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  1. I just started today, Monday. I have tried three other times to complete an entire 30 days, but I haven't made it. I am determined to do it this time. I am typically a paleo eater with a few foods that I just haven't given up, like ice cream, but I am hoping to go Whole 30 for the Whole 30.
  2. Half Marathon Meals

    I just started my third attempt at a W30 today, and I also started a run streak which will set off my goal of running the Santa Hustle half in December. This is a great question and great advice. What about hard boiled eggs? They keep well, too, in a little cooler. You could easily grab some avocados on your way to the hotel. I second the pemmican. I haven't tried theirs, but I have attempted to make some of my own. It wasn't so tasty, but it was fuel. Good luck on your half!