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  1. So sorry you did not get the results you were hoping for. There is a lot of dedication to whole30 so it can be frustrating to stay motivated if you are not seeing anything new. Aside from all the other comments I just wanted you to realize that 30 days, even though it is hard, is really nothing in the scheme of things. I have been working on my gut since spring of this year and have only noticed slight improvements. I went on to get poop tested, saliva test, etc through a functional diagnostic nutritionist and my hormones and levels are totally out of whack....like worse than menopause. They are fully confident that it can be fixed through supplements and nutrition but can take years. ugh. BUT, I don't want to feel this way anymore. Each and every day, we are either getting more healthy by what we put in or less healthy. It is really hard socially, I get that. I have my moments where I say screw it but ultimately, quality of life is so much more worth it than that bite or the ease of opening a box for supper full of GMO's, chemicals, frankenfood. My only advice is can you keep going? Could you do a modified whole30 by adding in just a few things so that your gut can continue to heal for the most part? I hope some of these posters can help you get the answers you are looking for!
  2. hojo

    Am I doomed?

    Have you tried getting your child on more of a schedule during the day as far as eating and naps? That can make a huge difference in night time sleeping. Also working on his food as well could help with his sleep therefore helping yours. He is certainly at an age that sleeping through the night shouldn't be a problem. I'm so sorry you are feeling tired! That is no fun. I have three kids and I do have to say, I have learned that the house can wait....it is always messy, and cluttered....let yourself get some sleep!
  3. hojo

    Starting tomorrow November 9th

    How are you both going to handle Thanksgiving? Been thinking about 30 days myself....what a better time to do it and not be regretting all the weight gain over the holidays!
  4. hojo

    Day 31 and 21lbs lighter The Whole 30 rocks!

    Awesome story! So happy for you!!
  5. Awesome, awesome, awesome!! Way to go! I love your comment about food not controlling you!
  6. hojo

    Holy H2O Batman!!

    The salt thing is true....if you are not getting enough salt in your foods you need to add about 1/4 teas per 20oz of water or so. I just rest in on my tongue and take a drink rather than 'drinking' salt water. and make sure its a good Celtic Sea Salt not the yucky store kind...that is really processed.
  7. This sounds very familiar! I am working with a naturopath on healing my adrenals and hormones and I also have gut issues. The die off I experiences was HORRIBLE! Very painful and uncomfortable!! It comes and goes and if we stop all supplements I feel fine....BUT you want the die off....you want the bad bugs to leave so it is a good thing even though it hurts!! What we do is continue to work with eating the right foods while prompting correct die off. It sometimes can be a cycle back and forth of removing them all and adding back in. I know this isn't anything Whole30 deals with. As far as enzymes, I've only found them to help, not hurt....so I'm not sure if that is his case or not? Have you stopped all supplements for a good week? Also, gas and bloating in the evening can be a sign of overeating during the day.....not sure what his portions are but I get very gassy when I overeat....its too much for your body to digest and it just ferments in there! I hope you can get it figured out soon...do you have a holistic health care person near you?
  8. 1 month? 1 year? 1 day? ....it varies for everyone.....AND it depends what you want for 'results'. That can come in better sleep, more energy, less brain fog, etc....I've been going at this for months trying to heal my adrenals and hormones....most say it will take a year and I'm ok with that.....just keep going knowing you are doing the best for your body!
  9. So just milk of mag by itself drdj??
  10. I think that is one of the worst things I've done to myself over the years.....compare to others. I'm not anyone else. My body is not going to act the way anyone else's does. I have to listen to what my needs are and go from there. To look at why my friend lost weight and I didn't, or why they can seemingly eat anything and I can't, or why some have more self control than me is exhausting. God made me just the way I am and I can take my strengths and build on them and also work on my weaknesses. Embrace who you are..... Also, I've started to realize that maybe these food issues I have are a blessing......if something causes you to eat better/healthier because you have to, that may just be the very thing that saves your life down the road.....less disease/sickness. Disease can begin in a body years and years before you have symptoms so just because your friends can eat that, doesn't make them healthy.
  11. hojo

    Ready to quit - help!

    Do you get the daily emails?? They are super helpful to keep you motivated and also they really hit the nail on the head for each day....Day 8 and under can be particularly hard. Also, why are you doing Whole30? What do you need to get from it? Can you remember your motivation for starting? Often just that reason can be enough to keep going. Sometimes it is very helpful for me to visualize the quitting.....visualize eating all those things that I really think I want....and then visualize it all the way through....how I feel after, how my gut feels, do I have a headache, do I feel emotionally down....etc.....and often that stops me because whole food so often makes me feel better and not so whole food makes me feel crappy, yell at my kids and husband and just feel down. What is your reason? I'm so sorry you are struggling....know that many have these same struggles and push through and are so glad they did. Is there some other way you can reward yourself? Also, If I ate steamed veggies every day I would scream too.....research the internet....there are awesome ways to make veggies!! Roast them for an hour with OO and spices...yum! Chop them up really small and do a fun salad....experiment helps with the boredom......You can do it!!
  12. Way to go!! You can really tell in your chin/face area that you've lost....I love that when my face looks leaner! Be proud of what you've learned and keep it up!!
  13. hojo

    Eggs, YUCK!!

    I love ground turkey with kale and spices for breakfast. Also chicken sausage with peppers And onions. Tom has some good recipes on his site Whole life eating. I rarely have eggs.
  14. hojo

    Off Road Disaster

    Yup, the snacks do it to me every.single.time. I am better emotionally, physically and mentally when its 3 meals, NO snacks. And really in the end, its freeing to each lunch and think to yourself 'i'm not eating till supper' rather than the constant 'what am i going to have next' thought process. Rules are good!
  15. hojo

    What to do with bananas?

    We freeze 3 bananas along with one clementine on a plate for one hour. Then put them all in a blender with 1/2 cup coconut milk and about 8 ice cubes and it makes a great frozen treat!! after whole30 of course but bananas will stay for a month in the freezer.