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    AwksIrishGirl got a reaction from Beets in Why I quit the whole30 program   
    Why did you give up tomatoes and decaf coffee? Whole30 doesn't have to be autoimmune!
    Also, I'm on day 21 now, and for the first two weeks my acne actual got a little worse - particularly on my cheeks. (Bizarrely I've noticed that I get spots on my cheeks only when I first cut out sugar.) But in the last day or two it's almost all gone! I have no idea why, but I guess it was just my skin acting out as it adjusted to a slightly different way of eating - I'd been eating a fairly healthy diet before too. Also, are you sure those spots aren't hormonal? What stage of your cycle are you at? Because whenever I get hormonal acne it's usually on my chin - I got awful spots there for months when I went off the pill!
    Either way, your diet is such a personal thing so what suits one person won't suit another and that's just fine
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    AwksIrishGirl reacted to GlennR in A confession--and opinion   
    I find your description of a re-set as "punishment" really weird -- as if anyone else could make you do it if you didn't want to. Doing a re-set is always your choice, because you want get the most of out of the program.
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    AwksIrishGirl got a reaction from leahcarn in AwksIrishGirl's (low FODMAP) Whole30 Diary   
    Day 19:
    B - Root veg soup with pulled pork & barbecue sauce.
    L - Leftovers from dinner.
    D - Leftovers from the week - chicken thigh, chilli, some of the aubergine dish & spinach. Also cooked some roast potatoes after.
    The boyfriend ordered a big Domino's so I made some roast potatoes to have instead If you're tempted or miss Domino's, all you need to do is look at their ingredients' list - everything has a ludicrous amount of ingredients, it's crazy! And the wedges are coated in wheat flour - insane.
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    AwksIrishGirl reacted to ladyshanny in Did you kill your sugar dragon?   
    I like this question and it relates perfectly to one of my favourite articles:

    Also Whole9's article on moderation:
    My sugar dragon is gone back to his home planet the SECOND that I start abstaining.  Don't hear from him, see him, sniff him.  When I send him back and close the door, he is absolutely GONE.
    If I invite him back with ONE candy, ONE sip of a sugary beverage, ONE gluten free cookie, ONE piece of grain free banana bread, he breaks down the door and starts busting the place up.  And it is so hard to do what I need to do to get him gone again; declare abstention.
    So no, I can't kill him.  He is either there or not there depending on what my decisions have been. 
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    AwksIrishGirl reacted to Melissa Hartwig in UK "E Numbers" to avoid   
    While working on The Whole30 book edits for our UK publisher, I began researching E numbers that would rule a product out on the Whole30. (Boy, your labeling isn't anywhere near as easy to translate with all these codes!) I thought you might find these helpful.
    Note, I can't say for certain these are 100% of the E numbers to avoid. These are just the ones I researched with respect to specific off-plan ingredients. Feel free to post your own resources, or to request that I add to this list with other additives you discover in your own research.
    Here is a list of E numbers you'd want to avoid on the Whole30, as these codes refer to either carrageenan, sulfites, or MSG:
    E150b    Caustic sulphite caramel
    E150d    Sulphite ammonia caramel
    E220      Sulphur dioxide
    E221      Sodium sulphite
    E222      Sodium hydrogen sulphite
    E223      Sodium metabisulphite
    E224      Potassium metabisulphite
    E226      Calcium sulphite
    E227      Calcium hydrogen sulphite
    E228      Potassium hydrogen sulphite
    E407      Carrageenan
    E620      Glutamic acid
    E621      Monosodium glutamate
    E622      Monopotassium glutamate
    E623      Calcium diglutamate
    E624      Monoammonium glutamate
    E625      Magnesium diglutamate 
    Here is a list of E numbers you'd want to avoid on the Whole30, as these codes refer to added sweeteners (natural, artificial, or sugar alcohols):
    E420 Sorbitol - Sugar Alcohol
    E421 Mannitol - Sugar Alcohol
    E422 Glycerol - Sugar Alcohol
    E950 Acesulfame K - Artificial Sweetener
    E951 Aspartame - Artificial Sweetener
    E952 Cyclamate - Artificial Sweetener
    E953 Isomalt - Sugar Alcohol
    E954 Saccharin - Artificial Sweetener
    E955 Sucralose   - Artificial Sweetener
    E956 Alitame - Artificial Sweetener
    E957 Thaumatin - Natural Sweetener
    E958 Glycyrrhizin - Natural Sweetener
    E959 Neohesperidin DC - Artificial Sweetener
    E960 Stevioside - Natural Sweetener
    E961 Neotame - Artificial Sweetener
    E962 Aspartame-acesulfame Salt - Artificial Sweetener
    E965 Maltitol - Sugar Alcohol
    E966 Lactitol - Sugar Alcohol
    E967 Xylitol - Sugar Alcohol
    E968 Erythritol - Sugar Alcohol
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    AwksIrishGirl reacted to leahcarn in Anyone planning to jump in on January 1st? Join me!!   
    Ok, this is a hard post to write...
    I've decided to restart. I'm not getting the results I want out of this whole30, so I've decided to restart and go low-FODMAP. I contemplated doing a whole60 and making it low fodmap from here on out, but I think I would feel like that was cheating. I had hoped to continue fodmap reintroductions through this whole30 while focussing on added sugar and cutting snacking, but I'm not being strict enough and my body isn't healing.
    Here's to day 1
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    AwksIrishGirl got a reaction from leahcarn in AwksIrishGirl's (low FODMAP) Whole30 Diary   
    Day 12:
    B - Two fried eggs with leftover chili and a tomato.
    L - Leftovers from dinner and a banana.
    D - Sea bass sautéed with red pepper and spinach, served with coconut lime sauce I made myself. I also had a bit of smoked salmon with it. Had an orange as well #itsfriday
    Really proud today - I went to the supermarket and reeeally wanted to treat myself. So I did. With smoked salmon and coloured pens   I didn't even think about buying sweets at all - crazy.
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    AwksIrishGirl reacted to MeadowLily in Hunger changes   
    I have a sedentary job and while I did go for a walk yesterday, it wasn't anything really exerting nor have I incorporated an exercise routine into my days yet.

