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  1. seagrey

    Starting March 1st

    It's hard to resist the sweets at times - but I've found that my sense of taste has changed and now apples taste so sweet - bananas are delicious and a few raisins or blueberries in my lunchtime salad are a real treat. We had a pot-luck at work the other day - I made sure I brought something that I knew I could eat and resisted the treats. I found that tuna fish on Fridays helps with the no-meat days. It fills me up. I'm surprised that I'm not missing bread more - I love to bake as a hobby, my problem is that I also love to eat too much of what I bake....sigh. Hang in there folks!
  2. seagrey

    Starting March 1st

    Glad to hear that there are others out there doing a "whole-lent!" -- me too! I was just going to do it, but it's nice to have a group out there to join! I just finished a Whole30 last month and decided to jump back in again. One thing I've noticed is that my general mood is happy -- what a great feeling! Although I do get hangry at times, and definitely went through the 'kill all the things' phase last time - shocking how it crept up on me. However, it passed thankfully and I didn't actually kill anything!
  3. seagrey

    Starting January 9th

    Hi everyone! Congrats on completing the Whole 30 -- I'm down 10 lbs! How's the reintroduction phase coming? I learned that peanutbutter is a gateway trigger food for me -- it tasted sooo good that I really didn't want to stop eating it after my apple was finished...but I did and I stepped away from the jar. The black beans I had at lunch definitely tasted good, but didn't have the same trigger effect. It was good to learn that! I'm using yesterday and today to get back on track and tomorrow I'll try the non-gluten grains - I have a feeling corn chips will be another gate-way to overeating temptation....I might avoid them to entirely and eat other non-gluten things instead.
  4. seagrey

    Starting January 9th

    Hi all -- how's day 7? I've been sticking to the plan, but had to make a quick trip out of the grocery store after shopping -- was too tempting inside - but nothing extra snuck into my cart! I went on a mission to stock up for the week, had a list and stuck to it! I've had a headache today - am hoping that eases up - am drinking more water.....
  5. seagrey

    Starting January 9th

    Happy to see so many started day one yesterday! Welcome to day 2!
  6. seagrey

    January 9th Start date First time around

    Hi all -- I started yesterday too! Here's to day 2! I'm feeling the need to feel more in control of what goes into my body and know I have been "sleep" eating way too much! This is my second whole 30 - the first was 3 years ago and I remember feeling really good when it ended - but I've slipped back into old ways. Not quite all of them, but a lot of them. I'm glad there are other folks out there!
  7. seagrey

    Whole45ers from January 5th Start

    hi folks -- I'm really glad that there are some folks continuing on this journey! I thought about starting the reintro phase on day 31 and even had a plan, but then I didn't want the humus I had brought for lunch and instead stuck with the salad and hardboiled egg & handful of here I am day 33 and still going! I am happy about feeling healthier after a month of clean eating and I know I've lost weight because my clothes are fitting differently. I'm not tied to watching the scale, but weight loss is a goal that I have and I'm glad about what I have achieved so far. But I'm happier about changing what I eat and changing my behaviors - I didn't think I could not snack between meals, and I have found that I can do it just fine. I splurged and got one of those mandoline veggie slicers and it is totally awesome! I have to travel again next week, but this time I know what to bring with me and have a plan with a little cooler all set!
  8. hanging in there - I too am very glad that it's almost time for the weekend to begin! Are any of you starting to think ahead to next week & reintroductions? I'm a scientist at heart and am looking forward to experimenting on myself a bit - but I'm also thinking that I'll stick to mostly on plan eating. I like what it's doing so far! Keep it up folks and have a good weekend!
  9. Made the chocolate chili on Monday and it was great - unfortunately came down with the flu later the same night, so I don't think I'll be eating the chocolate chili any time soon again. At least it'll freeze -when I can manage to put it in the freezer. Am staying hydrated with water and some hebal tea. Am contemplating some chicken broth - all I have to do is heat it up, but that means actually moving.
  10. I survived travelling and stayed on track! Had a little cooler with me with hardboiled eggs, carrots, lettuce, apples, and portioned out some cashews so I wouldn't eat too many at a time. Eating out worked too - ordered salads with plain grilled chicken. The friends I stayed with were very kind and even had a bunch of roasted root vegetables and chicken on hand. I did pick up some Lara bars, but didn't rely on them. Got out and went crosscountry skiing this morning - it's been a while since I've been on skis and I promptly fell down -- was like one of those cartoons when the feet are scrambling trying to stay in place and then slide out from under the character. Once I stopped laughing I got up and had a good time, the dog enjoyed getting a good run in too. Congrats for making it to Day 14! Onward!
  11. Made blueberry breakfast sausage (I don't know how to link to the recipe) and was surprised how much I liked it! I also just drank my first cup of coffee in a week. Normally I like coffee with a lot of milk in it, but this time I tried it black - and it didn't kill me! I drink black tea and usually have that in the morning so I wasn't especially missing a mid-morning or mid-afternoon cup of coffee - but Sunday morning breakfast and coffee are a habit. I admit, I'm wary of coconut milk, maybe even a little scared of it -- I have a can of it, but have been putting off opening it. I just don't use that flavoring very much and am not a huge fan of flavored coffee to begin with. Now that I know I can drink a cup of black coffee, it's a freeing sensation and maybe I'll get a little braver about that can of coconut milk and experiment. I appreciate all the great recipe suggestions! I made panfried (in olive oil) haddock the other night and coated it in chopped up almonds & some shredded coconut -- it browned nicely and looked 'professional' - it even tasted good, althought next time I think I'll dial back on the coconut -- a little can go a long way. Congratulations to everyone for making it to day 7! Keep it up!
  12. Thanks so much for writing back! And thank you for the condolences. I'm going to be traveling by train and then renting a car - might be able to handle a small cooler. I really like the cooler idea & I can leave it in the car -- the good thing about winter in the northeast US! We will be dining out - probably for most meals except breakfast, so I'll start researching. I really want to stay on plan! Any favorite snack suggestions out there? Thanks again in advance!
  13. hi folks - I need some advice - next week I have to travel to a family gathering for an unexpected funeral. I'll be staying with old friends who I haven't seen much. Any suggestions on how to be a good guest and not go off plan? I don't want to offend my hosts, nor do I really want to make a big deal because this change in my life is still so new. Any good foods that can travel well? and don't need refridgeration? I'll be travelling with 2 people who are not doing the whole30, so that makes it a little complicated. Many thanks in advance for suggestions. I have today and the weekend to prepare.
  14. crawled out of bed this morning - thought my alarm clock was lying to me. however, managed to get to work on time and I think I remembered everything I need for the day -- any one else feel kind of dazed? ametev - I agree with the hungover feeling - without any of the fun the day before! blech.....
  15. day 2 wrapping up - had a head ache this morning, but kept drinking water and it went away by noontime - phew!