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  1. Hey all! This is my first Whole30 (woohoo!) - I'm on Day 3 (so many days left!). I'm from Montréal, Canada and I've found it extremely frustrating that many of the Whole30 approved foods only ship within the U.S. I can't seem to find any bacon that isn't cured with sugar or any sausages. Anyone else have any luck? On another note, how is everyone doing? Nadine
  2. Ladyshanny - Good trick. Hopefully he doesn't peruse this forum.
  3. Carlaccini - Yay! Another Montrealer! How's your Day 3 going? I'll pass by Costco & Inter-Marche this weekend and will let you know if I find anything good. Ladyshanny - Sad to hear you have the same problem out in the West. How do you do it? I'm almost prepared to jump into my car and head for Plattsburgh for some bacon. I'm sure the border agent would get a few laughs.