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    anyone else here struggling with blood sugar regulation issues? what have you found to work best for you (besides hflc, of course!)? supplements, types of exercise, adequate sleep, reducing stress, etc.
    I'm trying to regulate and lower my blood sugar and I really see and feel a difference when I do strength training; i seem to be much more level on days that i do hevy weights and all the veggies I've been eating throughout this whole30 seem to help also....
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    Lily, I don't know what you look like, but yet I just pictured you doing this.  
    You MUST let us know how it turns out if you ever decide to do it.
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    I'm not sure what kirkor's plans are for February.....  are you continuing with keto, sir?
    I have my own keto thread where I keep track of my meals, etc.  But I was not part of this original group...  I just joined in for the awesome discussion here.  
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    I get what you're saying, but I think it all adds to the discussion. And when kirkor responds to you and then no one can see what he is talking about, well then, that just makes him look silly.
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    MeadowLily why oh why do you delete your posts??
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    Redditor kept keto (not W30) while in Vegas for 5 days: http://imgur.com/a/fFCJ6
    My KETwhOle30 is still going along swimmingly. I've had my immersion blender back this past week so there's been plenty of homemade mayo to go around.
    I decided that with my steamed veggies I prefer coconut oil to ghee.
    I'm a little bummed that the Ketostix aren't the useful gadget that I'd hoped they would be, but that's ok, live and learn. I've had plenty of other gadgets over the years that didn't pan out.
    This may be obvious to everyone else, but I had a realization about W30's "Food without brakes" that applies to keto ... from most all reports, the most pernicious FWOB foods are fruit (esp. dried) and nuts (esp. butters) ............. and what do these food types have in common? They are the most carb dense foods allowed in the W30 catalog!!
    Is it any wonder that these are the foods people over-indulge with?
    Non-W30 keto'ers don't get as much exposure to fruit and nuts of course, and their FWOBs are usually dairy related: heavy cream & various cheeses.
    This is why the combo of keto & W30 might be so super cool: you get the benefits of both approaches with no FWOB temptations!
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    Thrill or binge eaters have routines.    They'll often fast or use calorie restriction with excess cardio after a binge.   That only gets them deeper in the hole.
    It is worth it to keep breaking this cycle so they can heal.  Binge eating doesn't solve the problems that are making them sad, anxious or depressed.   Never fast after thrill eating.   Immediately go back to your Whole 30 meal.   Don't give it another day or two to see if you can get back in the right frame of mind.   
    It's much similar to training an animal.   When the animal has a bad attitude or habit....you have to get their attention right now!  You don't use force but you snap them out of their old thought pattern and redirect them.    It works with animals....people just take a little longer.     
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    Saw this on reddit:
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    Really?   Oh yuck,  I really need a bucket.        
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    Unfortunately we all have some candida. We are born with it. Thanks, mom.
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    Dr. Emily,   I don't have Candida....barf.     Can't stand the image of that word.  Yuck, I need a bucket.   Anyhoo, I'm glad you've shared how it affects you much the same way.   It gives me an ulcer- feeling-belly-ache.    In 232 days, I haven't had a bite O honey or sugar.
    No bread, rice, pasta, dairy and so forth.   I'm compliant without complaint.   What makes Brain Octane easier to handle than MCT?   I've been taking a good probiotic all along, too.
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    P.S. I use MCT/Brain Octane because it gives me sustained high energy and mental clarity, which makes me happy! :-) Yes, it is definitely a processed product, certainly not found in nature in that form! I think of it as medicine, in the same vein as concentrated plant extracts or vitamin supplements, which can be very helpful in more quickly getting the train back on the rails when more powerful help is needed (as it is for me and many of my patients!)
