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  1. So I finished my Whole 30...and didn't lose as much weight as my husband (who dropped 13 lbs) but my clothes are much loser, so things have definitely shifted and I'm really happy about that. And I feel GREAT and don't think I'll go back to my old eating habits. But. I am SO WARM. I think my basal body temperature has gone up a fair bit. I used to always be cold and these days I'm quietly fanning myself just reading a book. I'm 34 and nursing my 5 month old, so it's not, you know, menopause or anything like that. HAs this happened to anyone else? Also, had my first gluten today. Nothing going, so far. I'm almost a little disappointed. Dairy was totally uneventful too, except for maybe a little bloating.
  2. Seriously bummed....need advice

    Toss your scale out. I'm on day 29 and I weighed myself out of sheer curiosity. As it turns out I have not lost any weight (or so it seems) but my clothes fit so much better, they're downright big on me, and everything is...firmer somehow. I couldn't be more thrilled with how I FEEL and how I look, to be honest. But the numbers on the scale don't reflect that. So don't pay any attention to them, it's a weird external way to measure yourself when you could use this time to look inwards. Also, I think I've gained more muscle mass (not through exercise mind you..) simply because I eat more protein and muscle weigh more than fat, so there you go. Could be what is happening to you too. Oh, and my temperature run higher now too - it's called thermogenesis and it's a pretty fascinating thing! There are so many other cool things to focus on now than the silly scale. Enjoy!!
  3. Hi All, I'm on my day 29 and have in general been really happy about my Whole30. But - the afternoons SLAY ME. I'm a 34 year old woman with no acute medical issues, and while I walk a lot and am generally active (I live in NYC) I don't do any exercise per se. I do nurse exclusively my very active, huge, hungry 5 month old son. And I am tired. Not so much in the mornings (yay, sleep training!) but the afternoons - oh my god, I am NOT getting that super burst of energy throughout the day. And invariably I'll have a nasty headache. Every dang day. And I want to eat an entire butternut squash in one setting, yet I never seem "full". Does anyone have any advice? I do eat a lot of fats doing the day (one or two avocados a day, a fair amount of nuts - probably too many), I drink plenty of water and okay, so I don't get to sleep a TON, but still - why this afternoon demon hour? I grew up in Scandinavia so I am used to eating that very dense, fiber-rich rye bread that has no wheat in it - I'm starting to crave that again, because it's so ...solid and heavy and it always sustained me well. Can anyone recommend anything else I can sink my teeth into? I find it really, really hard to keep going with no snack from lunch (1 pm) to dinner (7.30 pm) especially since I am nursing. Thanks, Eva.
  4. Hi All, I'm on my first official day, second unofficial day and for the last 48 hours I've had the most blinding, crushing, awful migraine. And shoulder and neck pain. My husband had to stay home and take care of me yesterday. I'm still exclusively nursing my (big, hungry) 4 month old and I feel like I just don't have enough food or energy for either of us. Have supplemented with a baked sweet potato and half an avocado between meals. Has anyone else experienced this? I used to get migraines but they completely stopped after I got pregnant (I think they may be hormonal more than anything). I'm not entirely sure that the migraine is Whole 30 induced but I think so. Any words of advice for nursing mothers? I'm not concerned about weight loss at all, since I'm down to below my pre-pregnancy weight, so I'll eat when I'm hungry.. Thank in advance, Eva.