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    Anyone planning to jump in on January 1st? Join me!!

    Hello all! This will be my first time doing Whole30, and I am so excited! Since turning 34 back in June, I feel like my body has gone haywire. Skin problems, digestion issues, and unexplained weight gain, just to name a few things in particular. I'm tired of feeling crappy all the time! My boyfriend is doing the challenge with me. Our biggest hurdle is going to be alcohol. We love our beer and cocktails, and meeting up with friends for happy hour is a big part of our social life. We've already given our friends the heads up that this challenge is on the horizon, and so far everyone has been supportive. I think it helps that we've all had a very very merry holiday season, so to speak, so everyone in our group is looking forward to doing some detox. Our second biggest challenge is going to be preparation and planning. We are very much the type to come home after a long day and say, "Screw it, let's go eat Mexican!" We're not starting the challenge until next week, so I'm definitely going to use this week to put together some frozen meals. It took a little convincing to get boyfriend to agree to do this, so I feel like our success depends on how well I plan. I'm up for the challenge, and I'm thankful for this support group! Good luck to us all!