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    Re MCT oil - yes, I have C8 MCT (Upgraded Self / Bulletproof Exec Brain Octane) in my coffee every morning, and occ a second cup around Noon too, and I also use the Brain Octane in salad dressings, mayo, pesto, and more. I have found that the Brain Octane is much less nausea-producing than regular MCT. My understanding is that MCT causes nausea for 2 main reasons: it kills yeast/candida which causes a die-off, and the system not being used to digesting that much concentrated fat at once. It supposedly gets easier over time for most people... tho for me, it has not - I still get just as nauseous from 1T of MCT oil now as I did a year+ ago when I started, unless I take a digestive enzyme along with it, which helps tremendously!!
    As for how to reach that 60 mg/dl average blood glucose, yes, I think partly it's just a matter of staying on plan for long enough, but I think that certain supplements are often helpful and even essential. I am still playing with my mix, still trying to figure out that piece... Regular exercise also seems to be essential, at least for me, and the correct mix, too - for me that looks like some kind of low to moderate intensity activity like hiking or biking most days, plus some HIIT and/or strength-training once or twice a week. And, getting good sleep and keeping stress managed are also important! So many factors to manage...
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    Coconut oil is like 50% MCT so I figure that's the best way to go.
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    MeadowLily, MCT oil is used in the ketogenic world specifically because it encourages ketone production.  It stands out from any other type of fats for this reason.  I know that it can help people reach ketosis and get higher readings...  I guess my thought is that MCT oil is still a very processed product, and I shouldn't "need" it to get where I want to go.  If that makes sense.
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    doctoremily - I used to have a "deranged metabolism" and was officially PreDiabetic. (our measurements are a little different here) My morning fasted blood sugar used to fluctuate between 5 and 10, sometimes as high as 12 (10 is bad). Now I've evened out to a fairly constant 6-6.5, although this W30 I've had some record lows, 4.6 and 4 (don't really want spikes or dips, but my doctor would never have believed this a few years ago!)
    Things which really helped me:
    Eating within an hour of waking up (30 minutes is better, if you're fast enough) Lifting heavy things rather than cardio Whole30 Eating to the template!!!   & avoiding snacking Staying away from dairy, grains & artificial sweeteners when not doing Whole30 Not eating fruit outside of meals (ie. not on an empty stomach) I also eat more carbs now than I did pre-Whole30 and I stay in ketosis. I think this is both from avoiding grains and dairy and my gut healing (I have leaky gut, although a lot less leaky now I think).
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    tulip, I've measured my fasting blood glucose for my entire keto Whole 30, and I will continue to do so.  My average FBG for January is 89.
    You can see what I've been eating/doing here:
    And I am continuing my journey here:
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    Welp.  After re-reading them, some of them were just plain silly and they weren't copasinki with the spirit of your Keto thread.   Sometimes I figure things out by writing them down and then realize I'm over-thinking.   When I'm over-thinking I've slipped into the doubting zone.  So I delete the over-thinking and go back to the cool breeze of simplicity.    But that doesn't take away my curiousity....then I lay back in the weeds and only pounce when I feel I have something to add to your data points.   I don't want to be left behind and have to eat your dust  while you're sprinting towards your six-pack abs.   
    After all, I am your target audience and you know I would run after your car and lick your tires if I thought you'd found the answers to the fountain of youth.
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    Also, MeadowLily, I think you could sort of drive yourself nuts with everyone's opinions on the internet.  Lots of chatter out there (including me ) -- but really, the only way to know how YOU feel and perform is to live the lifestyle for awhile and see.  I believe it is highly individual and there are many factors.  
    As an example, I have decided to exclude sweet potatoes and potatoes because of how they make me feel.  NOT because someone out there told me to.  I've learned so much by listening... really listening.  I arrived at a point ready to try keto because for me, it just made sense.  
    Is it for everyone?  No, probably not.  Did everyone's ancestors live in a ketogenic state, all the time?  Of course not.  ...BUT... did they have the ability to shift back and forth between using ketones for fuel and glucose?  Absolutely.  The low-blood-sugar episodes that people today just keep feeding with carbs, sugary coffee drinks, eating every 2 hours......  well, that is just not a good place to be.  It's sort of ridiculous if you really think about it.  You don't see animals out there in the wild having these problems.  
