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    Halloween Party Menu - Suggestions?

    @Veritaserum - What a great idea! I have a Costco trip planned next week, so I'm adding Play Doh to the list. Thanks!
  2. Because of an unfortunate run-in with pizza last night, I am restarting my whole30 today. This means that I will be be whole30ing it on Halloween. We are hosting an outdoor dinner this Halloween because we finally live in a neighborhood with tons of trick-or-treaters. So, a group of friends will come by, we'll eat outside (we live in Florida, so the weather is still pretty nice for outdoor dining) on the porch, and hand out candy. We are going all out with the decorations, and I am trying to figure out the menu. We'll have about 10 people over (all adults), and about half are paleo-ish. The other half are flexible and one has an absurd love of legumes. I know I'd like the main dish to be the famous Well Fed Chocolate Chili with some avocado slices, onion, and olives for garnish. Am I required to put out sour cream and cheese? I am going to go ahead and make a side of black beans so the legume-lover can add them to her chili. But what else should I serve? I'd like a couple more items, maybe an appetizer or two, and something sweet for the end (I was thinking baked apples, or maybe apples with homemade cashew butter...) So, does anyone have any suggestions? Also, just as a side note - has anyone changed their halloween candy preferences for trick-or-treaters after whole30? Do I have a responsibility to hand out a healthier treat or am I overthinking this? Thanks!