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  1. I find a magnesium supplement before bed helps in that 'area'.
  2. I think that was the most surprising thing about reading labels! The amount of CRAP in TEA! Shocking and unnecessary! Green tea with some lemon? Sounds healthy on the box...only to have SOY!
  3. I am interested in this as well....Day 16 for me and I'm tired as well and not sleeping great (am normally a great sleeper). What I am curious about is the timing of sweet potato/squash....I usually have this with my evening meal....would it help to have this with breakfast instead for more sustained energy? I am experiencing other benefits so it is certainly worth doing Whole30, but not having energy is certainly no fun. We gotta keep on going, maybe we just have more issues going on inside that need healing and it just takes longer....like they say, its not like you can expect perfection after only 2 weeks.......we hear so many good stories about this and all of our bodies are different and need different lengths of healing.
  4. hojo

    Paleo in Michigan

    Ladyhoward....we are in zeeland. Are you close? Naz16 how would I find that west mi group? I always need support!! It's day 1 of whole30, I have tried many times but have never made it thru 30 whole days....pretty motivated this time tho. Good luck to you both!
  5. hojo

    Paleo in Michigan

    Where are you in Michigan? We are in west Michigan near Grand Rapids and have eaten paleo for about a year and a half or so.