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    If you haven't made homemade mayo yet, it's a great fat source
    Use it in salads, throw some on your eggs in the morning, mix it with tinned tuna or salmon.
    Immersion Blender method - you need an egg, 1 cup of olive oil (extra light, not the dark stuff), a lemon or lime and a little salt
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    LaShawnda got a reaction from praxisproject in Anyone planning to jump in on January 1st? Join me!!   
    Hi, my name is LaShawnda. I would love to be a part of this group. I'm starting my first Whole 30 Jan 1st. I'm married to a great guy who isn't interested in doing this plan with me but supports me fully and will eat what I put in front of him.
    Must admit, I'm scared to death because I love Splenda. The toughest thing will be cutting that out. I'm a pharmaceutical sales rep and I will be home the month of January studying for a new product. I think it's a perfect time to do this, no meetings and I'm home all day to prepare foods as needed.
    I got It Starts with Food for Christmas. Haven't finished it yet but I will be ready for the 1st. I'm cleaning out the refrigerator and going shopping in the next couple days.
    We can do this, right????
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    Whether you're on hormonal birth control or not, your body bleeds when it senses a drop in hormones.  That's what triggers bleeding when not on the pill (progesterone naturally drops about 12-14 days after ovulation, assuming you're not pregnant).  That's also what triggers bleeding when you stop taking the pill and switch to the week of placebo pills.  Drop in hormones = bleeding.  I'm generalizing here, but you get the idea.
    As you'll see in multiple threads here, diet can also affect your hormones.  As hormones "even out" through diet, your body can perceive some of those shifts as a drop in hormones, and your body bleeds.  That's it.  And yes, even when you're on the pill, your body still makes some hormones, so the same thing applies.  
    And, yes, saying your body just wants to bleed is a lame excuse.  It's just a normal biological response to a shift in hormones.