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    Xandra got a reaction from LHowell1373 in Coffee for your Whole 30: How to make it if you're used to using dairy   
    Thanks for this. It's helping me kick a major Starbucks latte habit.
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    Xandra reacted to Dragonslayer in Binge eating and re-starting Whole30   
    Ok, I did my list of rules! I'm posting them below, so now I'm really being held accountable. Might sound restrictive or strange to some, but this is what works for me and what I think is best at this point in my food freedom. Every 30 days I will re-evaluate my rules and decide if I need any changes. Here's to the next 100 days and my journey to a binge free food freedom! ... 
    YES Whole Foods: All non starchy vegetables, low sugar fruits (berries, grapefruit and cantaloupe), sweet and red potatoes, parsnips, all squash, All non or minimally processed meat, Eggs, Avocados, Olives, Coconut, 100% Cacao YES Drinks/Liquids: Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Kombucha, Coffee, Tea, All Vinegars YES Oils: Avocado, Coconut, Olive, Sesame, and Walnut YES Flours: Coconut, Cassava, Arrowroot, Tapioca, Flax Meal NO Whole Foods: All Grains, Dairy, Peas, Corn, Soy, Plantains, High Sugar Fruits, Peanut Butter, Sunflower Butter, Honey, Maple Syrup NO Other Foods: Added sugar of any kind, anything made with peas, corn, or soy, any processed or refined oils, restaurant breakfast potatoes or fries (even sweet potato), restaurant dressings (only olive oil and vinegar)anything packaged that would technically be compliant (ex: sweet potato chips, dried fruit, fruit and nut bars, mary's crackers, etc.), smoothies, anything resembling a baked good, bread, or dessert. EXCEPTIONS: Homemade coconut/flax waffles, cassava tortillas and crusts, homemade fries, packaged coconut flakes, 100% cacao bars. NEVER ALLOWED IN THE HOUSE BUT YES AT RESTAURANTS OR SPECIAL OCCASIONS: Butter or Oils cooked on foods that are unavoidable (ex: burger grilled with non compliant oil, this does not mean wings are ok because they are deep fried in oil- that is avoidable), nuts, nut butters, seeds, sauces made with fruit, coconut butter, higher quality bacon #1 Overall Rule: No matter how bad the cravings, even if I give in and binge, NEVER binge on anything but YES foods. 
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    Xandra reacted to Ksprljan in Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1   
    Entering the last week and no tiger blood! That’s ok, there are definitely other NSVs. 
    I am planning a slow reintroduction and for the most part staying with the program. I don’t have any food allergies or intolerances so I definitely want to bring back some items like yoghurt, beans, pasta every once in a while. I am thinkink weekly 5 days W30 and two days off plan! The one thing that I am not reintroducing is anything with yeast - yeast just drains my energy.
    We had a business event yesterday and they served a bunch of sweet amazing baked goods, I walked by them and appreciated how yummy and aesthetically beautiful everything was however was not tempted in the least to have something - huge NSV. The sugar demon is under control, and I plan to keep it chained up! 
    Entering the last week I fell good - not excellent - good! I am hopeful that with spring, sun, fresh air and more outdoor activities my body will wake up and catch up with my alert mind!
    Happy last week to those of you on my schedule!
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    Xandra reacted to Allis in Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1   
    Day 14 and still standing strong! I feel amazing! I wake up ready to tackle the day, I’m actually productive in my day! I think I will have to continue this or at least remain Paleo after my 30 days, I just feel so good! I have definitely decided sugar will not be reintroduced. I’ve found that that is a trigger and I’m afraid if I allow myself to have any, I will just be right back to square one. My skin is brighter, I’ve gotten my stride back when I’m walking (my husband calls them my “long legs” b/c I walk too fast for him to keep up), I’m happier, and feel a freedom that I never knew I could have. Thank you, God for While30!
    I do have a question....
    I just started my bone broth. And just realized I was going to have an abundance of bone broth...LOL (I just didn’t even think about how much I would have). 
     How do you store it? It says to freeze for up to 6 months... can you freeze in large (32 oz) mason jars??? Or do I need to buy special freezer safe containers? 
    I’m so excited about this bone broth! I never thought I’d be so excited over making homemade broth! But I haven’t been able to find compliant store bought broth. So I just decided to make my own. 
