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  1. Next weekend I'm having a getaway weekend with some friends, and looking to do it on the cheap. In previous situations like this, I'd pack myself a PB&J Sandwich to have something simple, portable and does not require a fridge or microwave. Any suggestions on meals that travel well? I'd likely need to leave it in the cooler for about 12 hours before I arrive. I might have a microwave at the hotel, but I don't want to worry about food prep (opening cans, cutting up vegetables etc) while I'm there. Thanks!
  2. Healthy in DC

    Washington DC on the Whole 30

    I love this post! I live in Northern Virginia, so anybody want to add weekend spots (brunch or dinner) that you've discovered in Northern Virginia?
  3. Healthy in DC

    Apparently I need a lesson in food safety!

    Thanks for the encouraging words and useful resources!
  4. Healthy in DC

    Resources for Journaling Symptoms and Successes

    Thanks everyone for the responses! I ended up going with a leather bound unlined journal, because when I sat with it, I realized I need some space to work through the emotions that come up as I change my habits. When I get to re-introduction, I think I'll use an app to capture more quantitative data about my symptoms (Symple looks good) to take to a functional medicine doctor if everything doesn't get cleared up. I appreciate the responses.
  5. Day 3 of my 4th Whole30, but it's been months and months of bad habits of eating out all the time. Last night I tried to cook up a marinated pork chop dish, and it made me so sick that I think I might have given myself food poisoning! Perhaps my issue was buying it on Saturday then cooking in on Wednesday, or perhaps I marinated it for 48 hours instead of 24, or perhaps my meat thermometer isn't accurate, I'm not sure where it went wrong. I usually stick to mostly poultry, fish, and ground meats. My attempts to cook pork chops are me venturing out into new territory. But now I'm afraid of trying other new things for fear of poisoning myself again. I'd like to restore my "I can do this attitude" when it comes to cooking new things. What's a good resource for a refresher in food safety?
  6. What do you like to use for keeping a journal? As I'm reading Food Freedom Forever, I realized I've approached the reintroduction phase poorly in my 2 previous Whole30 experiences, and that's why habits or benefits didn't stick. I think for me the key would be to keep a record. What has been useful for you? An app? Handwriting your journal? Keeping it in a word document? Something else altogether? Thanks for your feedback!
  7. I got the Whole30 book last week and it inspired me to start my 3rd round of doing a whole 30! I've found on page 199 a note that says "Download a complete shopping list for this 7-day meal plan at:" I see a general shopping list, but I was hoping for a shopping list specific to the 7 day meal plan from page 196. Anybody know the secret to getting that 7-day meal plan shopping list? Thanks!
  8. Healthy in DC

    Phone Apps?

    I'm interested in knowing if anyone has found an app that helps to meal plan. I'd love to find one that's really simple, and easily allows you to switch meals around or to copy from last nights' meal 3 to be meal 1 as leftovers, etc. Right now I just use my notes function on my phone to plan 3 days at a time or so, but it would be GREAT to have an app that makes meal planning simple. Any recommendations?