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  1. Picky eaters

    It sounds like it is a battle of the wills. I have three kids myself and have fed them more "healthily" as the years have gone on. I am 90% or more Paleo - they are more 80% eating primarily meat, eggs, fruit, veggies and some nuts and nut butter, coconut. When they are with their Dad they eat what he feeds them and do get sweets at the occasional school birthday or holiday function. I will also occasionally give them organic oatmeal or rice, but I do not eat that myself. I have learned that as a single mom who spends a LOT on food, I cook it and they can eat what they want but I'm not making a zillion different things. And there have been instances where the food that they normally don't "want', zuchinni spaghetti for example, is left and if they are hungry they will eat it. And many times we also have the discussion that I CAN eat whatever I want, I'm and adult, but I CHOOSE to eat the way I do for health and because it is best for my body - and theirs. Will you daughter drink smoothies or popsicles? You can make smoothies and freeze them with fruit and coconut milk for the extra fat. Also there are wonderful recipes for apple bread made with almond flour; you can also make zuchinni bread the same way. Both smoothies and breads are great to sneak things in while you are working on the battle
  2. Favorite additions to egg muffins?

    Whatever veggies are around including asparagus, broccoli, squash, zucchini, left over bits of bacon. 2 slices spreads between 12 cups wonderfully. And herbs too!
  3. What can I do with ground meat?

    You can also make beef jerky out of it. If you have a dehydrator, you can mix raw beef with cooked bacon and some of the drippings and spices; form into strips. Place in dehydrator. A friend of mine does this and it is amazing!
  4. Grass fed beef taste so bad??!!

    I agree that good grass fed beef should taste "beefier" than store bought. I really can't even stomach conventional beef. Also, good grass fed beef fat will taste like the meat and not fat. It literally will melt in your mouth - kind of like butter. You should most definitely look around for another supplier. When you say you have sourced local - did you meet the farmer and ask them what they feed their cows? Do they administer any medications or things to the grass? Just additional info you may want to gather
  5. Funeral--Air Travel, Staying w/Relatives

    To be honest I would consider fasting a day, and maybe only needing to eat about 4 times total during the trip. Eat a large meal Wednesday night and bring food with you to travel on Thursday - dried jerky, an apple, nuts, some cut up veggies and drink tons of water. Since you are traveling, that's all I would eat on Thursday. I am sure the family will have eggs for breakfast in the house. I would eat eggs for breakfast or possibly dinner and fast the rest of the time on Friday. By Saturday, u should know where you can to a grocery store for food on Saturday. Fasting every now and then is actually good for you and in a time like this, would remove a lot of stress on your part and allow you to focus on the time with your family.
  6. Coconut Butter?

    Mix the coconut butter with real cocoa for a chocolate spread - used in moderation of course!
  7. Bad breath?

    how long have you been clean?