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  1. NinjaSarah

    The crazy things people say

    Conversation with coworker that just happened. Stuck at work another hour and having a "snack" Hb egg, apple and almond butter. (No ready to go veggies today) Cw: whatcha doing? Me: eating an apple Cw: no you're not Me: you're right, I'm cutting my apple to eat it. Cw: you brought a knife to work (picture" stepped in dog poo" horror) Me: it's a paring knife Cw: but it's a knife! You could get in trouble Me: it's less than 3 inches long, it's ok. And (my mistake here ) it's not like I'm in the kill all things stage Said with a smile & joking tone, to a work friend Cw: .....kill? What kind of diet is this? Are you going to stay home then? Me: I wish I could. But no. It's figure if speech "B". it'll be ok. Cw: what's that goop? (Pointing like a 3rd grader at my container if AB) Me: *sigh* happy Friday! not yet...
  2. NinjaSarah

    The crazy things people say

    Overheard at work coworker 1: "I just ate two donuts and here I am getting more food" coworker 2: "yeah but that's not Real food, it doesn't count" coworker 1: true. it's not filling. Wonder if they have pizza left?" (at the commisery) coworker 2: I'm getting a grinder, need some veggies" (veggies = 1 leaf lettuce, & maybe some tomato/green pepper smothered in spaghetti sauce) And then they both come back with pop, potato chips and candy. Nothing else. Me-just reaffirms why I'm doing this....I Refuse to become a "typical" state worker
  3. NinjaSarah

    The crazy things people say

    "If you ignore a craving you'll just binge later" Me:.....What? Um, no, I won't (I thought it, didn't say that) "Oh, you're on a cleanse..." Me: maybe I'm not explaining it well, but no it's not a cleanse. "But you're little! You don't need to lose weight!" Me: this isn't about weight loss. It's about Health. "A little slice of chocolate cheesecake is ok. Just call it your cheat" Oy vey.