    Thanks in advance for your patient help and understanding!


    I know everyone and their cousin is doing a marathon in every state and two on Sunday.  Bob in accounting does an Ironman while carrying another man on his back.   Any person who goes for a walk or takes a hike feels the need to put the word "just" in front of their accomplishment as in;   I "just" walked down the road for an hour and I wasn't even walking fast.  But you went for a walk at some speed above 'completely still'.    This is an accomplishment and I want to encourage you to stick with it.    I started out walking down the backroads.   I graduated to hills and steep  mountain ridges.


    "Tiny steps for tiny feet".    Stick with it.   I'm proud of you.
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    AwksIrishGirl reacted to GFChris in Hunger changes   
    Hi there,
    Here are my observations. I'm also attaching the recommended meal template for your reference.
    - I see a lot of fruit. The recommended serving size is a whole piece of fruit the size of your fist, and 1-2 servings a day with your main meals only - not as part of a snack. I wonder if you might see some differences if you cut back on your fruit, and also don't let fruit push veggies off your plate: aim for 1-3 cups of veggies per meal.
    - are the apple sausage patties compliant?
    - at the 0900 meal, did you have any fat?
    - When eggs are your protein, the recommended serving size is the number of eggs you can hold in one hand. For most folks, that's at least 3-4 eggs.  Perhaps try increasing your egg portion?
    - If you are genuinely hungry in between meals, have a mini meal containing protein, veg and fat. Nuts are a fat source on a Whole30.
    Side question: do you work the night shift, given the meal times you listed? Just curious.
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    AwksIrishGirl reacted to Physibeth in Whole 30 Binge   
    You didn't fail. You had a setback. Get back on track now! Start from the beginning and spend some time thinking about what happened and how you could have handled it differently. Are there things that contributed to what happened?
    Remember that how you think about this program is going to have a huge effect on your success. If you think "I can't" a lot it is going to feel harder than it needs to. If you think "I'm choosing not to" it will be easier to say no. Back up that "I'm choosing not to" with a lot of reasons why you are choosing not to. Carry around a list of reasons why you are doing Whole30. When stepping into social eating situations always have a plan. The people whose opinions really matter will understand.
    You can do this! Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start again stronger for the setback.
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    AwksIrishGirl reacted to Mary T. in IBS Success Stories?? Advice??   
    I see this is a really old post, but I'm going to put in my 2 cents worth. When I went paleo most all of my IBS issues vanished ... with a few exceptions. My digestive system can't handle large meals, so I split food into 4 medium-sized meals. Be very careful with nut flours and definitely cut out all legumes. Acidic foods could be causing this as well - cut or limit tomatoes and citrus. Higher fat content makes your bowels flow more, lower fat content bulks it up in your bowels ... finding that happy middle ground is different for everyone. I know that theory is contradictory to the Whole30 rules, but let's be honest, everyone is different.
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    AwksIrishGirl reacted to Paichka in Anyone planning to jump in on January 1st? Join me!!   
    Oh, and I forgot to mention -- my wonderful husband brought me a present yesterday.  A Sodastream!  So now I get to make my own sparkling water instead of paying through the nose for Perrier or Gerolsteiner.
    Cruising right along, in any case. 
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    AwksIrishGirl got a reaction from praxisproject in Anyone planning to jump in on January 1st? Join me!!   
    You probably won't believe me, but this recipe is also amazing for pizza cravings!
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    AwksIrishGirl reacted to bronnyd in Anyone planning to jump in on January 1st? Join me!!   
    OK today is day I'm cutting out most fruits as with SIBO, fruit is an issue. I tried keeping it in because I love bananas, apples and frozen berries, but I feel sloggy bloaty in my gut when I eat them. So eliminating and reintroducing after Feb.
    Also have been experiencing issues with cashews and pistachios - I think because I can't eat those without grazing and when I graze, again sloggy bloaty gut.
    So cutting out nuts except for just a few almonds or walnuts on salads. 
    Snacks will now be: prepped carrots, celery, broccoli, hb eggs, salted chicken meat, pepperoni chips, mushrooms sauteed in c-oil,  guac guac guac, cauliflower rice, romaine lettuce (I LOVE lettuce and like a bunny can munch on the leaves no prob), steamed spinach/kale with a bit of bacon. Prepping today (sunday).