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    Xandra reacted to LisaLeeO in Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1   
    Day 20...but not.  I caved and had some wine yesterday.  For me, being able to enjoy a glass is the signal to my brain and body that it's time to unwind.  I know there are other things I can do to give myself that same signal, so I am not giving myself a pass - I broke my Lenten W40.  I'm also really okay with it.  Last week I was talking about how to shift from strict rule-following to being in maintenance mode, where my primary eating habits are W30 compliant with the foods I absolutely don't want to live without being a part of my eating without taking me out of overall compliant eating.  Yesterday I drank something that's noncompliant, and I didn't go off the rails.  Today I'm back to being 100% in compliance without batting an eyelash.  I think the shift has occurred for me, and I'm really excited about how that's going to look over the long term.  
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    Xandra reacted to Patty526 in Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1   
    Hi there
    i am at day 28 and am feeling empowered and full of tiger blood! Wanted to check in with folks right behind me and let you know-- hang in--- I'm sleeping better and do not have any heartburn when I used to pop Tums like candy. Good luck fellow travelers to food freedom!!
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    Xandra reacted to Chelsea Cooper in Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1   
    I just found this at Whole Foods and it’s some of the best bacon ive ever had and it’s compliant. 

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    Xandra reacted to Chelsea Cooper in Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1   
    You can really add any veggies that you want, which is one of the great things about that soup. Red Boat fish sauce is compliant, you can find it on amazon. If not, anchovies work just as well. 
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    Xandra reacted to angledge in Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1   
    Hi all! Yesterday I had a major temptation. I helped a friend make an IKEA run & after he was done shopping, he & his son got pizza & cinnamon rolls at the IKEA bistro. I managed to hang tight with them & make it back to my truck, where I had a compliant snack waiting. But it was kinda tough. 
    However, that evening my wife came through for me LIKE A BOSS. She made a Costco run & bought ALL THE VEGGIES, & she also bought a ton of good meat. She used our backyard smoker to smoke two whole chickens & four pork chops! And then she carved the chickens, stripped their carcasses, & saved the skin & bones so I can make bone broth! I have delicious meat for days, smoked chicken to make into chicken salad, & just tons of veggies to choose from. A supportive partner makes all the difference. 
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    Xandra reacted to Elizabeth22 in Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1   
    Made it through day 4 and still feeling good! I work nights and someone brought donuts today. The candy drawer is full too. I'm staying as far away as possible. Normally I'd be eating way too much of candy and probably having a donut, but I really need to cure my sugar dragon with this whole 30! It's hard when it seems like everyone else around you is eating whatever they want. I just keep telling myself this will be worth it and I don't need all that sugar.
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    Xandra reacted to angledge in Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1   
    Sweet potato/bacon/spinach/egg casserole
    2 lb. sweet potatoes 4 slices of compliant bacon 3-5 green onions 12-14 eggs 1 cup frozen chopped greens (spinach, kale, whatever) 1 Tbsp. coconut oil 1/2-1 tsp. salt (to taste) 1 tsp. nutmeg Preheat oven to 425 degF.
    Peel the sweet potatoes & dice them into little pieces (1/4" size). Melt some (~ 1 Tbsp.?) coconut oil in a bowl, add the sweet potato pieces, salt to taste & toss to coat the pieces with oil & salt. Place them in a single layer on a baking tray & roast for 20-22 minutes.
    While the sweet potatoes are roasting, fry up the bacon until crispy. Remove the bacon from the pan & pat the oil off it with paper towels. Use the bacon grease-coated paper towels to grease a 9x13 glass baking dish. Leave a little bit of grease in the pan. Chop up the bacon into bacon bits. 
    Dice the green onions & give them a quick saute in the bacon grease.
    Break the eggs into a large bowl (I re-use the bowl I used to oil the sweet potato pieces without cleaning it in between). Whisk them until they are uniform. Whisk in 1 tsp. of nutmeg (or more if you like nutmeg).
    Once the sweet potatoes are done roasting, turn the oven down to 350 degF. Scrape the sweet potatoes cubes into the greased baking dish, layering in the sweet potatoes, green onions, & frozen chopped spinach. Don't get fancy here - by "layer" I mean "spread each ingredient around in the baking tray, avoiding large clumps". Pour the egg/nutmeg mixture over everything, making sure the egg mixture covers all the other ingredients. Sprinkle the bacon bits on top.
    Bake at 350 degF for approximately 40 minutes, until the top is golden brown. 
    Also, if you're sick of eggs for breakfast, you can try this breakfast casserole: Sausage & Spinach Breakfast Casserole. I've made this one many times & it's delicious. 
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    Xandra reacted to SugarcubeOD in Cooking with ghee butter...?   
    Here's the recipe for Better Butter on PaleoMomma.  It's funny you mention that @Xandra because I was just expounding on the amazingness of Better Butter.
