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  1. nutmegananne

    Paleo Desserts

    I'm not familiar with this book, sorry. I would say that I personally try to use recipes like these on an occasional basis. They are good especially around holidays, when you have dinner guests, etc. Also, once you start re-introing foods after your Whole 30, you will have a better idea of foods that you can eat sometimes, and maybe some that you still want to avoid on a regular keep that in mind when going through the recipes. Good luck, and congrats on nearing the end of your Whole 30!!
  2. nutmegananne

    What if it IS about the weight ???

    Bridget, I find myself nodding along with you on your post. I'm a 46 year old happily married mom with two kids, and I carry too much weight on my body as well. I don't want to look like a skinny supermodel, I want to be a healthy weight. So a lot of my whole 30s has been about weight loss for sure (to be fair, I'm also trying to improve an autoimmune thyroid issue). But in thinking about it, a better way for me to look at it (and something I have to tell myself) is that even though it may be about weight loss, it is really more complicated than that. It's about changing my relationship to food. Let's face it, if I had eaten this way all along, I probably would not have ever gotten this overweight. No, I might not weigh what I weighed in my skinny college years, but I might be more likely to be at healthier weight than I am now. So I'm plugging along, learning that the way to eat for the long term will be to fill my body with awesomely delicious, whole, unprocessed foods, and to enjoy eating this much better than binge eating and then going on rigid diets that cannot be done long term...
  3. I figure we can never have to many ideas to pull from. I saw a thread like this down below with a lot of participation. I'm going to try to start a thread each day I'm on my Whole 30 with my dinner choices (whether cooking or eating out), and I'd love for others to chime in as well. That way we can steal each other's ideas So tonight, I'm roasting some chicken thighs. I seasoned them with Penzey's Ozark seasoning, and poured a little melted duck fat on top to help the skin crisp nicely. I'm sauteeing some spinach in the cooking juices from the chicken, and plan to serve the chicken over the bed of spinach, and drizzle some homecooked balsamic reduction on top. I'm also roasting some small chunked pieces of butternut squash and parsnips. Please share your dinner!!
  4. nutmegananne

    Best way to cook spaghetti squash

    If you have access to a pressure cooker, I've found that this the absolute best way (and I've tried roasting, microwaving, etc.). Here is a link with instructions: I don't have a basket for mine, so I just sort of wedge the two halves in there slightly above the water and it works well. I love this method because it is soooo quick (roasting in the oven takes forever), and it doesn't get watery. If you don't have a pressure cooker, it's not a bad investment for healthy eating in general. It cooks up veggies amazingly fast (some of the best ones I find are carrots and squash), plus it is awesome for making stews and roasts quicker than just simmering on the stove...the pressure tenderizes meat fast.
  5. nutmegananne

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    I had been gluten free prior to my first Whole 30 back in October, but it was my first dairy free trial. I'm on a second Whole 30 right now, and in the interim I've eaten very little dairy. My cycle is more regular, and even better...more normal instead of too heavy as it been previously. Something about avoiding dairy seems to balance my hormones.
  6. nutmegananne

    Grassfed beef tallow

    Susan, this is the recipe I use...and it has been absolutely foolproof!! The hardest part is sourcing the duck legs!! I've ordered them from d'artagnan ($$$$ but really good), had a local butcher order me some, used free range frozen ones from a local grocer, and found local -ish ones at a huge farmer's market (DeKalb Farmer's Mkt for you ATL locals) but they don't always have them in. Bascially, you need the duck legs, a casserole dish, and a few hours
  7. nutmegananne

    Grassfed beef tallow

    Yes, duckfat is a favorite of mine. I used to buy it already rendered, but then my husband and I fell in love with duck confit, and we make it a couple of times a month (in fact, I'm making it tonight). There's always a ton of duckfat leftover that I strain through cheesecloth and store in the fridge, and use it for veggies, chicken, roasted sweet potatoes...YUM YUM!
  8. nutmegananne

    Grassfed beef tallow

    Yes, it is! They're brand new, I think. Here's the actual link: And they shipped fast, with great customer service. When my three jars arrived last week, one had cracked in transit. I emailed them about it, and they emailed me back very quickly, and then sent me a replacement jar right away.
  9. nutmegananne

    Bacon Fat with cooking

    KJT, I keep a running jar of bacon fat in the fridge for months and months. We just add more to it as we cook bacon. We do use it fairly frequently, as my husband fries his eggs in it every single morning, but I don't usually clean out a jar and start fresh until after several (4-6) months. If it starts to smell off at all, you'll be able to tell.
  10. nutmegananne

    Grassfed beef tallow

    So I've got 3 jars of lovely grassfeed beef tallow from fatworksfoods dot com, and I'm excited. I know I'll be doing eggs in it, and browning roasts before roasting, etc. But I'm wondering how everyone else likes to use it?
  11. nutmegananne

    Need salad dressing tips

    Please forgive the cut and paste, but I answered this on an older thread: Several months ago I decided to ditch bottled salad dressings, because they always have bad oils, or sweetners, or something yucky in them. I started making homemade ones and they are SO MUCH BETTER TASTING! That is, of course, in addition to being much healthier. My whole family loves them!! I just sort of read a bunch of recipes and come up with a formula that can be switched around depending on your mood, available ingredients, etc. I will either blend my ingredients in my magic bullet blender or use my stick immersion blender, but you could also just whisk them together by hand. Basically, I use roughly 1/3 cup healthy fat (extra virgin olive oil is my usual) with 1/4 cup vinegar (there are lots of different the labels to make sure they will fit Whole 30). Then I usually add 1 clove minced garlic. I salt and fresh ground pepper to taste, and then add whatever seasonings I want...italian seasoning for italian dressing, oregano and chil powder for mexican-type dressing, etc. Just play around with it and have fun! Some other ideas are using uncured, sugar-free bacon drippings instead of oil, and adding a little mustard to the mix. You can also sub lemon or lime juice for the vinegar. For an asian-themed dressing, add grated fresh ginger (or powdered ginger) and a little bit of almond butter. And try different vinegars - there are so many available!
  12. nutmegananne

    Rotisserie Chicken?

    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but in the US, the ingredients must be listed somewhere on the label that comes with the chicken when you purchase it. Whole Foods has a few compliant ones (i know the "naked" variety is one, and maybe salt and pepper was the other? But other ones have canola oil, etc. I had trouble finding the ingredients on the label but I got a manager out there to help point it out to me.
  13. I discovered Japanese sweet potatoes the same accident. Now they are a staple for us. I usually peel them and slice them in about 1/4 inch rounds, then toss them in olive oil ( you could use other fat here) and bake at 425 until light browned. Sooooo good!
  14. What everyone said...totally enlist the help of your parents. And eating whole, yummy, healthy foods is an amazing birthday gift to give yourself. Happy Birthday!!!
  15. Well done!! And quite inspirational