    Also have some bone broth already made for the first few days of this week. 
    Making crustless spinach, bacon egg tart later this aft.
    Need to get chicken today and will brine and bake chicken tonight. 
    Main issue this wk is prepping dinners to eat during work so that I don't come home ravenous and chow hugely after 8 p.m. Plan to eat no later than 7:30 this week and since this will be quite a challenge, I will report here every evening when I get home to keep on track.
    Allowed after 8 pm: Lemon or herb tea, a few sticks of julienned celery, one hb egg if hunger pangs are really bothersome.
    Moving forward with more clarity and resolve. 
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    AwksIrishGirl got a reaction from praxisproject in Anyone planning to jump in on January 1st? Join me!!   
    You probably won't believe me, but this recipe is also amazing for pizza cravings!
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    AwksIrishGirl reacted to missmary in KTC coconut oil   
    huh. sorry, I had no idea this brand of coconut oil existed. Looks like refined coconut oil; not as good as unrefined but fine.
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    AwksIrishGirl reacted to missmary in KTC coconut oil   
    Nope, this stuff is not MCT oil, sorry I assumed that was what you meant! MCT oil is coconut oil that has been processed to remain liquid at room temperature.
    Yes, you could definitely use the KTC for oil pulling.
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    AwksIrishGirl got a reaction from leahcarn in AwksIrishGirl's (low FODMAP) Whole30 Diary   
    Oh dear that's ages alright,  . I'm going on holidays in March and I think it really will be impossible to eat whole30 there (like there will be no possibility to cook for myself and I'd be miserable avoiding stuff) so possibly I'll just have to do another whole30 in April, after which I can reintroduce the other foods I didn't get time to!
    After 5 years of symptoms, it's fine to take it slow!
    That's unbelievable - it's terrible how feeling bad becomes your norm! I can't believe how much less bloated I feel, and I'm on my period as well - crazy! 
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    AwksIrishGirl reacted to leahcarn in Day 30 feeling down and discouraged   
    So happy for you. I hear you on the apple thing, they have given me stomach aches since I was a child, and nobody believed me, so I started doubting it myself. I mean, "An apple a day..." and all that?!?! But you never regret listening to your body. Just make sure, as other posters have said, you allow yourself enough symptom-free time before and between reintroductions so you can tell what causes you issues (do as I say, not as I do LOL)
    Best of luck
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    AwksIrishGirl reacted to leahcarn in AwksIrishGirl's (low FODMAP) Whole30 Diary   
    Um, more like a week between foods by the times symptoms resolve and I've logged 2 symptom-free days, on thr other hand, i did have symptoms resolve that I didn't even know I had, so that was good
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    AwksIrishGirl reacted to missmary in KTC coconut oil   
    Are you talking about MCT oil? It's ok. It's not the end of the world and its permitted on the whole30 (its not even restricted or discouraged like a lot of other oils).
    Coconut oil is pretty special with lots of good qualities and good fats. MCT oil has been processed to remove most of what we love about coconut oil, leaving the more fragile fats so it's not as good for cooking. 
    Part of the reason to use coconut oil for oil pulling is the antibacterial qualities of coconut oil (from the lauric acid content). MCT oil has the lauric acid removed, so, although I have no reason to say you couldn't or shouldn't use it for oil pulling, you would be compromising on that aspect.
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    AwksIrishGirl reacted to Tom Denham in KTC coconut oil   
    There is apparently an internet debate about the KTC brand of coconut oil. I found a vegan site that gave it a thumbs up -
    I do not have general confidence in vegan research and judgment, but honestly, if the vegans approve of KTC, I am sure it is fine.
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    AwksIrishGirl reacted to leahcarn in AwksIrishGirl's (low FODMAP) Whole30 Diary   
    Just had to say hello to a fellow low fodmap'er 
    I'm glad you're finding it good so far, when I did mine it felt like the hardest thing ever, but now I'm in a routine it's not too bad. 
    I don't want to discourage you at all, but I dd my low FODMAP whole30 (turned into a 45, but I did completely resolve all sypmtoms) in August last year and I'm still reintroducing. It's nice to see other people around tackling it the same way I am
    Best of luck to you
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    AwksIrishGirl reacted to AKM in Day Nine - It's That Time, and I'm Bored AND In Need of Chocolate!   
    (Hi all. I wrote this over on my introduction thread, which I guess I'm using as a journal of sorts? I thought I'd put this here, too.)

