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  1. Natalie's reintroduction

    I totally get a sniffle every time I go for sushi. I can't figure it out. Must be the wheat in the soy sauce. I use a Canadian version of coconut aminos, but I don't know if anyone ships it to Israel for a reasonable price. It's called Coco Natura Coconut Sauce. It's pretty good. Your reintroduction sounds so eye-opening!
  2. Starting Sept 24 - Come join me!

    FINISH LINE!!! High fives to everyone who made it through, or who restarted and are still chugging along. Is anyone writing their success story? Link us! I think I'm going to continue. Who's in for a Whole45?!?
  3. Coconut aminos MIA??

    I couldn't find Coconut Aminos anywhere, and I am again awaiting iherb's restock! But I did find another brand of "Coconut Seasoning Sauce" at my local health food store. Its ingredients differ slightly from coconut aminos (it includes organic coconut nectar syrup), but the carbohydrate profile is identical and it lists 0g sugar. I don't know if you can get it outside of Canada, but I thought I'd share!
  4. Starting Sept 24 - Come join me!

    Shelley, I'm keeping a log in the Your Whole30 log section. You should, too! It's fun and a good way to keep yourself accountable. But the short answer for me is, I'm surprised (and partly in denial) that I'm actually feeling different. I don't feel like I changed my eating habits that much, but I am feeling a bit carb flu-y. Of course, my days are complicated by nights with a wakeful baby! How's it going for you? ksweet, I'm right there in crazyland with you!!!! I actually thought I'd 'lost' the baby in the house the other day. And he can't even crawl properly yet! In reality, I'd only lost my mind.
  5. Starting Sept 24 - Come join me!

    Yay! So glad there are so many cool people on this ride. Are you guys keeping logs in the log part of the forum?
  6. Let's ROCK this thing! And let's rock it together, because frankly I'm feeling a bit daunted by the idea of no chocolate and wine for a MONTH!! So I'd like to be around other people who believe such things are possible. I'm doing the whole30 because I want to feel really, really good. And possibly lose the spare tire. That would be nice. I'm doing the Whole30 NOW because I accidentally talked my best friend into it. And then she talked another of our friends into it. So now I HAVE to, don't I? I've been eating mostly paleo for about 4 months. One of those months was doing the "Wellness Challenge" which is a lot like the Whole30, but also addresses things like sleep habits, the chemicals in your cleaning and beauty products, exercise, and other aspects of healthy living. I did pretty well. Except for chocolate. And a bit of wine. I'm human, OK? But for the next 30 days, I'm going to be superhuman! How about you? Why are you doing the Whole30?