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    Day 12, Tuesday May 12
    M1: green cabbage, spinach and green onion fried in ghee, topped with pine nuts and 2 fried eggs
    M2: romaine, spinach, green onion & avocado salad tossed with green goddess dressing and topped with chicken breast 
    Snack: carrot while preparing dinner
    M3: cauli-rice with onions and sweet peppers, 1/2 chicken breast, coconut aminos
    NSV: I tried a new seasoning - coconut aminos - yum!
    NSV: I didn’t have any cravings today, even when my family was having dessert after dinner! Big win :-)
    Hacks to Habit: keep some small-diced or spiralized sweet potatoes in the fridge, ready to cook up quickly when I want some starch and sweetness
    Plan for tomorrow: I need to plan out the menus for this week.  For the family’s menus I can just cut and paste from six or seven weeks ago, but for my meals I really want to try some new recipes. I’m afraid I will get bored or tired of the foods I’ve been eating, which will lead to a huge temptation to give up. Stealthstitcher if you read this, what did you put in your shepherds pie with chicken?
    I also want to make ghee, boil some eggs, prep some more devilled eggs, chop up a sweet potato or spiralize some with my new spiralizer, and make a potato- egg salad with that delicious mayo I finally made yesterday. 
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    Sounds like you're well-planned!