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    Whole 30 December Start

    This weekend tried a great recipe from Paleo Leap web site. A mexican breakfast "lasagne" really like a frittata almost or a Spanish Omelette from Spain with sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes and turkey bacon and avocado as toppings, very yummy! and non-Whole 30 and non- paleo folks joined me for dinner, well liked. Mexican-Style Breakfast Lasagna: Enjoy! - Jen
  2. Blue Zen for Jen

    Whole 30 December Start

    I have had other aborted attempts at a Whole 30 start. So why not when I will be facing the Holidays as an extra challenge (at least if I stick to plan I can not gain weight over the month of December. I am really really finally ready to give an honest go at this Whole 30 beginning December 1st. Today was a test day with one or two items such as hot chocolate and milk in my coffee and herbal teas but I am ready to do whatever it takes to improve my health. I have various chronic issues with health -- Cancer Survivor (grateful to be 15 years post - Blood Cancer), hypothyroid, PCOS, and pre-dabetes also Anxiety / Depression. I am active somewhat regularly but just have not been able to get the food right. So the workouts running , mountain bicycling, walking/ hiking occasional swimming and spinning class and yoga class but mostly home yoga over past year also trying Fitocracy (calisthenics) and Barre workout ( a few classes) now home workout (very challenging) and core workouts including a really good workout with Yoga International online with a core yoga sequence about 45 minutes. I also tend towards chronic fatigue even though i push through 40 hour work week and commute and tend to stay on top of the exercise schedule sometimes falling off plan during the weekdays. So any help would be appreciated. so far I have about four or five how to do the Whole 30 books and a few Paleo cookbooks and just bought Practical Paleo book also. no questions yet. Hopefully tomorrow off to an ambitious start even with the Holidays to navigate through this month. I am so grateful for all the helpful online tools to get started and this community with experience and practical tips and guidelines. - Jen
  3. Blue Zen for Jen

    Whole 30 December Start

    @jim4884 thanks for the support! hoping my health improvements happen with these dietary and behavioral changes around food / nutrition
  4. Blue Zen for Jen

    Whole 30 December Start

    Ok so I am making a final and very real start on January 9th 2019 maybe even a Whole 30/ 60/ 90 depending how it goes. I will not lie I want to lose a significant amount of weight. But I am hoping the health benefits are more important - a key to better living. I am hoping to balance insulin ups and downs and lower overall triglycerides noted in my blood work ( taming the sugar monster ) So wish me luck if you will. thanks for reading :-) Jen
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    Whole 30 December Start

    Well it seems that the December Whole 30 needs a January restart. Too much temptation in this season. I feel guilty not having a bite of something someone else has spent time preparing for the occasion. I have been doing some days compliant or some meals especially been avoiding my usual dairy -- Lattes, Yogurt, milk in coffee/ tea etc. and gluten avoided mostly. But nothing near compliant. So I am restarting in January 2019 Day One New Year's Day (like a million other folks in the world) but so be it or let it be. I am learning that planning for meals and planning not to get too hungry are important factors for success and trying new Paleo recipes at home. It really has been tough at work with a lot of stressors in place and too many treats sitting out for consumption. Also eating out more during the holiday tough to stay on plan although I have been reading up on the better choices. I see other threads for a January start. How is the December start going for other people online? For me a learning experience actually with a little success in the beginning and a little weight loss (but I know no weighing during the Whole 30 but I was already off track and lost some weight anyways - a small number) Happy Holiday and be safe in the New Year! - Jennifer
  6. Blue Zen for Jen

    Whole 30 December Start

    @tinman57 I am so sorry. I hope that you receive the love and support you deserve. Thanks for reaching out.