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  1. Just a brief update. I've been doing the 2 times crossfit and did one day of gentle yoga, and one day of just walking the dog for an hour and I've gained an inch around my waist unfortunately and gained 2 lbs. I know it takes time and I shouldn't weigh myself, but I felt like my jeans were getting tighter and wanted to see. I've also started taking fish oil because I did some research and found out it can really help with cortisol levels. I've read the same with Vitamin C but haven't tried that yet. I have added back in berries and sweet potatoes as well and I try to drink a calming tea every night to take away any stress. I've also been taking natural calm at night to try to get more restful sleep.
  2. LA28

    Spotting the Whole Time

    I actually had that happen for almost 3 weeks during my second whole30. I got checked out and it was all fine but I def think it was from the drastic diet changes. The doctor said it would clear up after my next period and it did.
  3. I am overwhelmed with all the responses:) thank you so much! I am an analytical thinker and just needed to understand I guess, the sciency version of how it could be possible to slow down - yet still lose. What you have explained makes sense and I will definitely tone things down and try to incorporate all your suggestions and above all stress less! It is afterall, the one thing I haven't tried yet:)
  4. Sorry to go back to this. I just am trying to wrap my brain around how this theory works. I understand that people have said they lost weight by reducing their exercise, but I would think the weight loss would probably just be muscle weight, wouldn't it? From a purely calories in and calories out perspective, it wouldnt make sense,right? How could you lose weight (burn more calories) when you are not burning more calories? Maybe you know more background that can make me understand how reducing exercise would help you lose the extra fat in the midsection.
  5. Jenny, that's actually great to hear, gives me some hope! I will definitely give it a try. So I will start scaling my crossfit workouts back to 2-3 times a week and eat carbs maybe just on those days? or not at all? I will also do something to try to ease more stress like yoga maybe once or twice a week. I will let you guys know how it goes! Thank you for your advice.
  6. I am not over weight but yes ALL of my weight is centered just in my mid section which just looks awful. I'm just curious but why would scaling back the work outs help with slaying the sugar dragon?
  7. wow thanks Renee! So just so I understand right, you're saying I should eat more sweet potato or eat more of the protein/fat I've been eating? Do you recommend adding back in fruit? And as far as dropping back the crossfit to 3 times a week...should I add in a day of just pure cardio on another day? I will try to wrap my head around exercising less but I would think that would just make me feel lazy? Nonetheless, i've tried everything so I might as well try this!
  8. I also feel like sweet potato and fruit definitely bring out the sugar dragon. I will try to not stress about the weight part as much and see if that works?
  9. my workouts and lifts are actually not getting better. I want to bring back in sweet potato and fruit but am worried I won't drop any fat/weight if I do that. We did our max's this week and they have either stayed the same or gotten worse. I'm 5 '11' and 162 - I carry my weight all in my midsection.
  10. I definitely try to pay attention to the sleep and make sure I get usually about 9 hours a night (minimum 8). I feel sore occasionally from workouts but I take off if I need to when I'm too sore.
  11. I did weigh. I know you are not supposed to but after that first whole30 where on my last day, I weighed and hadn't lost a pound I just didn't really want to see that again.
  12. This is my 3rd whole 30 and I am currently on day 8. I TOTALLY understand the magic, that you're not supposed to focus on scale, etc. I promise I get all that. I have seen the magic, the clear skin, etc and I love it. But what about the people who just genuinely need and want to lose weight and who just aren't seeing it? If it's not whole30 that will get me there, then do I need to try weight watchers?? I mean I get the point of whole30- but at some point, I would like to get rid of this tire around my mid section and it's just not budging and I am getting extremely frustrated:( Here are the stats: I crossfit about 3-5 times a week (I would say its usually 4-5 but occasionally with work I drop to 3 days in which case I'll try to make up with a run): Did my first whole30 in June 2012 - ate way too much fruit and didn't lose a pound but lost about 1 inch around my waist. felt great, looked great,etc and saw the magic. Did my 2nd whole 30 in October- cut out fruit and sweet potato for 10 days where I finally managed to lose 5 pounds, and by day 30 I was a total of 5 pounds down and an additional 2 inches down on my waist. I extended whole 30 for an additional 10 days (minus a glass or two of wine) and somehow lost another 5 in those 10 days. my body fat went from 26% to 23% during this whole 30. Over the holidays (nov-dec), went through some serious emotional stuff and ate my heart out unfortunately and put back on the 5 additional pounds I had lost in those last 10 days. So at this point was only down the first 5 I lost. My gym was doing a whole 30 in January, so I started my 3rd one Jan 2nd and I haven't lost a pound since. Not budged on my waist either. I decided I'll cut out fruit and sweet potatoes, again to see if that will help and it hasnt. I'm just at the point where I understand this isnt about weight loss- but what if you really just want to lose some?! And everyone around you is dropping it on whole30,except you!? My boyfriend without working out at all has managed to lose 19 pounds just by eating what I cook We log our meals at my gym, so I included a sample: Breakfast: 3 eggs, cucumber lunch: bowl of chili and 2 oz chicken breast, bunch of grape tomatoes snack (pre-WOD): 2 eggs dinner: about 4-6oz chicken breast with 1 avocado, bell pepper and onion wrapped in a few pure wraps; bunch of asparagus and broccoli Breakfast: 3 eggs Lunch: 2oz chicken with 1/2 avocado in a pure wrap, 1 bowl of chili, 1 tsp almond butter Snack: 3oz carrots Dinner: chicken shawarma salad, pint of grape tomatoes, cucumber
  13. LA28

    Compliant Chicken Broth

    I just found one yesterday. It's at whole foods called free range chicken organic broth. Orange box.
  14. I was reading through all the discussion about the crepes and i was wondering about this concoction I make as sort of a quick post WOD meal. All it is is sweet potato, eggs and ghee. I pour the mixture into muffin tins (out of simplicity really) and top with a piece of berry (blueberry or strawberry) and sprinkle some cinnamon and bake. I figured since they are fat, protein and carbs they are a good "whole" mini meal? Is this SWYPO?
  15. I have been on Nuvaring for several years, with no issues at all. I am on day 25 of my second Whole30. The first whole30 I noticed that my all my period symptoms completely vanished! No cramps, bloating or anything. It was almost magical! This time, I'm in 25 days and at about 15 days (and still going!!) I have been having some sort of (breakthrough bleeding/or whatever you want to call it). Gone to the doctor twice now and they all tests came back negative. She honestly told me she wasn't sure what was causing it! I'm supposed to have my period in a few more days. Could this be a result of the drastic diet changes? has anyone else had anything similar happen? Just wondering if it's all the new food and my body adjusting or something deeper? Like I said, I've never had this before and have been using everythign else the same for several years.