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  1. Ladyshanny - Good trick. Hopefully he doesn't peruse this forum.
  2. Carlaccini - Yay! Another Montrealer! How's your Day 3 going? I'll pass by Costco & Inter-Marche this weekend and will let you know if I find anything good. Ladyshanny - Sad to hear you have the same problem out in the West. How do you do it? I'm almost prepared to jump into my car and head for Plattsburgh for some bacon. I'm sure the border agent would get a few laughs.
  3. Thanks Miki! Looking forward to your horror stories.
  4. Hi all! Brand spakin' newbie here - never even experimented with Paleo before. Here's to jumping in with 2 feet. Started on Jan 5th and I'm hoping if I slide you a check of 10 000$, you'll let me in and throw me an extra sweater into the deal. Nadine
  5. Hey all! This is my first Whole30 (woohoo!) - I'm on Day 3 (so many days left!). I'm from Montréal, Canada and I've found it extremely frustrating that many of the Whole30 approved foods only ship within the U.S. I can't seem to find any bacon that isn't cured with sugar or any sausages. Anyone else have any luck? On another note, how is everyone doing? Nadine
  6. Hey all! Almost done with day 3! Like many of you, I was pretty tired today. Have been having trouble sleeping although I think that's because my internal clock shifted over the holidays (anyone else party a little too long into the night?) and is rebelling against me when I try to sleep at a reasonable time now. I've been having a few sugar cravings but nothing major - certainly nothing I didn't feel in control of. Hopefully, this will continue to be the case. I've been feeling really motivated to get some exercise in! I actually woke up early to run 30 minutes on the treadmill today. Yup. I chose - exercise - over sleep. Believe you me, I'm just as shocked as you are. Hope you all have a good evening! From Montréal, Nadine
  7. Hey everyone! So happy to see so many people starting today. It was my first day as well and I feel I'm flying a little by the seat of my pants. I prepped my food for the week yesterday so at least that was done but I feel like I haven't read enough about this (the book is on its way). I'm someone who needs to have read everything to feel prepared but I figure I can do the reading while doing the challenge and it's better to start sooner (whilst I have the motivation) than later. I started eating healthy almost 2 years ago but I feel I've been letting myself go a little (hello sugar cravings!) so I'm hopping the Whole30 will be a little of a reset button for me. I've never done paleo - my previous diet consisted of meat, poultry, fish and eggs for protein, whole grains, vegetables and fruits that are low on the glycemic index for carbohydrates, nuts and olive oil for fat and greek yogurt for dairy. I'm willing to try something new and I feel this diet isn't too far from what I was doing that it will be incredibly difficult. Plus, I'm doing this to see what foods I might a have a bad reaction to. I've routinely felt nauseous and I think it's from something in my diet. This was alleviated when I started eating healthy but it still comes around every once in a while. So here's to hoping I can figure out why with the Whole30. First day went well. Nothing to report. Hope all went well with you! Nadine