue at a time....)
    Anyway my point is that now I can't imagine going back to cream/sugar. The thought of drinking my coffee so sweet and lightened just sounds gross and unnatural. Had I not, over the past six months, forced myself to start drinking my coffee differently I would never have reached this place.
    Also as I've seen people mention, the quality of the coffee really makes a difference when drinking it black. If you can spring for the good stuff (which you probably can if you're not spending the $ on creamer) then do that, and if you can even use a french press. Good coffee actually tastes really good and doesn't have the bitterness you are trying to mask with the creamer.