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  1. AwksIrishGirl

    UK "E Numbers" to avoid

    Yeah, are any e numbers okay on Whole30, or for general feel-good-paleo-eating?
  2. AwksIrishGirl

    Why I quit the whole30 program

    Why did you give up tomatoes and decaf coffee? Whole30 doesn't have to be autoimmune! Also, I'm on day 21 now, and for the first two weeks my acne actual got a little worse - particularly on my cheeks. (Bizarrely I've noticed that I get spots on my cheeks only when I first cut out sugar.) But in the last day or two it's almost all gone! I have no idea why, but I guess it was just my skin acting out as it adjusted to a slightly different way of eating - I'd been eating a fairly healthy diet before too. Also, are you sure those spots aren't hormonal? What stage of your cycle are you at? Because whenever I get hormonal acne it's usually on my chin - I got awful spots there for months when I went off the pill! Either way, your diet is such a personal thing so what suits one person won't suit another and that's just fine
  3. AwksIrishGirl

    Anyone planning to jump in on January 1st? Join me!!

    You probably won't believe me, but this recipe is also amazing for pizza cravings!
  4. AwksIrishGirl

    KTC coconut oil

    Brilliant, thanks so much for your help everyone!
  5. AwksIrishGirl

    KTC coconut oil

    Okay thanks everyone! Does that mean it's not MCT oil then? (I'm not sure what that term means.) It'd be great if I could use it for oil pulling - although it doesn't taste of anything (gross), it's so much cheaper (only €1.99 for 500ml!). I hate using the expensive stuff and then throwing it in the bin!
  6. AwksIrishGirl

    KTC coconut oil

    Hey there, I saw on another thread that KTC coconut oil isn't great as it's prepared in a different way to ordinary raw coconut oil. I was just wondering if it might still be suitable for oil pulling? And how bad would it be to consume it anyway? Thanks in advance!
  7. AwksIrishGirl


    I'm planning on mixing Whole30 sriracha (see the recipe on Nom Nom Paleo) into it and having it with white fish and lemon juice - like the filling in fish tacos!
  8. AwksIrishGirl

    Day 30 feeling down and discouraged

    As far as I'm aware FODMAPs sensitivity is different for different people - usually a person won't be intolerant of all FODMAPs, just some of them. So I wouldn't rule it out. Might be best to seek a professional opinion regardless though!
  9. AwksIrishGirl

    Supplement for Constipation

    Do you think you might be having trouble with FODMAPs? I'm not sure if your constipation is bad enough to be IBS, but for me cutting FODMAPs out of my diet makes things run a lot smoother! So you could try leaving out the onion, chimichurri (if it contains garlic) and avocado for a while and see how it goes! (It's not recommended if you don't suffer from IBS though.)
  10. AwksIrishGirl

    Anyone planning to jump in on January 1st? Join me!!

    Little late, but I'm joining the bandwagon tomorrow! Starting something new is always easier on a Monday