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  1. Dave good luck with the surgery; that was a beautiful post about your wife and family! Thanks for sharing; gives me hope too!
  2. Thank you Lady Shanny for sharing your story with us.
  3. Thanks guys for the words of wisdom; I am being impatient.... As for the bone broth, you wouldn't believe what happened. Sad, embarrassing but true: it burned. I was in a deep stretch of 3 hours of sleep and my husband woke me up with: "somethings burning!" I should have known, but I guess my stove on simmer is still at very high heat. So now the house smells really bad. I'm going to have to try again, and yup there were some veal bones in there; I'll just do the chicken on its own this time!
  4. I'm making bone broth; so far it doesn't look or smell too good. Any ideas on why we stop losing weight? I'm -60 and need to get to -80 or 90; why am I stalled? I'm almost about to go back to counting my meager calories to get to my destination........ I hated doing that. But it did work.
  5. forgive me dirty 30 for I have sinned: too much abstaining makes it hard for me moderate. I used to be fine with both abstaining and moderating for a long long time but today I stress ate. I absolutely had a whole milk latte and chocolate chip cookies. for lunch. I don't even like cookies. ok time to move on. stuck in blizzard. marinating meats and getting ready to cook salmon.... as soon as we eat the roast chicken I will start simmering my BB! this is a first for me! washed my beautiful broccoli and kale and stocked up on mushrooms!
  6. There's actually a Penzey's not too too far from here; I have their "Arizona Dreaming" which I use on fish with a tomato stew with okras; has a good kick; It opened recently and I've only been there once but will check in again! thanks for the tip; their spices do have a lot of scent and flavor! It seems like I can't get past the -60 pounds barrier; I did lose a few pounds over the whole30 but I didn't get past that mark; i had gained a few before the new year.... onwards and forward! I have to remind myself that i was unhappy with the way I was eating, because I knew it was not a great long term plan; i'm going to have to re-assess what things I can have while feeling good and feeling full; one at a time, or one group at a time......... whole30 reintro, food sensitivities, and fodmaps...... now, why am I avoiding exercising? what self sabotage is this?
  7. maybe I just naturally eat low carb? I'm soaking up all the information on brewer's log; I mean is there anything wrong with low carb? and maybe that fits in with the fodmaps thing? I think I will continue eating whole30 ish while reintroducing things. including fodmaps. which i usually don't eat. I forgot to have dairy this morning. I'll cover dairy tomorrow. I eat it sparingly anyway... btw - I think too much abstinence leads to a binge and an inability to moderate. for me anyway. higs: that sounds delicious; I will try to find some vietnamese cinnamon; i love spices! I don't use a lot of sauces but I like to spice things up. I made my soup / or puree starting with mustard seeds popped in oil, onion and garlic, it adds a nice deeper flavor; embarrassingly, I have not been exercising. at all. much. uh oh.
  8. tulipgirl6


    anyone else here struggling with blood sugar regulation issues? what have you found to work best for you (besides hflc, of course!)? supplements, types of exercise, adequate sleep, reducing stress, etc. I'm trying to regulate and lower my blood sugar and I really see and feel a difference when I do strength training; i seem to be much more level on days that i do hevy weights and all the veggies I've been eating throughout this whole30 seem to help also....
  9. I am very intrigued by the "whole30 ketogenic style." Can you expand on it? All the ketogenic style eaters I've met follow a less than 20g carbs rule which does not leave room for heaping plates of vegetables. They preach ketosis through fats and proteins...... So, what's in your typical meals?
  10. cottagequeen: thanks for your words of wisdom drtracy: so much stress! oh my meadowlily: no problems with ketchup ever; i've always been eating raw foods, also with my cooked foods; salad is my staple ever since I was a child; if I am away and don't have salads due to not enough access (I have gotten better at this over the last few years) I actually get a stomach ache. The raw foods help me with digestion. Thinking back to the past year, the cookbook that is standing out to me is a raw foods cookbook; maybe I am vegetarianish? ladyshanny: I read and re-read the article; I thought I am a moderator, but actually I am an abstainer I guess; it's easier for me to do the whole30 and just jump in and cut things out cold turkey..... I tried on a fancy jacket from ages ago; it fits! Another one, not so much..... glad I didn't give them away. i really want to lose 20 more pounds. That's the bottom line. Did anyone read Dr. Hyman's article on the pegan diet? Ok I am going to try to go back to sleep; night night everyone!
  11. this is very science-ey and confusing; not sure if i can be this organized! i've been reading different info on fodmaps and it is very intriguing. have any of you been to a naturopath in conjunction with your whole30 or done the alcat test?
  12. I think it comes down to "trial and error" and really tuning in to how your feeling. You have to start with a clean slate though. This fodmap thing sounds very science-ey. But I am seeing some overlap with my food sensitivities which I have to find the chart for. Did I mention to you that I'm in the pre-diabetic zone? Something that has lingered on since my last pregnancy? And I think I'm insulin resistant. and I have a big belly. This whole30 has helped with some of the bloat though. But what's wrong with tomatoes? And maybe I just eat veggies that are familiar to me? I swear there is no rutabaga around here. And the avocados have been really bad recently. I didn't even buy any yesterday. Meadowlily: thanks for telling me about this group and inviting me to join! You guys I am snowed in with a napping baby, just want you to know I'm eagerly waiting for you to post to help my day go by. It keeps my spirits up. Until the big kids come home from school....... xoxo Tulip
  13. ok sometimes things are more obvious to others; which foods that I can't tolerate? i just don't like cooked veggies and prefer them raw. the only thing i've come across that gave me distress was tea. i'm going to read about fodmaps and look at the recommended veggie list again. i have my food sensitivities charted by blood test so that does give me some additional info. I will take a look at that again also. the blood test also recommends a reintroduction schedule similar to but much slower than the whole 30, but also based on the test findings. hmmm. I did that thru my naturopath..... I just had a ton of my home made beef kabobs; I wonder why you think I'm mostly vegetarian? You are seeing something. Be back soon; I'll be reading.
  14. ok so i don't think the fodmap thing applies to me; what's wrong with tomatoes?
  15. I don't know if I'm an abstainer or moderator? Is it so black or white?