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  1. Is it ever too late?

    Do you think it can ever be too late and a person has done permanent damage to themselves from bad food and medication etc? Or can everyone's health be turned around by a whole30?
  2. why do you think your supply is going down? Is your baby getting plenty of wet and dirty nappies? Its all about supply and demand, the more they feed the more you make. Are you feeding on demand? Expressing is no indication of supply if that is what you are doing. As babies are way more efficient than any pump. Are you eating when hungry?
  3. Yep this is the best advice ever! Following your babies cues is the best, you will know if they aren't getting enough.
  4. Extremely sore muscles?

    thank you for your advice I have walked between 3-6 km every day for the last 4 days so far. I will ease back into lifting weights after the xmas/new year break (once my husband goes back to work). I will def go right back with how heavy I am lifting, since ive had so long off CrossFit, once I am fitter and stronger I will go back to CrossFit.
  5. Coffee-free for Jan W30....

    No, I have not yet managed to give up coffee yet
  6. Chilli

    Yep Ill agree with this, it was goood!
  7. Mayo success! ..sort of...

    i did try to add more olive oil to the second failed batch and it didn't work. I used to use a stick blender which worked awesome, but it broke. Then I have been just using my ordinary blender, which was working for a while, so I dunno
  8. Mayo success! ..sort of...

    wah!! My last 3 batches of mayo have failed Same recipe I always use. Could it be something to do with the eggs? They are slightly older, still good to eat though.
  9. Anyone want to try a Whole 100 starting 1/1?

    I really should just aim for the whole 30 first. I have tried more times than I can even count, and never have gotten more than half way through. Dairy/coffee keeps tripping me up. I am hoping having my husband home for the next 11 days starting tomorrow, will help break my starbucks drivethru habit. I don't even enjoy the coffee anymore. So no idea why I am drinking it.
  10. Extremely sore muscles?

    well 5 days later, and I can finally move my legs properly, they still hurt but not as bad as before. I have not yet worked out again. I am so confused about this working out business and having so much weight to lose. Do I continue trying to lift? Walking only? I should know all this stuff as ive been here before, but I am also worried about getting hurt (ive been injured heaps of times in the past doing various things.
  11. Plantains

    CrossFit Blacktownmore info‎ 5/62 Owen Street Glendenning NSW 2761 0466 532 917 This is where I was going. I loved it alot. It made me feel amazing. Stuff happened though and have not been since April. CrossFit workouts make sense though, no mirrors, and lots of people encouraging you. Starbucks Drivethru is in Mt Druitt. Wow good on your sons
  12. Plantains

    Well we were paleo last year Oct-April 12, with dairy, although I did a few (or maybe lots!) of whole 30 attempts during that time, as well as CrossFit, but then stuff happened, and I did nothing until went back to paleo Oct this year, while still trying to do a whole 30 (damn you starbucks drivethru!!) But I am working on it Do you have kids or anything? I have 2 boys 2 and 5 The only person I know living in the Blue Mountains is my midwife I had for my youngest's homebirth lol
  13. Plantains

    I am not quite out as far as Penrith. I order online http://www.kokonutpacific.com.au/NiulifeCoconutOil/Shopping/Cart1.php?IndxCtgryNo=64&FreightChoice=&Progress=0
  14. Is it just me?

    Here you go http://turtlesandtails.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/bora-bora-fireballs.html
  15. Is it just me?

    Sorry the recipe is called Bora Bora fireballs and its in Mel's Well Fed cookbook. Not sure if online or not.