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  1. Ooooh, the Well Fed books! I have lots of favorite recipes from there, and each of these is also a household favorite: Chinese Five Spice Pork Ribs (I pretty much always make the Asian Slaw to go with). Mine don't look like the picture in the book, even if I reduce the sauce in the crockpot, but they are soooo delish! Sunrise Scramble Chocolate Chili Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup Reuben Rollups (my daughter is addicted to these) Fiesta Pork Chops Pad Thai (this throws together in a jiffy later in the week if you pre-cook chicken and spag squash during your cookup) Italian Sausage and Eggplant Strata (I make this one during my cookup to have later in the week on a busy night) I hope this is helpful, happy eating!
  2. Momzilla

    Doing Whole 30 Alone

    I'm doing it alone as well. Fortunately, there is great support on the forums. Maybe your roommate could be nice enough to be accommodating and not torture you while you do the Whole30? It might not hurt to ask. Good luck!
  3. Momzilla

    Starting January 5th...

    I usually enjoy a nice glass of sparkling water with lime or lemon juice. Especially lime, though. It's very refreshing. Last night I threw a couple of cucumber slices in the bottom of the glass too.
  4. Momzilla

    Goodbye Diet Soda

    Whoo! I went cold turkey off coffee about a year ago, and had the worst migraine EVER. Good on ya! I found that after I started drinking coffee again, I don't *need* it like I used to, and I don't get a headache if I don't have any for a day or three. I haven't been a soda drinker for a very long time. I was a big Atkins person 10 years ago, and hate hate hate the taste of sweeteners - so I just didn't drink any soda at all (fizzy water, but no sodas). When I finally decided one day after about a year on Atkins to have a Dr. Pepper, (formerly my favoritest drink - I would drink it every single day) I gagged at the taste. Even now, if I take a drink of a Coke, the syrupy sweetness is disgusting. My long-winded point is that you may find after you've given up the dark fizzy stuff for a while, you may not want it, and it may taste absolutely awful to you. Plus, your name is awesome BookJedi.
  5. Momzilla

    Starting my Whole 30 today, here goes nuthin'!

    Nailed it! How did you do? I'm currently enjoying my sparkly water with lime juice....from a martini glass.
  6. Yes, the Wine Queen is a formidable foe. Especially when your other half is still partaking. She's not more formidable than we are, though!
  7. Yay! Thanks for the commiseration Chandra! I've done that before - made a Paleo dinner, but threw some garlic toast in the oven or made some noodles for everyone else. For this W30, though, I'm being a bit of a beast & cooking only what I can eat.
  8. Momzilla

    Starting my Whole 30 today, here goes nuthin'!

    I highly recommend Well Fed and Well Fed 2. They're so good, I still find myself just sitting and reading them a year later. She's funny and has so many tips and tricks, ways to modify the dishes easily (she calls it "You know how you could do that?") for instance, changing her coleslaw into Asian slaw (which so soooooo good). Another thing I love about her books is that she gives pairing suggestions with the recipes. That's how I discovered the highly addictive Asian slaw - it was suggested to go with her Slow Cooker Five Spice ribs (which are also amazing). Even when we fell off the Paleo wagon (and became 'kinda Paleo-ish), we still used recipes from those books every week for meal planning. If you're looking to broaden your spice horizons, these books will definitely help! Another book that I like is Nom Nom Paleo, but not as much as the WF books. The NNP website has so many amazing recipes, that I usually just hit that up. I love her Saag Gosht recipe, if you're into Indian food - give it a whirl.
  9. Hi everyone! I started my first Whole 30 yesterday as well. I'm happy to see this thread! I'm going on this journey alone (a supportive but not-willing-to-do-this husband and kids), so commiseration and support are definitely needed.
  10. Yes! Well Fed and Well Fed 2 are extra-awesome! She also has a really great Whole 30 post on her site - The Clothes Make The Girl - with a guide on how she gets her Sunday cook-up done very quickly.
  11. Momzilla

    Completed Day 1

    I was also feeling peckish before lunch yesterday - but I drank a bunch of water and was able to make it to lunch. Woo! I bet you did get a bit of a stomach ache after eating chicken for the first time! It will probably take a little time before your system is comfy with it. Probably not as much time since you have been eating fish and eggs, but my friends who went back to eating meat after being vegan for a while had to tiptoe back into being omnivores. Happy eating, you got this!
  12. Momzilla

    Starting my Whole 30 today, here goes nuthin'!

    Go us! Team Awesome! Yep, hubs was drinking wine last night - even asked me if I wanted some. tsk tsk, bad Hubs. Then he felt bad after I reminded him that I had started my Whole 30, not that it made him put the wine glass away or anything. LOL On a really good note, I made Melissa Joulwan's Pad Thai from Well Fed - and it was a HUGE HIT! So nom tastic - I just ate some of the leftovers for breakfast. Hubs went back for seconds, and declared spaghetti squash a wholly acceptable substitute for noodles.
  13. Hello Whole 30 World! Well, I'm a 38 year old IT professional who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have struggled with my weight off and on. Not so much while I was in the Navy and had ample time and opportunity to work out regularly as well as being a devotee of Atkins (meat and vegetables and dairy, no processed treats since I lived overseas where they weren't available) and not eating wheat. After the birth of my second child, I was never able to get rid of the last 10-15 lbs no matter how I dieted or worked out. I was in excellent shape, but I couldn't stop conflating weight with health and just starved harder - to no good end. I wasn't overweight or obese, but I sure was focused on the number on the scale and all I accomplished was wrecking my metabolism. Fast forward to civilian life, and I started gaining weight like crazy and feeling like crap while working a job that required a lot of time driving and a lot of meals eaten from a drive through. I eventually got back down to the size I was after I had my second child when I went back to school, and even stayed there for a while eating in a manner that I didn't know was basically Paleo/Primal and staying fit with running/yoga. After I graduated, I started working full time for a large firm that I had interned for and worked part time at during my last semester of school. Being kind and keeping it short, my job was stressful. I gained 60 lbs in a year, my CTS reached new heights, I developed IBS, my BP - always perfect before - was now at the 'warning' level, GERD, my thyroid grew some really interesting cysts, my DLE flared back up, I started drinking far more than is healthy to come down from anger and stress, and my diet sucked. After two years of that loveliness, I've moved to a different position and discovered the Paleo approach - so similar to the low-carb diet that I had felt so awesome on years ago, but without the crazy carb counting and plethora of available processed foods. It just makes sense - eat real food that makes me feel good. I need to clean out my system and get rid of the last of my bad habits. Unfortunately, I'm doing this without my family. My husband and kids can't abide the thought of life without bread or wine (wine for hubs, not kids haha). He's supportive, but not to the point of me cleaning out the fridge, freezer, and pantry. I will only be cooking Whole 30 food, so all family meals will be compliant - but there will be plenty of temptation along the way. We went Paleo a while back as a family (until life got challenging and I let it fall to the side), and even hubs felt better and enjoys the food. He just really can't let go of his junk food. Anyway, I'm committed to this. I'm excited. I have a bunch of awesome food cooked for the week. Time to kick some a$$ in the health arena.