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    Xandra reacted to ladyshanny in Affording Whole30 on a Budget   
    We don't have a budget for food but in an effort to not waste money, I do try to stick to a meal plan. I used to do all my cooking on the weekend but I was fortunate to change my hours and I'm now home at 330pm which means I have ample time to make a decent dinner. We typically eat leftover dinner for breakfast and lunch.
    My husband is retiring in 3 months and we will be tightening up how much we spend on groceries each week by NOT making a meal plan in advance of shopping but rather buying what is on sale and then creating something out of that. It will be an enormous change. 
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    Xandra reacted to ladyshanny in Affording Whole30 on a Budget   
    I have found this too!  In fact at our little market all the proprietors that I talked to don't use chemicals or pesticides but only one is actually certified as organic...and her stuff is always more expensive.  
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    Xandra reacted to decker_bear in Affording Whole30 on a Budget   
    This is really interesting to me! There are several markets in my area. The one downtown is definitely trendy and more expensive, but the local city ones aren't - there are people there to shop. $4 per dozen for fresh eggs vs $3.99 for "cage free" eggs from Sprouts. $2-3 for a basket of apples. Giant beets - 2/$1. Large spaghetti and butternut squash - $2 each. 20lb bag of red potatoes - $10. Bell peppers - 3/$1. Now, I did notice an interesting thing this last year - one of the vendors was far less expensive than some of the others and I even made a comment to him about how great his prices were. I was at his stand each week, and by the end of the summer he was literally throwing free stuff my way. At another stand I spent some time chatting with the girl working there, and when I picked up my basket of peaches, she said, "Oh, why don't you throw a few more in there." I'm NOT suggesting manipulation - but building a relationship with the vendors can go a long way, and shopping between vendors - don't just buy the first thing you see.
    Ladyshanny, you mentioned maybe it's because we live in farming areas? Not sure about that. I'm in Salt Lake City, Utah and most of the farmers come from the more rural areas of Utah. So, maybe??
    One other comment about the organic... I asked a farmer one time if his produce was organic. He explained that getting certified as organic is a lengthy, expensive process. While he didn't use chemicals or toxic pesticides, he wasn't certified and couldn't call his produce organic. It's worth asking the farmers how they raise their crops.
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    Xandra reacted to decker_bear in Affording Whole30 on a Budget   
    Wow, I can totally understand your panic! Others are right - the first month is always the worst. I dread those trips when I'm out of several staples, and they always seem to run out together. #whole30problems
    To answer your original question, for me, my boyfriend and teenage son (and let's be honest - those two guys eat as much as four guys), we spend about $230-250 per week - that's groceries and other staples combined (toilet paper, foil, paper towels, shampoo, dish soap etc). So, our actual food bill is less than that. I shop farmers' markets whenever possible, buy my beef in bulk from a rancher, and buy as much organic as possible. I got my boyfriend on board with the grass-fed and organic idea about six months ago or so, and prior to that we were spending between $160-180 per week. That was ADDING the junk that my teenager likes - sugar cereal, Pop Tarts, etc. I feel like he's old enough to make his own choices (he's almost 18) and I'm not going to gain anything by forcing him to eat the way I believe (know) is best. I digress. But 99% of the meals I cook at home are Whole30 approved.
    I used to be single mom earning $8 an hour and in college, so I completely understand the budget restrictions. I have two suggestions. One, obviously, shop the sales. You may end up going to several stores to get your groceries for the week - so which is more important to you, time/convenience or money? When something goes on sale, buy it up and stick it in the freezer (or pantry as applicable). It'll cost more initially, but will even out in the long run. You may already be doing this! If there's a Sprouts in your area, they have killer deals - so plan your meals around their ads instead of the other way around. Buy frozen veggies and fish. Two, have you ever kept a spending journal? For a month, write down every penny you spend on everything. I tried this once and was MORTIIFIED. I was definitely able to identify some ways I could save money - money you could move to your food budget. I thought I was spread as thin as could be, but I was wrong. It sounds like you're really tight as it is, but even if you could free up $10 or $20 per month, that's something!
    Also, you mentioned Wal-Mart... are there other stores near you? I would recommend shopping around. Wal-Mart absolutely has the best prices on some things - especially prepackaged, processed food - but not necessarily on everything. Produce and meat, from my experience, tended to be more at Wal-Mart than Sprouts or Smith's (depending on the ad, of course). Since that's primarily what you're buying on a Whole30, I'm honestly not surprised at the huge jump in your grocery bill. On top of that, again - just my experience - Wal-Mart doesn't always have the freshest produce, so you may end up spending a little more AND run the risk of it spoiling quicker. Not bashing Wal-Mart, just sharing my experience.
    A final thought - kudos to you for taking this on with such a tight budget! I think many people would have given up. You're a rock star, my dear!