    At some point, I think you've got to go through the rough patch to arrive on the other side -- where you are truly no longer dependent on those things.  And I think, as we've discussed, you're already there on the other side.  
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    how's everybody doing with their keto whole30?
    my ketone levels are in the 2-4.5 range this week, with fasting blood glucose down from close to 100 every morning for the past few months to 69 this morning! woohoo!
    i've simplified my eating tremendously since we started this keto whole30, and am basically doing intermittent fasting with bpc until mid afternoon most days, then late lunch and usually also late dinner (working until 7pm will do that to the eating schedule!)
    last night we had super tasty burgers with homemade mayo (mac nut oil based) with green chile, grilled mushrooms and onions (this is our go-to fri night dinner) - my blood sugar was high 80s after the protein bomb and onions, but it's good this morning, so recovery time is getting better, which is great (it used to take days for it to come down after getting jacked up). also my ketone and blood glucose levels are similar (in mmol), which i heard on jimmy moore's show is a good thing.
    my ultimate goal is to have average, constant blood sugar levels around 60. dr thomas seyfried says optimal is 55-65, even 0-2 hours post-prandial! that would be amazing.
    what are your goals?
    anyone else here struggling with blood sugar regulation issues? what have you found to work best for you (besides hflc, of course!)? supplements, types of exercise, adequate sleep, reducing stress, etc.
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    praxis, how long have you been at this, though?  I remember seeing a keto thread from you awhile back.
    I think it's important for beginners to understand that if the goal is to truly get into a deep, measurable state of nutritional ketosis -- it is VERY likely that you are not going to achieve that having potatoes every day.
    We all have different levels of carbohydrate tolerance.  Jimmy goes into quite a bit of detail on this in his book, and that is why measuring blood glucose and a reliable method of testing for ketones (not urine strips) is so highly recommended.  Over and over and over in his book.
    If it was as easy for everyone as just following the template, then everyone on a Whole 30 should be in ketosis.  But that's not the case.  
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    We're all on our own.     The strong desire to eat our way to our best  possible life is also a marker of that will to live, live, live.
    Brewer, I liked your post out there about giving up sugar.   It's a choice.
    No one can do this for us.   If you don't have any family support,   think of Kirkor and others who rock it every day on their own.   I didn't lean on anyone at home or abroad.  I kept my mouth shut.   My own folks didn't notice one cotton pickin' thing for 6 months.   That's how gradual the process has been for me, very slow, turtle-like.    It's not a race and I'm not in a competition.   Everyone is inspiring and creative with their personal health journey and the Whole 30, Whole 90.... 

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    Just want to say that keto can absolutely be done without dairy.  I'm doing it right now.    And I don't plan to re-intro much dairy...  None of us do well with it here.  It really needs to be kept as an occasional thing at my house.
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    After eating a whole pound of Brussels sprouts last night, I was looking at the net carbs in different veggies ... this list is pretty cool, sorted by net carb per 1/2 cup: http://www.ruled.me/best-low-carb-vegetables-ketogenic-diet/
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    Hi Hutlifr.
    In your context, it sounds like you already know how the dairy you want to eat affects you.  In that case, there's no reason for you to do a controlled reintroduction on that food group: you've already got the information you need.   The idea behind reintroduction is to test for when you don't know how a food group impacts you physically/psychologically, and/or you want to know how eating that food will affect you.
    Some folks separate out different types of dairy on different days. For example, they don't know how cow's milk impacts them vs. sheep's/goat's milk. Those people would do three different cow's milk products on one day, and then three different sheep's milk products on another day.  Or a pasteurized dairy day vs. raw dairy day.  Soft cheese day vs. hard cheese day.
    It's your experiment of 1: test for what makes sense in the context of what you already know, don't yet know and/or want to discover.