    Today is Day Nine. It's Day Three of That Time (yay) and yesterday I think I could have killed someone for a piece of chocolate. I am not even a chocolate person, nor have I had any cravings during that last week until then! Really what I want is a huge bag of potato chips AND some dark chocolate. I'm pretty down, too; I have bipolar disorder and GAD, and neither go well with my messed-up premenopausal hormones.

    I'm also BOREDBOREDBORED! I don't want any more chicken, I don't want any more beef, I don't want another damn egg, I DEFINITELY don't want any more salmon...I know that yes, there ARE other proteins out there, but they're still all so similar and I'm tired of all of this. I was just rarin' to go even through the weekend, and now I'm all, "If I eat one more bowl of Chocolate Chili, I will throw it against the wall." (And I LOVE the Chocolate Chili, and I'm craving chocolate anyway!) I'm tired of cooking or even reheating and I just want some grab-'n'-go stuff, and that's just impossible to find on Whole30, let alone paleo in general. When I was "just paleo," I ate a LOT of fast-food salads, even though they have some chemicals on the chicken/lettuce/whatever. It was just nice and easy to just let someone else put the food together for me to snarf it down.

    I still have some food left from my cookup last week since I live alone, but again...chicken, tuna, salmon, eggs, chili, ground beef...MEH. I'd almost rather go to bed hungry tonight than eat one more of those items that I've been trying to rotate through three meals a day for nine days.

    Any ideas? Even my go-to veggies have me bored, and I bought LOTS of variety of THOSE, too.

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    AwksIrishGirl reacted to missmary in Day 4 and problems with cardiovascular performance on runs   
    not to pile on here, but this idea about wanting to "raise blood sugar" before working out? What is the basis for this? Your goal should actually be to avoid anything sugary pre-workout to help condition your body into using fat stores for energy. It may take a few weeks to adapt, but once you have done so, this will greatly improve your endurance (no chance of using up all the readily available energy and crashing).