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    Xandra reacted to stealthstitcher in Affording Whole30 on a Budget   
    I'm always surprised when people recommend the farmer's market for cheap produce ... my farmer's market is slightly more expensive than Whole Foods and hardly anything is organic ... I think it's because shopping there has become trendy, and I can't blame the farmers for asking prices people are willing to pay.
    I did my first W30 with some money I'd saved up from extra work. I'm thinking of attempting another one to see if I can do it on my regular $120 a month grocery budget (for one person - oh, and that budget has to cover things like soap and toilet paper as well). I don't eat out, don't have cable ... and I'm definitely not getting lattes and manicures, so there's not much I can trim from other areas besides trying to use less water and electricity to bring my utility bill down. I decided to live life on a small salary, so I've got no complaints (although some days I get mad that good food costs so much while lousy food is cheap) but for someone who has kids to provide for or hasn't been able to find a well-paying job or has heavy expenses beyond their control, trying to eat healthfully or do W30 could be very frustrating. And sometimes it's nice to just have that acknowledged.
    I know grass fed and organic will be completely out of the question on my budget, but I'd like to see if it can be done at all. I ordinarily eat about 70% vegetarian in order to make it, because beans are just so cheap. And the other 30% of meals are often egg based. Rice fills out a lot of meals for me, too. But I'm not a natural vegetarian because many days, I just want some MEAT.  
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    Xandra reacted to kirkor in Affording Whole30 on a Budget   
    Ya, it is so subjective --- compared to someone eating PB&J, corn flakes, ramen, and hot dogs, ya, Whole30 is expensive ... but compared to getting Starbucks for breakfast, takeaway for lunch, restaurants for dinner, high cost-per-serving convenience food in the pantry, and alcohol a few times per week, Whole30 is practically a discount plan!
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    Xandra reacted to rgbarron01 in Affording Whole30 on a Budget   
    I spent close to $1000 the first W30 I completed last winter.  Full disclosure:  I have 18yo and 21yo sons at home who were happy to play along!  I purchased a lot of organic chicken, grass fed bison, Aidels sausages, compliant sunbutter, different oils, spices, Kerrygold butter, and other high end food products.  Had I purchased exclusively grass fed beef I'm sure that number would have been closer to $1200. This was my Christmas present to myself.    
    This go around, I'm keeping the costs down by purchasing conventional meats/chicken and discarding skin/fat.  I simply cannot afford the grassfed/organic options.  Also, I'm buying vegetables/fruit in season and relying on hearty/cheaper standbys such cabbage, sweet potatoes, onions, etc.  I'd love to eat swiss chard, fresh mustard greens, etc. as I want,  however spinach and kale are cheaper and just as nutritious.  Frozen vegetables can also be purchased on sale and stocked.  For making mayo, I use the Bertolli Light Tasting olive oil.  It routinely goes on sale for 50% off and I then purchase 2-3 bottles at a time.  I no longer buy salad mixes but purchase the greens and prep them myself.  I don't buy expensive nuts, bottled probiotic drinks ($4/bottle), sausages ($6 for 4), etc.  So far, my weekly food budget has only increased by about $30.  I'm hoping these changes will help me complete another W30 and keep me from the dollar menu at McDonalds.  
    Good luck!
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    Xandra reacted to Phanniemae in The crazy things people say   
    Xandra-Nailed it!!
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    Xandra got a reaction from kirbz in The crazy things people say   
    Really, it should be the other way around: "Other than real food, what kinds of processed, artificial, homogenized, hydrogenated, chemical-laden, or hormonally imbalanced imitation food products do you consume?*
    *Please attach another sheet if necessary."
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    Xandra got a reaction from Selcazare in Cooking ahead   
    To cool a hot dish quickly, I take the entire container of ice from my freezer, dump it into my plugged kitchen sink, add enough water to make an ice bath, and set the hot pot in there (obviously don't do this with a hot glass dish). Stir the food every so often to redistribute the heat, and it's cool enough to refrigerate very quickly.
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    Xandra got a reaction from JamieK in Day 31 and beyond; We can Eat.All.The.Things...or can we?   
    My challenges are shifting now to bringing my kids around to healthier eating. They absolutely have to eliminate more sugar from their diets, but desserts and candy are a real challenge for them.
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    Xandra got a reaction from Abcd in Peer pressure is more difficult to resist than sugar.   
    Next time they ask why you aren't drinking alcohol, wink and tell them you're pregnant.
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    Xandra got a reaction from robynshay in What do you all do with your full fat coconut milk?   
    My favorite use is for curry. If you haven't made a curry with full fat coconut milk, you haven't lived.